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blueMake Sure That You Protect Yourself With Adequate Insurance

When driving by the fender-bender or the scene of a horrible crash, we might think "I'm glad that's not me!”. What if you were the one on the stretcher or being cared for by the medics? Are you covered with insurance to get you through an injury accident?

blueWhat To Do If You Are Involved In An Accident and Suffer Injuries

Do Not give a recorded statement to ANY insurance company.

greenWhy do you Need a Swimming Pool Expert?

An expert analysis of the various paths to resolving problems with swimming pool construction. The bottom line is that you will eventually need an expert... Don't waste your time and money on ineffective solutions.

blueLiving Wills don't Kill

     By Graves Law Firm
No matter what healthcare reform opponents say, living wills counseling is not a ticket to euthanasia.

blueThe Losing Battle Over Indigent Defendant Rights in Georgia

In 1963, the US Supreme Court held in the landmark case Gideon v Wainwright that the Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution requires state courts to provide attorneys to any criminal defendant who is unable to afford one. In the past 46 years, however, many states have been unable — sometimes even unwilling — to meet this important obligation.

blueHard Times: Prisons Slash Food Costs to Save Cash

The recession is hitting hard at all sectors of society, from the wealthy on Wall Street down to prisoners locked up in the nation’s penal institutions. States are cutting back on prison meals, hoping to save money.

blueSocial Media in the Jury Room can Sabotage Trials

No one needs to be reminded of the stressful number of emails, voice mails, texts, and other “messages” which await them each day in their office in the practice of law. But how is this translating to jurors in the trial arena?

blueLegal Methods of Minimizing Your Taxes

For many, especially non-experts on taxation, tax time can be daunting. Should you go for the standard deduction or itemize?

blueWhat are the Penalties for Not Filing Your Taxes?

Due to the number of taxpayers, you may think that what you do will be unnoticed by the IRS.

blueThe Tax Attorney and You

There are experts qualified to assist you if you are daunted by the tax laws' complicated loopholes. Tax attorneys from Tampa can assist you with the deductions and the different forms to fill out so you'll grasp them better.

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