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blueColorado Moves to Tort-Based Auto Insurance System

One of the most important concerns for people injured in auto accidents is receiving adequate compensation to cover all losses and injuries. While it may be possible to pursue the individual assets of the party responsible for the injury, more times than not, compensation will be recovered from an insurance policy.

blueColorado Enacts More Restrictive DUI Penalties

Across the country, states are taking action to combat drunk driving. As the penalties become more restrictive and expensive, Colorado is no exception. On January 1, 2009, Colorado's DUI (driving under the influence) laws changed in ways that every driver needs to be aware of before getting behind the wheel.

blueLiability of Directors for Bankruptcy in Slovakia

In these times of economic crisis, companies may go bankrupt easier than ever. Companies should analyse and manage the risk of bankruptcy and react promptly to negative situations.

blueAccess to Ports and Terminals.

     By Burges Salmon
In this Rail Briefing we look at a complex area of law which deals with how freight operators can achieve access to ports and terminals. Although we look at some general principles, a complete in-depth analysis of the law is outside the scope of this briefing.

greenSupreme People’s Court Issues 2nd Interpretation of Contract Law

     By Angela Wang & Co.
On 13 May 2009, the Supreme People’s Court (“SPC”) of the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) issued an “Interpretation on Several Issues concerning the application of the PRC Contract Law (2)” (“Interpretation”). This second interpretation of the Contract Law aims to clarify some of the vague and controversial provisions in the existing Contract Law, promulgated on 1 October 1999.

blueWhy Law Firm, Lawyers & Attorneys Should Incorporate Video Online

Law Firm Marketing can be a daunting task and can require a lot of different objectives to succeed online. However, one of the most overlooked marketing efforts that can really make a positive impact is online video for your law firm.

blueWhen it Comes to Law Firm Marketing & SEO, Do Some Research!

When it comes to search engine optimization for law firms, the services that law firms receive often vary to a major extent. Therefore, as a law firm operator, you need to ensure that you carefully select the best option to help yourself and your firm. You need to ensure that you choose a company that will produce incredible results in a short period of time to improve your return on investment.

blueContracts 101 - Who Pays for the Repairs

     By Pohl & Short, P.A.
Real estate transactions don’t have a required format. Although, residential real estate contracts typically include provisions that address the physical condition of the property. Not only does Florida law require that the Seller disclose any inherent problems with the property, but the contract should also provide the Buyer with ample opportunity to inspect the property for termite damage and the overall condition of the home.

blueContracts 101 - Warranty vs Quitclaim Deeds

     By Pohl & Short, P.A.
This article points out some of the differences and benefits of these two types of deeds, while detailing the parameters of the Special Warranty Deed that is also used in conveying real estate in Florida.

blueWho Gets the Deposit?

     By Pohl & Short, P.A.
In today’s real estate marketplace, many purchasers are reconsidering their offers, deciding to terminate their contracts, and seeking a return of their escrow deposit. These situations not only require a determination concerning the rights of the parties to enforce the contract provisions, but also often result in disputes over who is entitled to receive the earnest money deposit. Consider the following examples.

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