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greenShip Arrest as an Executory Measure in Cameroon

The law governing ship arrest as an executory measure in Cameroon is the CEMAC Merchant Shipping Community code of 03/08/2001 (the code). The code was inspired chiefly by the International Convention of 1999 on the Arrest of Ships and the Brussels Convention of 1952 on the Unification of Certain Rules on the Arrest of Ships.

blueIP Telephony Vs. Traditional Telecom Systems

     By CHL Firm
A large shift is underway in the telecommunications industry; many customers are transitioning from traditional telephone systems or Analog Communications [1] to Internet packet-based networks or VoIP.

blueWrongful Death Claims in North Carolina

This paper provides information on Wrongful Death Claims in North Carolina and answers many common questions that are often asked about this statutory claim.

blueE-Commerce International Approach

     By S.R. Dinodia & Co.
International taxation of E-commerce

blueSexual Abuse Victims are Seeking Civil Compensation with the Help of Personal Injury Lawyers

Sexual abuse is a problem throughout the country and the world. Too many people are becoming victims of this horrific crime each year, some of which are repeatedly abused in their homes, places of employment, and even schools. In fact, statistics show that a majority of sexual abuse victims are assaulted by people very close to them, whether they are relatives, friends, or casual acquaintances.

blueRoof Crush Accidents Are Common in San Diego and Los Angeles

There are few things that catch people off guard more easily and frequently than car accidents. Whether the accident be a serious, head-on collision or a minor fender bender, most people are completely unsuspecting of when they will be hit and by whom. Still, even less expectant is when a vehicle is hit or driven in such a way that a rollover accident inevitably occurs.

blueGas Tank Explosions Continue to Injure Victims in California

Although gas tank explosions are luckily not as common as car accidents, heart attacks, or other potentially hazardous situations, they are incredibly dangerous and life-threatening when they occur. These explosions typically happen during or soon following a car accident and often occur in cities with a high rate of car accidents, such as San Diego and Los Angeles, California.

blueAviation Accident Attorneys can Win your Claim

Although aviation accidents do not occur on a daily basis, the effects and heartache can potentially last for years following these tragedies. As one of the states in the U.S. with the most public airports and private jet ways, Californians have seen their fair share of aviation accidents that have resulted in large scale catastrophes, serious injuries, and untimely deaths.

greenIP Law – Hong Kong Court Allowed NAKED Brand for Condoms to be Registered

     By Angela Wang & Co.
On 9 January 2009, the Court of First Instance in Hong Kong allowed an appeal by Creative Resources LLC (“Creative Resources”) against the Trade Marks Registrar (“Registrar”) for his refusal to register the trade mark “NAKED” in Class 10.

blueThe Pitfalls of Investing in Real Estate

So, you want to invest in real estate. . . For a number of years, individuals have been looking for investments that would pay higher returns than bank deposits, stocks or mutual funds. All of those investments were paying small returns due to the Federal Reserve Bank having lowered the interest rates to spur the economy over the last several years.

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