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blueAdvance Parole for US Immigrants from Thailand

Advance Parole isn't a prison term but rather an immigration term used when a Thai Fiancee who is in the US on a k1 visa requests to go abroad before achieving her adjustment of status.

blueIsraeli Trust Amendment (Amendment 147 to the Income Tax Ordinance)

The following article will explain the changes in the Israeli income tax ordinance regarding trusts. Through it we will stand on the main affects the amendment has on those who have established or planning on establishing a trust that has any relations to the state of Israel weather by having an Israeli settlor or an Israeli beneficiary.

blueMediation in Romania

     By Zeno Daniel Sustac
Custom is a second human nature and the Romanian justice has inoculated itself for years the concept that any misunderstanding should be resolved in a court of law.

greenMassive Recall on Window Blinds Includes Many California Retailers

In one of the largest product recalls issued by the CPSC, 50 million shades and blinds are being recalled due to child strangulation issues. At least 8 deaths in children have been linked to these blinds and shades since 2001, according to the Wall Street Journal. In addition, situations that nearly caused strangulation have occurred in at least 16 other children with these blinds.

greenLive Demonstration Concerning Drunk Driving Conducted by Santa Clara County Police

Holiday motorists are being warned about the risks of driving while intoxicated by Santa Clara County police, who have begun a unique anti drunk driving campaign. California drunk driving accident lawyers are always pleased to see law enforcement implement new strategies to hopefully increase awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving.

bluePurchase Price under the Preliminary Agreements - Bulgaria

Legal comments on the matter concerning the Preliminary contracts for sale-purchase and construction - one or two contracts implemented in one document?

blueClosing up of a Bulgarian Company Dissolving and Liquidation

Legal explanation of the process of closing up of a Bulgarian company under the Bulgarian Commercial law.

blueCompensation from Door Failure and Defective Latch Injuries

     By Mesriani Law Group
A few months ago, giant car maker Ford has issued a recall involving car models 2005 Ford Five Hundreds, Mercury Montegos, and 2005-2006 Ford Freestyle Vehicles due to the problem of door latch freezing.

blueInjury Claims from Roof Crush in Rollover Accidents

     By Mesriani Law Group
Rollover accidents may be considered as one of the most dangerous types of accidents next to vehicle crashes and collisions.

blueWorkplace Discrimination Based on Religion

     By Mesriani Law Group
To provide equal employment opportunity to all workers regardless of their religious affiliation, there is a federal law that prohibits most private employers from discriminating employees based on their religion.

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