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greenLargest-Ever Ponzie Scheme should have been Obvious to Anyone who Looked Seriously

     By Fulcrum Inquiry
$50 billion was duped from wealthy and otherwise sophisticated investors who could have avoided their losses if they followed some easy rules. We summarize the Madoff scandal, and explain how ponzie schemes and other financial frauds can be avoided.

blueEconomic Crisis Hits Private Investigators

A survey was sent to over 5,000 PIís all over the world. Overwhelming results revealed that the Financial Crisis of 2008 has hit the Private Investigations Industry.

blueDefamation and Privacy Law in Indonesia

     By Simbolon & Partners
Until now the Indonesian Criminal Code is still considered to be the prevailing law, even though there has been several times of efforts for the making of new draft of the Indonesian Criminal Code. In the draft itself, article concerning defamation is not considered to be erased. This is now a matter of debate of the Law Practitioners and Law Academicians in Indonesia, whether it should be regulated in the Indonesian Criminal Code or only in the Indonesian Civil Code.

greenHow to Reduce Pediatric Medical Legal Risk in Your Emergency Department or Practice

When it comes to medical legal liability, we all know the system is broken. Risk in the emergency department, of concern both to practicing physicians and administration, is no exception. Add emergency care for children into the mix, and the level of concern increases even more.

blueThe Value of Closely-Held Business Interests since the Financial Crisis

How the financial "crisis" has effected the value of closely-held business interests. Business Owners: Do Your Estate Planning Now!

greenTop Reasons to List your Company in an Expert Witness Directory

     By Hg.org
Consider the time you need to consult any paper directory compared to a search on the Internet. Look for expert witness + any area of expertise + any location in a nationwide paper publication and compare the time spent on the same search on Google: Internet search is much quicker and generally more comprehensive. Prospective clients such as lawyers have long understood the convenience of looking for services and expertise on the Internet. Donít get left out of the net!

blueBeat Illinois DUI Breath Tests: Foreign Substances and Breathalyzer Testing

Several defenses to the validity of breath tests exist as a result of the ingestion of foreign substances by an arrestee prior to the taking of a breathalyzer test, even if the ingestion occurs outside the 20 minute observation period.

blueIllinois Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Laws for DUI and Other Traffic Related Incidents

Below are the Illinois Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Laws based upon the Federal Regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Essentially, it states that a CDL driver faces a one year disqualification from driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) for a first-time DUI or DUI-related suspension, and a lifetime disqualification for a second DUI or DUI-related suspension. (A sentence of Court Supervision is considered a conviction for purposes of these regulations)

blueTypes of Corporate Entities and Sudan Economic Liberalization Policy

In the Sudan, a company having share capital may be incorporated as a private limited liability company or a public limited liability company. In the Sudan companies are incorporated under the Companies Act of 1925 as amended from time to time.

blueProspects of Foreign Direct Investment in The Sudan

Higher levels of investment and productivity are key elements to stirring growth in the Sudan as a developing country and raise living standards. Attracting investment is a competitive exercise which requires stable, sound macroeconomic policies where risk environment is highly low.

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