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greenCameroon Investment (Legal) Environment

For any economy to grow or decline, investment policy is the chief determining factor. By 1990 Cameroon had been suffering under the yoke of economic crisis for nearly half a decade. It was becoming important to find a new paradise of economic prosperity. Law n 90/071 to rectify ordinance n 90/007 of 08/11/1990 on the Cameroon Investment Code was to provide the way forward.

greenCivil Aviation Law in Cameroon

The law regulating civil aviation in Cameroon is law n98/023 of 24 December 1998 on the regime of civil aviation.

greenTelecommunications Law in Cameroon

Telecoms activities in Cameroon is administered by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. But since communications is the knot which ties both the national and international business community together, the government in 1982 set up INTELCAM, a structure with a business outlook. While this state corporation managed international telecommunications activities, ACTEL was created alongside to take care of the internal telecommunications network.

greenThe Force of the Cameroon Legal System

The force of the Cameroon legal system resides in the principles and concepts underlying the administration of justice, the institutions where justice is administered and the way the legal rule, regulations and judgements are enforced.

greenCameroon Legal System

Cameroon is a bijural system with the English Common Law operating in the two Anglophone regions of North West and South West and the French Civil Law operating in the eight francophone regions of Adamaoua, Centre, East, Far North, Littoral, North, West and South. These systems of law expanded to Cameroon through colonisation by conquest.

blueAged-Out Children (Child Status Protection Act)

Licensed to Practice Law in California and the Philippines

greenCalifornia Public Transportation Accidents on the Rise

     By Dolan Law Firm
Recently in the news there has been a rash of public transportation accidents that have resulted in severe injuries and even death to passengers.

blueCumulative FELA Injury Claims

Gordon & Elias, L.L.P. is pleased to announce that, after years of contemplation, we have now decided to accept cumulative or repetitive trauma FELA injury claims. Like everything else we try to do, we wanted to wait to do it right. That time has come.

blueIs Cell Phone Use Like Smoking - Long Term it will Probably Kill You!

Cell phone use, civil liability, products liability, personal injury, California tort claims.

blueMortgage Banking & Loan Servicing Industry Standard Practices & Procedures in Wrongful Foreclosure Cases

     By Don Coker
Renowned Banking and Lending Expert Witness Don Coker Presents An Explanation of the Banking, Loan Servicing, and Mortgage Banking Industry Standard Policies, Practices and Procedures in the Foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgage Loans.