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blueCan Foreign Investors Purchase Land in Romania?

Before the accession of Romania in the European Union there existed strict rules that prevented foreign investors, either legal or natural persons, to purchase land in Romania. After January 1st, 2007 when Romania joined the European Union these rules have been changed and as such presently foreign investors are allowed to purchase land in Romania under certain conditions.

greenDefinition of Under the Influence of Alcohol

“A person is under the influence of alcohol when, as a result of drinking any amount of alcohol, his mental or physical faculties are so impaired as to reduce his ability to think and act with ordinary care." Ill. Pattern Jury Instr.-Criminal 23.29 (4th ed.)

greenStatute of Limitations – Criminal DUI Offenses

The statute of limitations for a misdemeanor DUI is generally18 months from the date of offense. The statute of limitations for a felony DUI is generally 3 years from the date of offense.

blueInheritance in Romania

The Romanian law provides for two types of inheritance: the legal inheritance and the inheritance established through a last will or testament.

blueNew York Car Accident Compensation Claim Guide

Advice on car accident injury claims. You should follow this guide if you are planning to file a car accident claim within New York.

blueNursing Standards of Practice

Standards of practice (standards of care) are guidelines used to determine what a nurse should or should not do. Standards may be defined as “ a benchmark of achievement which is based on a desired level of excellence”. Standards of care (SOC’s) measure the degree of excellence in nursing care and describe a competent level of nursing care.

blueHow can a Foreign Investor Hold Shares in a Romanian Limited Liability Company?

Foreign natural or legal persons are admitted by the Romanian law to hold shares in Romanian limited liability companies. There is no limitation as to the share capital with a foreign investor, either legal or natural person, can hold in a Romanian limited liability company. As such, a foreign investor can hold the total share capital of a Romanian limited liability company, it thus being the sole shareholder.

greenDUI Law: General Theory of Breath Testing

The basic principle on which breath testing is based is Henry's Law, which states that if a gas and liquid are in a closed container, at a constant temperature, and in a state of equilibrium, the concentration of the gas in the air above the liquid is proportional to the concentration of the gas which is dissolved in the liquid.

greenEasing the Prohibition of Financial Assistance Rules in Malta - Recent Developments

     By CSB Advocates
Maltese law by the Companies Act in 1995, replacing the Commercial Partnerships Ordinance originally promulgated in 1962. Drawing extensively on the UK rules, the Maltese law provisions were introduced to bring Maltese law in line with developments in company law theory and practice in Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions in this regard, primarily curbing abusive practices in takeovers and acquisitions by protecting the company’s capital and, safeguarding its shareholders, creditors and employees.

greenChina’s New Anti-Monopoly Law – An Analysis of Recent Decisions Regarding Foreign Investment and Trade

     By MMLC Group
This article analyses the new Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law, and recent decisions in international M&A transactions under this law - including the Inev/Anheuser Busch transaction, the Coca Cola/Huiyuan transaction and the Mitsubishi Rayon/Lucite transaction. This article also suggests steps that can be taken to maximise chances of approval being obtained from the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Bureau in M&A transactions requiring approval.

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