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blueAn Introduction to Birth Injury Litigation

Victims of birth injuries caused by a physician or obstetrician’s negligent actions before or during birth may be entitled to compensation. Birth injuries can cause permanent disability and may also require lifelong medical care.

blueToronto Partnership Lawyer: Limited Partnerships (Part 3) – Separate Legal Entity?

The following article relates to two previous articles that discussed limited partnerships in Ontario. This article focuses on addressing the following question: "is a limited partnership a separate legal entity from its partners?"

blueToronto Partnership Lawyer: Limited Partnerships (Part 2) – Limited Partner Losing Limited Liability Status

The following article discusses how limited partners can lose their liability status for Ontario limited partnerships. You should check out your province’s own legislation dealing with limited partnerships and the case law that interprets that legislation. Also, be sure to get a lawyer to update you on any new legislation or cases that impact limited partnerships.

greenThe IRS Limited Amnesty Program: What are the Consequences?

Earlier this year, the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reached an agreement with Swiss banking giant UBS. The agreement is centered upon deferring prosecution of UBS for charges of conspiring to defraud the U.S. government by interfering with the IRS.

greenState and Federal Agencies Take Steps to Combat Mortgage Fraud

Like most of the country, Texas has been hit hard by the ongoing downturn in the housing market. This decline has had a wide range of consequences, leaving many homeowners with upside-down mortgages, cities with reduced revenues and consumers with little confidence in their financial affairs.

bluePolice Officers Overwhelmed with Paperwork

     By Mendip Media Group
According to an article written in The Daily Express on 3rd October 2009, police officers are spending less than 6 hours a week patrolling the streets.

blueConstruction Site Accidents & Injuries

Each year, thousands of construction workers are injured or killed in preventable accidents at construction sites. Construction sites are rapidly changing environments with lots of heavy equipment, machinery and large vehicles. It is not uncommon for injuries at construction sites to be catastrophic or fatal. This legal guide explains some of the legal issues that arise in construction accident and personal injury claims.

blueCalifornia Car Accidents & Roadway Defect Claims

Roadway defects are entirely or partly responsible for many accidents each year in California and the United States. This legal guide provides information for about various types of roadway defects, and what to do if you believe an accident you were involved in was caused in part or in whole by a roadway defect or roadway design defect.

blueResponding to a Negative Performance Evaluation

Employers often use performance evaluations to create pretext for terminating an employee. If you believe you have been subjected to illegal discrimination or harassment, filing a response can unmask the illegal conduct and, sometimes, prolong your employment.

blueLegal Requirements for Incorporation of Companies in Nigeria

     By Brooke Chambers
The legal requirements for the incorporation of substantive Companies, subsidiaries and holding companies are contained in the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) Cap 59 LFN1990. They are mentioned hereunder as:

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