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blueDuty to Disclose Defects in Residential Properties

     By Sally & Fitch LLP
Depending on the circumstances surrounding the sale, you may have remedies available under Massachusetts law to recover from the party who failed to disclose the defect.

blueUnderinsured Motorist Coverage in Multi-victim Car Accidents

One problem that arises in car accidents with multiple victims is that the policy limits in the at-fault driver's insurance policy leaves all the victims with insufficient compensation for their damages. Underinsured motorist coverage may be an option for securing an additional source of compensation for car accident victims.

blueThe K-1 Visa Thailand and the I-130 Petition for Alien Relative Visa: Options for Potential Immigrants

With the widespread of globalization, interracial marriages became prevalent. While this has been practiced centuries back, statistics have surged particularly during the past ten years, when communication barriers were crashed by computers and cyber technology. Globalization has also brought people across the globe making marriages with other nationalities inevitable.

greenNew Measures for Fixed Asset Loans - China

     By Angela Wang & Co.
Amid concerns that the easing of monetary policy by the Central Chinese government in early 2009 have caused monies to be channeled to speculation in shares and real estate instead of the real economy and of the increasing risk of asset bubbles and bad loans, China Banking Regulatory Commission (“CBRC”) issued the Tentative Measures for the Administration of Fixed Asset Loans (the “Measures”) on 23 July 2009.

greenIntroduction to Federal Private Offering Exemptions

In this article the author gives a brief overview of the federal exemptions that are most commonly used for private, limited offerings and private placements in California.

greenHow a Management Co., General Partner or Broker Uses General Advertisements and Solicitations to Get Investors

In this article, the author talks about how a management company, general partner or broker finds investors while staying in compliance with Regulation D’s rule against general advertisements and solicitations.

greenHow to Find and Solicit Investors for a Private Offering of Securities

In this article the author talks about how you find and solicit investors. He discusses how to get investors for a private offering or private placement of securities, whether an angel round of financing, a VC round or an offering under Regulation D, Rule 504 or 506 or like state laws (for example, California’s Section 25102(f) limited offering exemption). The legal term for this topic is the “manner of the offering.”

blueComparative Study: Thai and US Visas

When traveling in a foreign country, be it by land or air, one is usually required to secure a visa first. Securing a visa is one of the most important thing, if the not the most basic requirement, that one should know before traveling to another country.

blueWhat Happens if You Want to Back out of an Offer or Purchase Agreement? - Canada

     By Dynamic Legal Forms
In this article, the author will be discussing what happens if you change your mind after signing an offer or purchase agreement.

blueWhat Happens to Deposits on Termination of Agreement of Purchase and Sale? - Canada

     By Dynamic Legal Forms
Generally, the deposit a buyer puts down in respect of an agreement of purchase and sale is only released by the listing brokerage in very limited circumstances.

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