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greenNonprofit Organizations Now Need a Whistleblower Reporting Mechanism

     By Fulcrum Inquiry
Regrettably, a large number of nonprofit organizations are victims of employee fraud. We provide the statistics, and reasons for these results. Because whistleblowers are the most common means of identifying malfeasance, whistleblower systems are now considered a best practice. Larger nonprofits will need to publicly report whether they have such a system in place as of the end of this year, and annually thereafter. Smaller nonprofits will have similar disclosure requirements in the future.

greenLitigation Settlement Errors are Remarkably Common

     By Fulcrum Inquiry
A recent statistical analysis demonstrates that litigants should be settling more. A shockingly large percentage of litigants are getting trial results that are substantially worse than the offers they rejected. We summarize the study, when the errors are most common, and how to avoid this situation with better analysis.

greenA Preview of New Technologies that May Be Here in the Future

This article discusses some possible new technologies for the future that will face difficult tests but which could be some of what the future holds in store for industry. The article also discusses the changes we may soon see as energy research goes into high gear and how it could help prevent auto accident injuries.

blueReverse Passing-off in Trademark Infringement - China

     By V&T Law Firm
The author outlines the highlights on China’s first case regarding trademark reverse passing-off.

blueThe Ethics of Medical Malpractice

Taking responsibility for negligence is always the ethical thing to do.

greenA View of International Trade and the Global Financial System after the Economic Crisis

This article notes the changes to the world's financial system that are likely as a result of the global financial crisis. The author describes the concerns of the European Union with the U.S. and the effect America's mortgage meltdown is having on the countries in Europe.

greenBar, Tavern and Restaurant Liability

Over Service of Alcohol, Underage Service, and how to reduce your risk.

blueForeign Investments in Bulgaria According to the Investment Promotion Act

The definition of foreign investment is contained in paragraph 1, article 6 of the Investment Promotion Act.

blueLimited Liability Companies in Bulgaria

The most popular forms of foreign investment in Bulgaria are the acquiring of shares or interests of a commercial company and transactions related with acquiring of property.

blueImpact of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on the Intellectual Property Rights in Peru

     By Estudio Delion SRL
As a part of the implementation of the USA-Peru Free Trade Agreement, on June 28th, 2008, it was issued the Legislative Decree No. 1075.

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