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blueEffective Investigation of Sexual Harassment Claims under Hawaii Employment Law

Prompt, thorough and effective investigations are an integral part of an employer's prevention and correction of sexual and other forms of unlawful harassment in the workplace. Recent United States Supreme Court decisions have emphasized the importance of the employer's efforts to prevent sexually harassing behavior and promptly correct any such behavior which does occur.

blueWrongful Termination, Harassment and Discrimination Claims in Hawaii

In Hawaii and other jurisdictions the majority of all employment relationships can be divided into three categories.

greenAffluent Should Consider Roth Conversions In 2010

     By Fulcrum Inquiry
Starting in 2010, affluent taxpayers can convert assets from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. We review the various factors that should be addressed in making this decision. Many affluent taxpayers should take advantage of this in 2010.

greenCalifornia Service Firms Must Now Register With BOE, and File Annual Use Tax Returns

     By Fulcrum Inquiry
Practically every California law firm and every other service business will now be required to register with California’s Board of Equalization (BOE), and file a new annual tax return covering use tax obligations. The first reporting will cover the three years of 2009, 2008, and 2007. Unless you are one of the rare businesses that fully reported use tax previously, penalties and interest will also be due.

greenTwo Recent Bankruptcy Cases Threaten Secured Lenders’ Position

     By Fulcrum Inquiry
Secured lenders should be concerned about two recent rulings in which the bankruptcy court used its discretion in performing its role as a court of equity. The cases (i) expand the definition of an “insider” to include a creditor with a “close relationship” to a debtor, and (ii) under what circumstances a lender can be equitably subordinated.

blueTwo Key Questions in Illinois Slip and Fall Cases

There are two key questions that must be answered in every slip and fall cases in Illinois. These questions determine whether the plaintiff can prevail in his case and what proof must be offered.

blueDraft of Foreign-Related Arbitration Agreement and Enforcement of Arbitration Award under China's Law

     By V&T Law Firm
In China, with the increase of foreign investment and prosperity of international trade, the cooperation between Chinese company and foreign company becomes more diversified and complicated. As a result, the number of business disputes has been increasing rapidly. When the dispute arises, the parties involved will seek a fast and efficient dispute settlement mechanism.

greenProperty Law – Revised Guidelines on Sales Brochures - China

     By Angela Wang & Co.
Prospective buyers of new apartment developments in Hong Kong are often misled by artists’ impressions of grand clubhouses, photos of unobstructed sea views or lush greeneries appearing in sales brochures even though the development sites are actually located near public residential housing, landfill sites or sewage treatment plants.

blueManaging Your Business and Estate

     By Magellan Law, PLC
Many business owners are so consumed with daily operations that they don't think about estate planning. Estate planning for business owners can be significantly different than for people who don't own a business. Business owners often fail to plan properly. This can lead to conflicts among family members, higher estate taxes and even failure of the business.

greenLead Contaminated Toys Cost Mattel Over $50 Million

High concentrations of lead found in millions of toys produced by Mattel in 2007 has caused them to agree to settle lawsuits in excess of $50 million, according to MSNBC. These toys posed a health hazard to children due to the high concentrations of lead in the toys.

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