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This article reviews the various sentencing options available to a court in Ontario, Canada, after a person has been found guilty of a criminal offense.

blueTheft FAQ

The charge of theft is very broad and can encompass many different factual situations. This FAQ answers questions posed by those facing a theft charge.

blueDiversion Programs FAQ

Those charged with minor offenses such as theft under and possession of marijuana in Ontario, Canada, can often have their charges withdrawn by participating in a diversion program. This article is an FAQ of questions often asked by those charged with such a crime.

blueFAQ - Domestic Assault Charges in Ontario, Canada

A charge of domestic assault generally arises from a dispute involving those in a relationship. The following FAQ are questions often asked by those accused and those who make a complaint.

blueModification of Custody Orders

Why Modify a Custody Order

blueA Troubling Process Industry Trend

This trend has increased risks and caused process plant explosions.

blueSummer Safety on Illinois Highways

     By McNabola Law Group
Summer driving season is upon us. Across Illinois, residents and visitors spend more time on our state’s roads, driving to see family and friends and to visit vacation spots. As driving time increases, so should your awareness of simple, effective road rules that make everyone on the roads safer.

blueLegal Solutions in Illinois for your Child's Birth Injury

     By McNabola Law Group
Having a baby is an exciting and stressful time. Unfortunately, some mistakes made during delivery can be life changing and devastating.

greenThe Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Canada

     By Ellyn Law LLP
This article is for information only and not legal advice. The author discusses the enforcement of foreign judgments in Canada. This article was originally presented in French at the Conference of the Association of French Speaking Lawyers of Ontario (AJEFO) in Niagara Falls, Ontario, June 4, 2004. It has been translated into English by the author. The content is still current to 2009.

greenResolving Shareholder Disputes in Canada

     By Ellyn Law LLP
This article discusses issues affecting disputes among shareholders of private corporations in Ontario, Canada. The authors are partners of a Toronto law firm which focuses on litigation, arbitration and resolution of shareholder and other business disputes.

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