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greenA Primer on Partition Actions in California

Even given the recent collapse of real estate values in many areas, real property a parcel of land, a new home, a condominium unit still remains the most expensive asset most people will ever purchase.

greenWinding Down: How to Properly Close your Business

Businesses close for a number of reasons. Sometimes, they close because the founder has suddenly become ill or has passed away, or perhaps because of bad economic times, increased competition or poor management. No matter why, all business owners must undertake a number of steps before closing their doors.

greenCalifornia's Foreclosure Surge Leads to Stricter Regulations

As the national foreclosure crisis continues to grow, the federal government and several states are taking corrective measures to diminish the fallout from predatory lenders and fraudulent subprime mortgage bankers. Several of these measures aim to make it easier for owners to retain their homes while they renegotiate their mortgages.

greenThe Importance of a Complete Estate Plan

Many people think that simply having a Last Will and Testament is sufficient to cover any issue that may arise after their death. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. While it is important to have a Will in place, there are a number of other documents that can be helpful to devising a complete estate plan.

blueSummer Vacation Travel: Drivers Beware

Spending summer in the Poconos or along the Jersey Shore is certainly appealing for Philadelphia city dwellers and the thousands of tourists who flock to the East Coast each summer in search of adventure. Unfortunately, summer fun can come at quite a cost. Each year accidents involving recreational vehicles (RVs), motor homes, motorcycles and campers put an end to summer fun and cause catastrophic injuries and death.

bluePennDOT Issues Road Construction Season Warning

With road construction season in full swing, PennDOT (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation) urges motorists to be especially careful driving in and near construction sites.

greenCan you Sue for Swine Flu?

Claims for Catching Contagious Diseases Including Swine Flu

greenHandheld Cell Phone Use Banned in Philadelphia

A new law bans the use of handheld cell phones while driving the streets of Philadelphia.

blueWhen the Port of Authority was Allowed to Write their Own Codes

Allowing any agency such as the Port authority or USPS to ignore rules as a cost cutting measure lives are placed at risk such as the inadequate fire suppression systems in the WTC and how the post offices ignored the dangers of employees coming into contact with asbestos on the work room floors where everyone came into contact with it

blueTurkish Mining Law

     By Ozkan Law Office
Turkey has recently amended its mining regulations in order to attract more domestic and foreign private investors in the industry. The amendments made are criticized particularly by the environmental groups for removing the environmental controls drastically and by domestic mining investors for being radically open to foreign investors. This Newsletter deals with some of the important aspects of the recently enacted pieces of legislation.