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bluePrivate Placement Life Insurance

Private placement life insurance is a pre-emptive IRS audit tax strategy that transforms taxable ordinary income and capital gains into tax-free income (with no income tax reporting required under current U.S. Law). Please reference IRS Private Letter Ruling 200244001 (May 2, 2002). For U.S. Persons with investment income, private placement life insurance provides for compliant, tax-free compounded earnings.

blueI’m Getting Pulled Over, Now What?

     By Randolph Wolf, Esq
7 important things to remember and do when getting pulled over by a police officer.

blueDischarge of Unfiled Taxes under BAPCPA: No More Super Discharge

The article details the effects of the new bankruptcy law on income tax discharges.

blueWhat Should You Do If You Slip/Trip and Fall?

More than 300,000 serious injuries result from slip and fall accidents in the United States. Know the facts and your legal rights.

blueWhat Should You Do if You’re Involved in a Car Collision?

This post-accident checklist can help guide you through the first few moments after getting hit by a car.

blueTruck Accidents: A Dangerous Threat to Public Safety

Semi trucks account for a disproportionate number of auto accidents each year. Know the facts about truck accidents in the United States.

blueHave You Fallen Prey to a Defective Product?

The following are tips to ensure that you have solid evidence for a product defect case.

blueIt Pays to Fight

With summer heating things up, it is time to head to the coast to cool down, but do not try to get there too quickly or you may end up spending more on your weekend getaway than you planned. Everyone has been pulled over for speeding a time or two (or three or four), but a simple, speeding ticket can have major consequences.

blueMarriage, a Limited Liability Partnership

When “I do” becomes “I don’t” married couples face agonizing emotional and financial quandaries. What do we do with the kids, the house, the dog, the boat, etc. How do we divide up our investments, retirement accounts, real estate, etc?

blueThe $25,000 Martini

Long gone are the days when the bartender says, “How about one for the road?” A drink with friends after work can turn into the biggest financial quandary one may ever face. Driving while intoxicated offenses are at the forefront of America’s legal system. Whether considered driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI), the bottom line is DWI’s are expensive.

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