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greenDefective Child Car Seats Continue to be a Problem in California

Being struck by an oncoming car or being otherwise involved in an automobile accident can be one of the most frightening experiences one can endure. But there is perhaps nothing more terrifying than getting into a car accident with your children in the backseat.

greenCatastrophic Injury Claims - A Personal Injury Attorney can Lend a Helping Hand

Catastrophic accidents can potentially happen anywhere under a variety of circumstances. Despite the increase in technology that has developed over the past decade, serious accidents continue to occur in the workplace, in automobile accidents, and because of contact or consumption of hazardous products.

blueLouisiana Personal Injury Law FAQs

This article deals with interesting and relevant questions often asked by prospective clients who are dealing with personal injuries resulting from another's negligence. The author's intention is to offer valuable insight to people who may have questions regarding their legal rights.

blueIs the Bureau of Prisons Failing to Properly Implement the Second Chance Act of 2007?

     By The MPM Group, Inc.
As of this writing, there are approximately 200,000 people being confined by the United States Bureau of Prisons (BOP), a component of the Department of Justice (DoJ). Their offenses span the spectrum from high treason, acts of terrorism, bank robbery, or even murder - to the more mundane non-weapon/non-violent offenses.

blueDoes Unlicensed Software Put your Organization at Risk?

Software licensing is a major challenge for every software manufacturer from a one-person start-up to Microsoft. Piracy is rampant and software manufacturers are continuously looking for new ways to prevent illegal distribution of their products and catch those who use pirated versions.

blueMarriage Agreement in Ukraine

     By InJurConsulting
A marriage agreement is an agreement of persons, incoming in marriage, or it is an agreement of the married couples, determining property right and duties in marriage and in the case of divorce. By its nature it is the variety of civil legal agreement, possessing a certain specific. This specific is that a document consists in the field of marriage-domestic relations and has certain subjective composition.

greenPractice Trap: It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over (Did the Supreme Court decision in Best really make a difference?)

Although IRMO Best, 228 Ill.2d 107 (2008), has sparked a plethora of articles, seminars and discussions concerning the initial appellate court holding essentially barring the use of declaratory judgments to determine the validity of premarital agreements and the subsequent Illinois Supreme Court reversal of that decision, the query is whether petitions for declaratory judgment are worth prosecuting from a practical point of view.

blueBuying Property in Cyprus

This article is a practical guide to the process of buying property in Cyprus including information with regards to the legal formalities of the procedure.

greenLegal Knowledge Management (A Knowledge Manager’s Perspective)

In a nutshell Legal Knowledge Management (LKM) refers to - the collection, organization, dissemination, and reuse of knowledge contained natively within documents and individuals’ minds. The term specifically includes the development of standard forms, tools, and templates to streamline the delivery of service. This definition is quoted from the LKM White Paper One entitled: “Legal Knowledge Management A Holistic Model” dated April 2003.

blueFIDIC Contracting Conditions are Mandatory for Works Contracted with Romanian Authorities

In the present article we will briefly present the legal provisions in force in Romania which make the use of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract mandatory when Romanian authorities are either beneficiaries or employers.

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