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blueLife Coaching: An End Run around Counseling Practice Acts

     By CDS Ventures, LLC
Change causes crisis and crisis causes change; nevertheless, too many people are capitalizing on the current state of --well everything, and providing mental health treatment without a license. This article is of particular interest to anyone who has been injured by seeing a “life coach” or someone providing coaching or counseling services without a license.

blueNewly Introduced Legislation in Relation to Joint Ventures - Turkey

With the enactment of the Communiqué numbered 2009/2, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 01.04.2009 and numbered 27187 by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (“Communiqué”), “Business Partnerships” or “Joint Ventures” (“JVs”) terms have been introduced to the Turkish Legal System.

greenA Banker's Guide to Effectively Managing and Marketing Bank Owned Foreclosed Real Estate Properties

     By Don Coker
A Banker's Guide to the Major Considerations in Handling OREO/REO. A discussion by former high-level banker, banking regulator, banking consultant to 60 banks, and experienced troubled bank rehabilitation manager.

greenThe Wacky World of Interim Management

     By Don Coker
The author comments on Interim Management, Interim Turnaround Management, Interim Restructuring Management, Transition Management, Crisis Management, Project Management and other Temporary Management situations often arise suddenly and can involve work anywhere in the world.

greenSubprime Lending Fundamentals Important in Litigation

     By Don Coker
A Primer on Subprime Mortgage Loans, Subprime Lenders, Alt-A Mortgage Loans, Alt-A Mortgage Lenders, Subprime Credit Cards, and Subprime Car Loans.

greenCredit Card Expiration Dates and FACTA

     By Don Coker
Important Legislation that Affects Every Business that Accepts Credit Cards.

blueEvaluation of the TBI Case

Evaluation Of Traumatic Brain Injury Cases: The Plaintiff's Perspective

blueLegal and Financial Considerations in TBI

Legal and Financial Issues Following Acquired Brain Injury

blueUnfair Insurance Practices

A Bad Faith In Uninsured Motorist Coverage, Underinsured Motorist Coverage And Med-Pay

blueAn Overview of Depression

She sat across from her friend quietly as they drank a mid-morning coffee. Now and then she would look up and sigh. “Every day seems longer than the day before,” she said.

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