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greenThe Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Canada

     By Ellyn Law LLP
This article is for information only and not legal advice. The author discusses the enforcement of foreign judgments in Canada. This article was originally presented in French at the Conference of the Association of French Speaking Lawyers of Ontario (AJEFO) in Niagara Falls, Ontario, June 4, 2004. It has been translated into English by the author. The content is still current to 2009.

greenResolving Shareholder Disputes in Canada

     By Ellyn Law LLP
This article discusses issues affecting disputes among shareholders of private corporations in Ontario, Canada. The authors are partners of a Toronto law firm which focuses on litigation, arbitration and resolution of shareholder and other business disputes.

blueExecution of Shares in a Limited Liability Company

     By Iurico Law Office
A share in a company is a property law of a transferable type. It is subject to execution just like any other property law. However, a limited liability company agreement might restrict this conduct of law transactions and, which is directly connected herewith, restrict the execution.

blueExecution Proceedings against a Debtor after Obtaining a Favorable Court Verdict

     By Iurico Law Office
In which manner shall execution proceedings be commenced against a debtor after obtaining a favorable court verdict?

blueLiability of Some Entrepreneurs towards Third Persons for an Incurred Damage - Poland

     By Iurico Law Office
It is a principle that in the Polish legal system only the person who due to his fault causes damage to another person is obliged to compensate the damage (see article 415 of the Civil Code dated 23.04.1964, Journal of Laws no. 16, item 93 as amended).

blueDeclaration of Bankruptcy: a Definition and Description of the Required Proceedings - Poland

     By Iurico Law Office
In the Polish legal system both the possibility of declaring bankruptcy both of an entrepreneur as well as a consumer.

blueCorporation Contractual Penalties in Poland

     By Iurico Law Office
Pursuant to article no. 356 § 3 of the Polish Commercial Code there is a possibility to make a reservation in the statute of a joint-stock company with regard to “contractual compensation” for non-fulfillment or unsatisfactory fulfillment of some repeated services which are connected with a share.

blueCompany Law Reform

The new Companies Act 2006 was the result of an 8 year review and consultation process.

blueThe New Notary Taxes Tariff in Bulgaria

     By Valova & Angelova
From 1st of July 2009 there is a new Notary Taxes Tariff which amends the amount of the notary fees related with the transfer of the Titles.

blueInternet Check Scams that Target Attorneys and Law Firms

     By Don Coker
Check Scam scenarios evolve and become more sophisticated over time. Anyone can become a target for a check scam criminal. However, as strange as this may sound, one of the most popular (and effective) check scam scenarios today is one that targets attorneys. Expert Witness Don Coker explains what you need to know to protect yourself and to deal with problems that occur.

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