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greenFailure to Ensure Safe Premises in California can Result in Personal Injury

It is becoming more and more common in California for seemingly simple premises safety issues to result in serious personal injury to one or more parties. Premises safety issues can result in serious violations for any and all types of public establishments that provide products and services to the general public.

greenFood Safety Concerns in California Rise from Processed Food Items

Food safety is a major concern for more and more Americans as food poisoning continues to plague many. A mild case of food poisoning, however, may be the least of your worries when it comes to many processed food items.

greenDrunk Driving Accidents in California Are Uncalled for and Need Legal Aid

In the past ten years in California, there have been thousands of cases of drunk driving accidents in which victims were either seriously injured with lifelong, debilitating wounds or killed as a result of the crash.

greenPedestrian Accidents Usually Result in Costly Medical Bills

In a recent accident off of the 710 Highway in Long Beach, California, a man from the Orange County area was struck by an oncoming vehicle while he himself was out of his car. The reason behind the manís decision to park his vehicle on the side of the highway and get out was the fact that another vehicle heading in the same direction as him had just crashed into a tree.

greenBicycle Accidents are Causing Serious Injuries in California

As the summer months and nice weather in California continue, so do the number of bicycle accidents in this beautiful state. This is an unfortunate statistic, however it makes sense since the gas prices are rising and people are looking to save money in this tough economy.

greenShip Arrest as an Executory Measure in Cameroon

The law governing ship arrest as an executory measure in Cameroon is the CEMAC Merchant Shipping Community code of 03/08/2001 (the code). The code was inspired chiefly by the International Convention of 1999 on the Arrest of Ships and the Brussels Convention of 1952 on the Unification of Certain Rules on the Arrest of Ships.

blueIP Telephony Vs. Traditional Telecom Systems

     By CHL Firm
A large shift is underway in the telecommunications industry; many customers are transitioning from traditional telephone systems or Analog Communications [1] to Internet packet-based networks or VoIP.

blueWrongful Death Claims in North Carolina

This paper provides information on Wrongful Death Claims in North Carolina and answers many common questions that are often asked about this statutory claim.

blueE-Commerce International Approach

     By S.R. Dinodia & Co.
International taxation of E-commerce

greenSexual Abuse Victims are Seeking Civil Compensation with the Help of Personal Injury Lawyers

Sexual abuse is a problem throughout the country and the world. Too many people are becoming victims of this horrific crime each year, some of which are repeatedly abused in their homes, places of employment, and even schools. In fact, statistics show that a majority of sexual abuse victims are assaulted by people very close to them, whether they are relatives, friends, or casual acquaintances.

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