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blueTime off Work to Care for Dependants - UK

     By Burges Salmon
Employees have a statutory right to take a reasonable amount of unpaid time off work to care for dependants. This right arises where it is necessary because of the "unexpected disruption or termination of arrangements for the care of a dependant".

blueCredit Crunch - Banking Reform - UK

     By Burges Salmon
On 7 October 2008, the UK Government published its Banking Reform Proposals – the Banking Bill 2008 (the "Bill"). The Bill will replace and enhance the existing emergency legislation (which expires in February 2009) – the Banking (Special Provisions) Act 2008 (the "Special Provisions Act").

blueHMRC Guidance - Interest Treated as a Distribution - UK

     By Burges Salmon
HMRC has published a briefing which confirms that withholding tax does not apply to interest which is re-categorized as a distribution.

blueEU Commission Challenges the UK's Implementation of Marks & Spencer

     By Burges Salmon
When the ECJ decided the case of Marks & Spencer Plc v David Halsey it found that the UK group relief rules where mostly consistent with European law.

bluePensions Regulator Guidance - Conflict of Interest - UK

     By Burges Salmon
The Regulator's final version of the conflict of interest guidance has just been published.

blueHMRC Guidance on the Practical Effect of the Demibourne Case - UK

     By Burges Salmon
On 16 September 2008 HMRC published guidance on the consequences of Demibourne Limited v HMRC [2005] which concerned an employer failing to operate PAYE and the employee paying tax on the income under self-assessment on the basis that he or she was self-employed.

greenControversial Proposal Regarding Litigation Disclosures is Tabled, but Still Alive

     By Fulcrum Inquiry
The legal community objected strongly to the FASB’s proposal to significantly increase litigation disclosures contained in financial statements. The proposed changes that were scheduled to start in just a few months will be delayed for a year. The FASB will create an alternative proposal for consideration, but the original proposal for has not been withdrawn.

greenGoodwill Impairment Tests are Important in the Current Economic Environment

     By Fulcrum Inquiry
Because of the current recession and related bear market, practically every company will need to pay greater attention to its annual goodwill impairment test. Even without the recession and changing valuation landscape, previously acceptable goodwill appraisals might not pass the new fair value rules. Not following this accounting rule could have legal consequences with acquisition agreements and loan agreements.

blueClinical Standards in Medicine

Medical negligence litigators seek to establish which clinical standards are pertinent to their case, define what these clinical standards are, and then set out to demonstrate how the clinical standards were not followed.

blueDetermining When Your Medical Malpractice Case Has Merit

To accept or reject a medical negligence case: this is the single most important decision you will make when processing a medical negligence case. If you choose unwisely, either a case with good potential will be lost, or an unmeritorious case will tie you up for long periods of time at great expense.

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