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blueLatest Revision of the Hungarian Company Act

     By Hahn Law Firm
The rules simplifying the Company Act (Act No. V. of 2006) and the Companiesí Register Act (Act No. VI. of 2006), were accepted by the parliament with the Act No. LXI. of 2007, which was announced on June 15, 2007. The great majority of the modifications came into force on September 1, 2007.

blueLast Changes in Hungarian Leasing Law

     By Hahn Law Firm
The latest amendment of the Housing Act was passed by the Parliament (by Act No. CXXXII. Of 2005) on 14 November, 2005. The overwhelming majority of these amendments became effective on 31 March, 2006.

blueProduct Liability: Protect Yourself Against Unsafe Consumer Goods

Baby formula, childrenís toys, prescription drugs, infant car seats, tires, cribs, medical devices Ė consumers rely on dozens of products every single day. Quite literally, we often entrust our very lives to them. And yet, time and time again, whether itís due to malfunction, flawed designs, false advertising, or other defects, these products fail us. A quick scan of recent newspaper headlines reveals just how dangerous it can be entrust your familyís safety to consumer goods these days.

blueHow to Avoid Foreclosure with this Little Known Legal Loophole

If you're a homeowner and are being threatened with foreclosure, here's a way you can perhaps avoid it. This loophole might be your way out of foreclosure.

greenWhat could Persuade an Investor to Invest in your Company?

What could persuade an investor to invest in your company once they've shown initial interest? Clearly having your company's products and business goals match the investment policy of a potential investor is a prerequisite. However, there are a number of additional steps you can take which may sway investors to choose to invest specifically in your company.

greenPurchasing Real Estate in Israel

The development of the law of real property in Israel has been closely linked to the historical development of the country and the political changes that have occurred over the years.

greenHow to Succeed in Negotiations for Investment in High-tech Companies

How to Succeed in Negotiations for Investment in High-tech Companies. Some Helpful Advice for Both the Entrepreneur and the Investor

blueAre You at Risk?

How prepared are you to defend your premise from litigation stemming from a charge of negligent or inadequate security? Looking back on the incident, we realize it would have been far less expensive if we would have hardened our defenses in the first place. Many times it is not that we neglected to install a security or safety feature, only that we didnít make sure it worked or was installed correctly or was still working.

blueDUI-DWI Legal Defense in Georgia

Commonly asked questions and answers about Georgia DUI law, and responses from experienced Georgia DUI/DWI attorneys. Being charged with a DUI/DWI is not a simple matter in all states; this is a criminal offense with serious consequences. Familiarity with Georgia DUI law, the state systems and knowledge about local judges and prosecutors are essential to a successful criminal defense.

greenThe Credit Crunch and Increasing Disputes

     By Angela Wang & Co.
The casualties of the sub-prime crisis have so far been confined to financial institutions and investor confidence is at an all time low despite unprecedented measures by central banks around the world injecting hefty funds to shore up financial institutions and large corporations except for Lehman Brothers. In recent weeks, the Hang Seng index fell to a level not seen since the SARS crisis and a malicious SMS was enough to spark a run by depositors on a major bank in Hong Kong.

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