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blueTop 8 Things you Need to Know about New Jersey's Family Leave Act

If you are an employee in the State of New Jersey or if you are an employer with 50 or more employees working in New Jersey, then you need to know these key elements of the New Jersey Family Leave Act.

greenCan I Really Stop Foreclosure?

Most people do not realize that they can stop foreclosure even if they stopped paying their mortgage.

blueCourt and Arbitration in Ukraine

     By Interlegal
Court system of Ukraine has undergone substantial changes since independence has been declared, but this system isnít sufficient for democratic and constitutional state yet. Generally, court system consists of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and courts of general jurisdiction.

blueCalifornia Suspends Net Operating Loss Carryovers and Limits Business Credits

     By TroyGould
Governor Schwarzenegger has signed into law tax legislation with immediate and retroactive negative tax effects along with some future positive tax changes.

blueReexamining Director Conduct Ė A Sign of the Times

     By TroyGould
A recent Delaware Chancery Court decision is another sign that courts are reexamining traditional notions of director conduct.

blueDisclosure Requirements in Ukraine

     By Jurvneshservice
Contracts and their kinds are regulated by the Civil Code of Ukraine which treats commercial concession agreements which are analogous to franchise ones. Regulation stipulated for commercial concession agreements does not provide a grantee responsibility to disclose any special information at the pre-contractual stage.

bluePerformance Review

     By TroyGould
In rapid succession, with two recent decisions, the California Supreme Court has reshaped the legal landscape for arbitrations under California law. Reversing long-standing precedent, arbitrators may now be required to follow the law, and to enforce the terms of the parties' contract.

blueSpies in the Boardroom - UK

Almost anything is technically possible in espionage when you are dealing with multi-billion pound litigation cases, mergers and accusations or intellectual property rights.

blueCountering Espionage - A Modern Threat

Corporate Espionage was once thought of as a risk that only affects the richest of companies in high-risk sectors or emerging markets, the latest trends suggest that this is far from the truth.

blueBefore You Go on a Cruise- A Checklist

Although cruising is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to travel in America and worldwide, little is said about the down-sides to boarding these glamorous vacation ships.

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