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greenA Study of Malpractice and Safety Comparing PAs to Physicians and APNs

Nationwide Physician Assistant Malpractice Demonstrates Lower Malpractice Incidence and Average Payment Amounts over a 17 Year Period Compared to MDs and Advance Practice Nurses

blueReversing a Bad Result - Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

A plea bargain accepted by the trial judge waives most of a defendant's rights to appeal. However, there are a few cracks in the armor which potential clients should be aware.

greenDollars and Yuan, Getting the Right Deal in Asia

A Survey of Compensation Packages for US and UK Qualified Attorneys Working in the Asian Legal Markets.

greenCalifornia Personal Injury Court Victory Against Balance Billing by Emergency Rooms That Will Benefit Auto Accident Victims and Assist their Lawyers

There is news in California that the Supreme Court has unanimously ruled against balance billing, a practice utilized by emergency room doctors to bill patients and auto and motorcycle accident victims for the amounts their HMOs don't pay. This personal injury lawyer applauds the decision and the fairness it brings in no longer causing car accident victims to wonder if their HMO will pay their emergency room bill in full or if they may even be put into collection for the unpaid balance.

greenPreventing California Auto Accidents - California Adopts New DUI Rules and a Lawmaker Proposes an Even Tougher Law

Drunk driving offenders who cause auto accidents and personal injuries in California now face even tougher laws as explained by this Palm Springs lawyer. DUI laws in California have become more strict as of January 1, 2009 and if a lawmaker's proposed new bill passes, the costs and regulations imposed on first time DUI offenders will increase again. California is determined to stop drunk drivers from causing car accidents and injuries as a result of driving while under the influence.

blueLate Delivery of Immovable Property—Liquidated Damages v Penalty Clauses

As a buyer, you should be aware of the protection that is available to you in the event of the late delivery of the immovable property you have purchased and also some of the things you need to avoid including in your contract.

blueCyprus Regulation of Electronic Commercial Communications

Electronic commerce relates to Information Technology area and the laws applicable to IT issues also cover e-commerce. Cyprus has passed new laws concerning IT issues to be in conformity with European standards. Before 2004, this law area was weakly regulated here and implementation of EU Directives brought the Republic to the European level and expanded the applicable legal framework.

blueThe Value of Intellectual Property Rights in Cyprus

Intellectual property law covers a whole range of processes, ideas and inventions. It gives protection not only to the creators, owners and authors against infringement but also members of the public who rely on the safety, reliability and authenticity of the products.

blueAdvice on enforcement of a UK Court Judgment in France

Which assets are capable of being taken by execution in France on an English judgment?

blueTrainee Recruitment Placement Scheme – Deadline is 31 January 2009

     By Ince & Co
Unlike some other vacation schemes, the Ince & Co scheme offers potential trainees the opportunity to spend two weeks at Ince & Co doing real work. Successful candidates will be sitting with a Partner and will have a trainee to support them while they’re here. They’ll get the opportunity to work on real cases which could mean attending court and hearings, meeting clients, drafting correspondence and undertaking legal research.

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