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bluePrivate Placement Life Insurance

Private placement life insurance is a pre-emptive IRS audit tax strategy that transforms taxable ordinary income and capital gains into tax-free income (with no income tax reporting required under current U.S. Law). Please reference IRS Private Letter Ruling 200244001 (May 2, 2002). For U.S. Persons with investment income, private placement life insurance provides for compliant, tax-free compounded earnings.

blueIím Getting Pulled Over, Now What?

     By Randolph Wolf, Esq
7 important things to remember and do when getting pulled over by a police officer.

blueDischarge of Unfiled Taxes under BAPCPA: No More Super Discharge

The article details the effects of the new bankruptcy law on income tax discharges.

greenWhat Should You Do If You Slip/Trip and Fall?

     By Heller LaChapelle
More than 300,000 serious injuries result from slip and fall accidents in the United States. Know the facts and your legal rights.

greenWhat Should You Do if Youíre Involved in a Car Collision?

     By Heller LaChapelle
This post-accident checklist can help guide you through the first few moments after getting hit by a car.

greenTruck Accidents: A Dangerous Threat to Public Safety

     By Heller LaChapelle
Semi trucks account for a disproportionate number of auto accidents each year. Know the facts about truck accidents in the United States.

greenHave You Fallen Prey to a Defective Product?

     By Heller LaChapelle
The following are tips to ensure that you have solid evidence for a product defect case.

blueWhen to Review Estate Plans

Now that you, a Naperville resident, have completed your estate planning process with your lawyer, you are certainly pleased that you have made tough decisions for your estate planning, such as who should act as trustee, who should be the guardian of any minor children you may have, how you are protected in the event that you become disabled, to name just a few. Your attorney also has made the transfers of your property to your living trust, and you feel that you are finished.

blueYou Own the Business, Should you Own the Space?

Both individuals and businesses are faced with the choice of whether to lease or whether to purchase property. Many of the same considerations apply whether the property is an automobile, a personal residence or an office condo or building. These considerations need to be weighed by the individual or company to determine which is the right decision for you.

blueInvestigation and Self-Protection Prudent when Hiring Contractors

Recently, there was an article in The Sun in which some Naperville residents claimed that the contractor ripped them off (October 19, 2005). What could these homeowners have done to protect themselves from a potentially unscrupulous contractor?

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