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blueK1 Visa Thailand Interview Questions by the US Embassy

The K1 Visa interview at the US Embassy in Thailand will make anyone nervous. But knowing what the consular officer is looking for will make an applicant feel at ease and confident.

blueThe Effects of a Criminal Record on Your K1 Visa Thailand

The application process for a K1 Visa Thailand requires delving into the previous history of the Thai fiancée visa applicant. As such, previous delinquent and criminal records are expected to be perused in an effort to accurately discern the suitability of the applying party.

blueRecent Patents Relating to the Holidays

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it's important to sit back, relax and spend time with those we love. And if that gets boring or you just love patents like we do, here are five newly issued patents in the past three months which relate to Christmas for you to enjoy!

blueMaking Patent Protection a Goal in 2010

Based upon statistics, 2009 saw one of the first decreases in domestic patent application filings in decades. However, while companies tightened their proverbial belts this past year, it has come at a grave cost. Companies have opted to stop protecting many of their key intangible assets – including patentable inventions. If greater patent protection isn’t on your list of goals for 2010, it should be and here is why.

blueComprehension and Application of Factoring in Latvia and Europe

The article provides a detailed analysis of the factoring contract and outlines the possible solutions for the legal regulation of factoring in Latvia.

blueNational Origin Discrimination Under Hawaii Law

Title VII prohibits discrimination because of "national origin." The EEOC defines national origin discrimination as the denial of equal employment opportunity because of an individual's ancestry, place of origin, or because the individual possesses the physical, cultural, or linguistic characteristics of a national origin group. Hawaii law prohibits "ancestry" discrimination. Like Title VII, the terms "ancestry" and "national origin" overlap.

greenAttorneys with Portable Business: Where Do I Go?

     By MNF Global
Tips to analyze a lateral move when you have a book of business.

blueConsular Processing, and 99 State - Thailand

Consular officers and immigration attorneys in Thailand are not supposed to act as adversary counsels during the consular processing.

greenIRS Needs Significant Additional Controls in Its Role as Disbursing Agent for Refundable Tax Credits

     By Fulcrum Inquiry
In two reports made public in December 2009, the IRS Inspector General concluded (i) the IRS ignored previous recommendations, causing significant refundable tax credits to be paid improperly, and (ii) by improperly issuing taxpayer identification numbers, the IRS allowed billions of dollars of fraudulent refundable credits.

greenSharia Law Will Likely Be a Creditor Disaster in the Dubai Restructuring

     By Fulcrum Inquiry
Dubai announced that it would seek a six-month postponement of debt repayments. The announcement came as a shock initially, but has since been generally dismissed by the press. This situation provides insights regarding Islamic finance with which most in the West are unfamiliar.

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