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blueSchool Bullying - Know Your Legal Rights

Bullying in the school is one of the most harrowing experiences a child ever faces. As parents, we try to protect our children from these obstacles in life. Bullying can present itself in different ways; physical, verbal, and indirect bullying. Approximately 350,000 school children are bullied every week, and between 16 - 20 children take their own lives due to being bullied.

greenEstate Planning - Estate Taxes And How To Reduce Them

This overview of estate planning shows how you can reduce your estate taxes and also previews the changes to the estate taxes that are scheduled to take effect in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011.

greenThe Current 2008 Presidential Political Campaign Election Finance Laws

This article discusses the current political campaign election finance laws and the sources of campaign contributions. It also looks at what are the current campaign contribution limits that can be contributed to election campaigns and the different limits for PACs.

greenCalifornia Food Poisoning and the New Country of Origin Labeling Law (COOL)

This article discusses how the new Country of Origin Labeling Law (COOL) will affect restaurants and foodborne disease investigations throughout California. It also explains what foods the new Country of Origin Labeling Law covers and what foods and retailers are not regulated by this new law.

greenReal Estate Contracts in California - The Law, What Makes them Legal, and Damages in the Event of their Breach

A look at the legal requirements that make real estate contracts legal or invalid and the damages that can be awarded for breach of a real estate contract in California.

greenThe Different Types of Arbitrations Available to Settle Personal Injury, Business, Real Estate, Construction and Civil Litigation in California

A discussion of the different types of arbitrations available in California and why none of them compare to mediations. This article also warns that when arbitrations are binding, there is little opportunity to have the award corrected or reviewed.

greenThe Effect on Natural Resources and Oil Drilling in California From The Lifting of the Ban on Offshore Drilling

This article examines what will be the effect of the lifting of the ban on offshore drilling in California and shows why the “Drill Now” movement is not likely to produce a single extra barrel of oil from new offshore drilling platforms off the coast of California.

greenBailout Bill Includes Numerous Tax Provisions

     By Fulcrum Inquiry
The $700 billion Wall Street bailout received most of the attention. But there are also important tax provisions that have little to do with the bailout. We provide a summary.

blueConveyancing in France - Introductory guide

This introduction guide offers an outline of some legal implications of buying or disposing of residential property in France. It also identifies some of the main pitfalls to avoid.

blueBuying or Selling French Property? - How to Choose the Right Legal Adviser

Buying a property in any country requires the specialist legal assistance of highly-trained, qualified lawyers suitably experienced in such matters. In most common law countries, both vendor and acquirer instruct their own legal professional to act in their interests, yet many French property purchasers fail to insist on having their own adviser. It is not just permitted to have your own legal advisor, it is highly recommended.

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