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greenContract Law and Damages In California

This article shows how a contract lawyer in California determines if a contract exists under California law, whether there has been a breach of that contract and what damages the performing party is entitled to recover. As this California contract attorney shows, just as there are different types of contracts, written, oral and implied, there are also different types of damages that may be available if there is jurisdiction in California and if the statute of limitations has not run out.

greenDiscrimination Against Hispanics, Latinos and Mexican Americans, and the Need For More Civil Rights Lawyers in California

As this California Civil Rights Lawyer shows, discrimination remains and there is an increase in hate crimes against Hispanics, Latinos and Mexican-Americans, as one of the perceived symbols of that discrimination, the U.S.-Mexico Border Fence, nears completion. Instead of pulling together in these difficult times, we may see a greater polarization of attitudes, only increasing the need for more civil rights lawyers to protect the civil rights of Hispanics, Latinos and Mexican-Americans.

blueFELA - Injured Working On The Railroad - Why You Must Have an Attorney

The legal remedies available to a person injured while working on the railroad are quiet different from an employee being injured and covered by a state workers' compensation scheme. Though there are some guarantees under workers compensation, the total potential recovery is quite limited; conversely, FELA can be more beneficial but has its pitfalls. It is essential that a worker has excellent representation and Gordon & Elias, L.L.P. knows what to do.

blueTaxation in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, taxation is governed by the Tax Code, which came into force on the 1st of January 2009. Kazakhstan is also a party to more than 35 double tax treaties with various countries. The double tax treaties prevail over the Tax Code, but their application must comply with established procedures.

blueIntellectual Property in Kazakhstan

After disintegration of the USSR, business is rapidly developing in the CIS, one of the key countries of which is Kazakhstan. In various cases intellectual property (“IP”) is one of the most important areas for initial entering the market of the region, and registration of trademarks and patents and other IP rights is a big step towards the market and wise care of company’ assets even without a physical presence of the company.

blueThe Top Two Problems California Family Law Divorce Litigants Face during an Economic Recession

The United States economy is currently experiencing a significant recession. We are all affected by the recession, and many news outlets and economic forecasters have warned that the recession will get worse before it gets better.

blueSpanish Inheritance Tax, and Spanish Inheritance Law

     By TlaCorp
Spanish Inheritance Tax, and Spanish Inheritance Law

greenCalifornia RESPA Law and the California Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act Prohibition Against Kickbacks And Fee Splitting

RESPA, the California Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act has been amended and the changes take effect January 1, 2010. However, as this California RESPA Attorney explains, the key provisions of Section 8 of RESPA prohibiting kickbacks and fee splitting. strongly prohibit such violations of RESPA and are punishable by fines and imprisonment, and in civil court a defendant can be subject to treble damages and significant attorney fees.

greenLife Insurance Claims Denials in San Diego and Orange County and ERISA Appeals in California - You and your Insurance Lawyer Only Get One Chance

As this San Diego and Orange County Life Insurance Lawyer explains, when a life insurance company denies a beneficiary’s claim for the life insurance policy on the death of a loved one, you have a right to appeal that decision. And while you or your California ERISA attorney may still be able to file a lawsuit in federal court, unless your appeal was prepared properly, you will have little chance of prevailing in federal court.

greenDog Bite Law in California - Can a Dog Bite a Lawyer in California and Get Away with it?

Let's assume that a dog had an overwhelming desire to bite an attorney in California. Perhaps the lawyer stole the dog’s bone or sued the owner of the neighbor dog. Could the dog get away with it without subjecting its owner to liability? This California dog bite attorney looks at the dog bite law in California, the various causes of action available to recover damages for dog bite victims and defenses that can be raised, not to mention the standard defense, my dog ate my homework.

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