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greenVirtual Property in Greater China

     By MMLC Group
This article looks at the legally complex area of virtual property ownership in Greater China. It is the writer’s view that new laws need to be developed to recognize and cope with the virtual property, noting that some regions in Greater China have been willing to do this already.

greenConstitutionality of the U.S. Treasury's $700 Billion Bailout Plan

The author examines the constitutionality of the U.S. $700 billion bailout proposal as it was first presented to Congress. The author also discusses why the proposal had to be changed by Congress to avoid a violation of the non-delegation clause of the Constitution.

blueHelping a Child Find Help for Abuse in Arizona

Child abuse is more prevalent than we might care to admit. Often the shame and fear renders the victim feeling helpless. However, if you suspect a friend, family member, or yourself, may have been abused or suspect abuse, there are sources of help.

blueCruise Ship Employees Rights

Cruise ship employees can be victim to the same negligence, assaults and injuries as the passengers. More than not the cruise line will try and cover up these incidences.

blueGetting Divorced in Fairfax County, Virginia

Divorce is a very trying time; that is often overwhelming and confusing. The legalities of divorce vary state by state.

greenSworn Statement Of Capital Gains In Panama

     By Molina & Co.
The author discusses Law No. 5 of January 25, 2006 modifying Article 5 of Law 108 of 1974 which grants incentives for exports and indicates other provisions.

greenAn Indian Law, Tribal Law and Native American Law Overview

This article provides an overview of Indian Tribal Law. The author describes the makeup of Tribal Law and the Tribal Court System in place with most Tribes and explains how Tribal Sovereignty acts as a shield against state law intrusion.

blueCorporate Law in Canada: Corporate Governance Laws Increase the Liability of Corporate Directors

Following the financial scandals of recent years, more and more lawsuits are instituted against corporate directors; hence: a scarcity of candidates for these positions. Corporate directorship can be a fascinating and prestigious occupation, but it nonetheless remains a potential risk and may lead to important consequences.

blueUSA Patriot Act: Extraterritorial Effects of the USA Patriot Act: Privacy Rights of Non-American Citizens

A recent CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) news report declared: "Canadians could be subjected to the application of the American USA Patriot Act". Another CBC news report declared on May 16th 2006: "Canadians under American scrutiny".

blueCommercial Law in Canada Business Acquisition & Due Diligence - An Unbreakable Rule

A business acquisition transaction often implies several considerations. Although the seller normally provides the buyer with various attestations concerning the property title to be transferred, the buyer should consider a due diligence period to protect himself from future litigations, as well as to secure his property title and the accuracy of the offered purchase price.

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