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blueCyprus Company Formation

     By Harris Kyriakides
The Cyprus Limited Company is currently one of the most popular and efficient corporate structures for doing business locally and internationally. This is primarily due to the attractive corporate legislation of Cyprus and its significant tax benefits.

blueCopyright Filing in India

What to Copyright?

blueTort Law is Protected by the Constitution

As you know from our What is Tort Reform blog post, tort reform is an attempt to limit an individualís right to seek financial compensation for wrongs done to them by another individual or organization. Those on the side of tort reform are attempting to change or limit how tort law was meant to work when it was provided for in both the United States Constitution and in every state constitution.

blueWhat is Tort Reform?

Tort reform has been a heated topic of debate for quite some time among legal professionals in the United States. For those on the outskirts of the debate, understanding the issues that come along with tort reform can be a little confusing at first.

greenNinth Circuit Reinstates More Lenient Standard For Whistleblower Protection

     By Fulcrum Inquiry
Because of the DOLís hostility to whistleblowers otherwise protected under Sarbanes-Oxley, the only real relief for employees has been through the district courts. Last week, the Ninth Circuit made its first ruling on the standard necessary for fired employees to claim protection under SOXíís whistleblower provisions.

greenFormer Madoff CFO Pleads Guilty, Pledging Cooperation That Will Help Both Criminal And Civil Cases

     By Fulcrum Inquiry
Frank DiPascali Jr. is the first person to fully cooperate with the government in the $65 billion Madoff Ponzi scheme. DiPascali acknowledges the involvement of unidentified others in the fraud, and describes the mechanics of the cover-up. We also address failures of the regulators and government auditors in light of DiPascaliís revelations.

greenA Guide to Anonymous Real Estate Holding

How to protect real estate and other assets.

greenOutcomes of the Summit G20 of April 2009

The article reflects on the outcomes of the summit G20, which occurred in April 2009. White, grey and black lists of jurisdictions are described and analyzed. Latest tendencies in the offshore world are represented.

blueWhich Visaís for me ó the K1 or K3?

U.S. citizens looking to bring their partner into the country on a K Visa must decide whether to apply for the K1 or the K3 Visa. The answer to this will depend on the particulars of each case, but knowledge of the differences between the K1 and K3 will be helpful for unsure applicants.

blueUse of Standards in Cases Involving Agricultural and Grounds Maintenance Equipment

This article summarizes how important it is in cases involving agricultural and grounds maintenance equipment that an agricultural engineering expert find all of the appropriate government and industry standards as well as safety information from other organizations and then determine whether the equipment involved in the case complies with these standards.

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