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blueBest Practices for Trademark Protection in China

The role of a trademark owner’s proactive initiative and other fundamental considerations for effective IP protection in China.

greenProperty Law - New Definition of Saleable Area in Hong Kong

     By Angela Wang & Co.
Home-buyers in Hong Kong have for the longest time been short changed in the actual living space of apartments they bought, as common areas of housing development here until recently have been included in the calculation of the size of apartments for sale.

blueCan Law Keep up with Technology?

     By Markland Hanley
Science and technology is advancing at a breakneck pace. With each passing day, new technologies and advancements make our world easier, safer and point toward a brighter future. But with each advancement and innovation, legal issues arise.

blueTaxation in Costa Rica

Overview of tax law in Costa Rica.

blueReal Estate Law in Costa Rica

Overview of real estate law in Costa Rica

bluePrivilege and the Inadvertent Production of Documents in Federal Court

Discussion of whether inadvertent production of documents destroys privilege in federal litigation. Legal authority based on ninth circuit.

blueFlorida Foreclosures & Short Sales

Overview of considerations affecting the distressed homeowner. Most concepts discussed are of general application, but the article is written by a Florida attorney and may have specific references to Florida law.

blueOverview of Business Law in South Florida

Discussion of business law, mostly of general application but in the context of doing business in South Florida.

blueDog Bite Case Analysis

Analysis of a dog bite case in the context of a hypothetical Californian fact pattern.

blueMisrepresentation: Legal Hypothetical

Discussion of fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation in the context of a hypothetical fact pattern.

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