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greenRepublican 2008 Presidential Election Tactics, Robo Calls and Negative Attack Ads

A discussion of some of the tactics being employed in the 2008 Presidential Election to sow seeds of distrust and fear. The author asks whether the backlash against these tactics that are generating anger and fear among voters at political rallies will yet cause John McCain, a decent man with an honorable past, to repudiate the results of his own negative campaign ads and strategies.

greenThe Top Ten Mistakes You Should Avoid in Drafting and Safeguarding Your Will

A look at the top ten mistakes you can make in drafting and safeguarding your will. The author also reminds individuals that they need to leave sufficient copies of their wills with trusted friends so unscrupulous relatives donít destroy their only copy.

greenWhen Living Trusts Are Most Useful In Estate Planning

A look at how living trusts can, depending on the size of your estate, reduce your estate taxes. As the author indicates, trusts can reduce your estate taxes and eliminate the need for probate and avoid probate fees. Trusts are not as complicated as people think but a will is still useful for property that falls outside of the trust.

greenA Comparison of Contribution Limits in the 2008 Presidential Election

An in depth look at the specific contribution limits in the 2008 Presidential Election under current campaign election finance laws. The article also provides the latest news regarding contribution figures to the Obama campaign and allegations by the Democratic National Committee being made to the Federal Election Commission of donations received by the Republican candidate in excess of the individual contribution limit.

greenCurrent Campaign Finance Laws for the 2008 Presidential Election

A look at the current campaign election finance laws and current campaign contribution limits for the 2008 Presidential Election. The amounts that can be contributed to election campaigns have become even more important as the outcome of this election has become crucial to solving the current economic crisis.

greenThe Risks of Serving Alcohol to a Minor in Hotels, Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars in California

The author looks at the what can happen to a restaurant, hotel, nightclub or bar that serves alcohol to a minor. Using the example of two restaurants in the Coachella Valley caught after the fact having serving liquor to minors, the author discusses the facts of two cases to show the deadly results that can follow from such actions.

greenThe Homeschooling Court Victory for Parents in California - Can Parents Rest Easy?

The author examines the recent homeschooling court victory for parents in California. While he concludes that parents of homeschooled children can rest easy for now, he also warns there may be further court rulings and regulations to come in the future.

greenAllegations of Publishing and Broadcast Media Bias In the 2008 Presidential Election

The author of this article examines the allegations of publishing and media bias in the 2008 Presidential Election to determine if they were either fair or of any assistance to the Republican candidate. For the most part, the author concludes, such allegations have not been accurate, have been recognized as unfruitful and have fallen on deaf ears. Finally, as newspaper make their endorsements of the candidates they support, such allegations fall by the wayside completely.

greenThe New Country of Origin Labeling Law (COOL) and How it Will be Applied

This article discusses and explains the new Country of Origin Labeling Law (COOL) and describes the impact COOL will have on shoppers, food producers and retailers. The author also unwraps what foods the law covers and what foods and retailers are not regulated by this new law.

greenWhat Makes A Real Estate Lease Legal in California?

The author of this article looks at the legal requirements that make leases legal or invalid, including the statute of frauds. The writer also focuses on some of the key terms of leases including security deposits, and late charges. As one who is familiar with the real estate industry in California, the author recommends that commercial lessees retain legal counsels who are also California Realtors so they obtain advice from someone familiar with both the legal and practical aspects of leases.

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