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greenConsiderations in Defending Banking and Financial Class Action Lawsuits and Multi-District Litigation

     By Don Coker
Important factors in banking and financial class action lawsuits alleging economic damages and credit damages.

blueBankruptcy Myths

Answered some bankruptcy myths.

blueCivil Forfeiture in Criminal Cases in Arizona

The Government can seize your property even if you did not commit a crime using the state and federal civil forfeiture statutes. Many times the government will take large amounts of cash just because a drug sniffing dog alerted to the money.

greenInvesting in Cambodia

     By BNG Legal
A Land of Opportunity Cambodia has emerged in recent years as a high growth economy, attracting investors from around the globe. Foreign direct investment has increased significantly since the end of civil war in 1993. And while foreign investment slowed along with the global economy, economists project a strong rebound in 2010. For the adventurous investor, Cambodia offers long-term growth opportunities across a variety of sectors.

greenDue Diligence in Cambodia

     By BNG Legal
One of the most popular ways to invest is through teaming up with a Cambodian national or entity to form a joint venture. However, before starting such a venture it is essential that foreign investors complete due diligence on the Cambodian company.

greenForeign Ownership: Finally a Possibility?

     By BNG Legal
It is no secret that for quite some time, the Cambodian government has been working on legislation that would allow foreigners to have an ownership interest in real property in Cambodia. Following the real estate market slump last year, legal commentators believe that if foreigners are allowed to own land or buildings, the market could see the surge it so desperately needs.

greenMortgage Banking and Mortgage Loan Servicing Industry Standard Practices and Procedures

     By Don Coker
The author explains some of the industry standard practices and procedures in use in the mortgage banking and mortgage loan servicing industries.

blueUninsured and Under-Insured Drivers in New Jersey

     By Randolph Wolf, Esq
If a driver refuses to carry the necessary auto insurance he puts more than just himself at risk. Insurance will not be adequate to cover all damages incurred by an accident caused by an uninsured or under-iinsured driver.

bluePedestrian Accidents in New Jersey

     By Randolph Wolf, Esq
Pedestrian accidents are a major concern throughout the country and, in New Jersey, they have accounted for over 20% of traffic deaths in a given year.

blueNJ Commercial Trucking Laws

     By Randolph Wolf, Esq
The driver qualifications that fall within the New Jersey State trucking laws are: New Jersey adopted Part 391 of the Federal Regulations with two notable exceptions.

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