Asia Bar Associations

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Oceania Bar Associations Directories

Bahrain Bar Associations

Bahrain Bar Society
P.O. Box 5025, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: (973) 720-566

Bangladesh Bar Associations

Bangladesh, National Bar Association of,
57/2 Central Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, 1205, Bangladesh, Tel: (2) 251347

China Bar Associations

All China Lawyers Association
Rm 244, Nth Building, Guoyi Hotel, Wenxingdongjie, Beijing, 100044, China FR, Tel: 831-6886

Hong Kong Bar Association HKBA)
Founded in 1949, the Hong Kong Bar Association is the professional organisation of barristers in Hong Kong and is registered under the Societies Ordinance. The objects of the Hong Kong Bar Association, as set out in its Rules and Regulations , are generally to consider and to take proper action on all matters affecting the legal profession and the administration of justice. These include, among other things : the maintenance of the honour and independence of the Bar; the improvement of the administration of justice in Hong Kong; the prescribing of rules of professional conduct, discipline and etiquette; furtherance of good relations and understanding within the legal profession.

The Law Society of Hong Kong
3rd Floor, Wing On House, 71 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong, Tel: (852) 2846 0500

India Bar Associations

All India Bar Association
We are committed to: 1. Collect legal information about India for all available sources. 2. Publish the same on the Internet with free and full public access. 3. Grant rights to the public to use the legal resources without any restrictions. 4. Create awareness about the availability of free legal resources. 5. Remove hurdles coming in the way of providing free legal information. 6. Coordinate with others Institutions to explore sources & utilisation of legal information.

Bar Association of India
93, Lawyers Chambers, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi, 110001, India, Tel: (11) 385902

Bar Council of India
To Lay Down Standards Of Professional Conduct And Etiquette For Advocates;to Lay Down The Procedure To Be Followed By Its Disciplinary Committee And The Disciplinary Committee Of Each State Bar Council;

Bombay Bar Association

India Bar Council
While Entering The New Millennium, The Bar Council Of India Sharing Vision For A Better World, Re-Dedicates Itself To Strive For Maintanance Of Highest Standards Of Professional Ethics, Advancement Of Legal Profession And Service To Humanity

Kashmir Bar Association
The Aims And Objectives Of The Bar Association Are To Promote The Administration Of Justice; To Promote, Maintain And Improve The Interests And Standards Of Local Practising Lawyers. To Arrange And Promote Continuing Professional Development; To Promote Fair And Honourable Practice Amongst Lawyers To Suppress, Discourage And Prevent Malpractice And Professional Misconduct; To Encourage Professional, Educational, And Social Relations Amongst The Members Of The Bar Association To Look Into The Matters And Concerns Affecting The Members Of Bar Association; And To Arrange For The Necessary Infra Structural Facilities And Welfare Measures Cluding Library Requirements For The Members Of Bar Association.

Punjab & Haryana High Court Bar Association

Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA)

Tax Appellate Tribunal Bar Association
The Income-tax Appellate Tribunal Bar Association Was Formed On 18th November 1965. It Is Worth Noting That Shri G. A. Gaitonde The President Of The Income-tax Appellate Tribunal Was Honorary President Of The Income-tax Appellate Tribunal Bar Association And Shri N. A. Palkhivala As Vice-president. Shri N. A. Palkhivala Took Over As President Of The Association In The Year 1967 And Ever Since He Is The President Of The Association.

Iran Bar Associations

Iran Bar Associations Union
Today, there are (12) independent Bar Associations in Iran, which are named at persian language (kanoon vokala'yeh dadgostari). Also recently, Iranian Bar Associationss Union is made for coordination between Iranian Bar Associations. The URL of home pages of Iranian Bar Associations and the union are made and developed as following: (Persian) (Englsih) (French) Also other websites are such as:

Israel Bar Associations

Israel Bar Association (IBA)
The Israel Bar Association was established in 1961 as an autonomous statutory entity in order to incorporate the lawyers in Israel and to assure the standard and integrity of the legal profession.

Japan Bar Associations

Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA)
Japan has 52 local bar associations, one for each of the 50 district court jurisdictions with the exception of Tokyo, where three bar associations that pre-existed the Practicing Attorney Law remain. Local bar associations consist of practicing attorneys, legal profession corporations and registered foreign lawyers.

Ku - Inter Pacific Bar Association
The purposes of the Association are: To provide to all of its Members in good standing ("Members") opportunities:to contribute towards the development of the legal profession in the Pacific and Asian regions comprising Asia and the jurisdictions within, or bordering, the Pacific (collectively "the Region") and towards the development and improvement of the legal profession's status and organization within the Region; to contribute towards the development of the law and the legal structures within the Region; to meet and exchange ideas with other lawyers who live in or who are interested in, the Region; to study and discuss legal issues that involve the Region; and to share information upon legal developments affecting the Region, to serve its Members fairly and equitably; and to promote the rule of law.

Korea Bar Associations

Korean Bar Association
The Korean Bar Association was founded in 1952 as a public association. It consists of attorneys in private practice, law firms, authorized law offices that provide notarial services, and fourteen local bar associations. Since its establishment, the Association has taken part in a variety of activities to defend the fundamental human rights of citizens and realizing the social justice, while contributing to fostering the law-abiding culture and society that are the basis of a democratic order. In case of the basic human rights being infringed by state power, the Association examines the case to put down abuses as well as to work out a countermeasure. In addition, the Association makes critical statements on state's mismanaged policies to raise public awareness.

Malaysia Bar Associations

Johore Bar Committee (JBC)
The Ordinance Empowered Any State In The States Of Malaya To Form A Local Bar Committee If The Number Of Practitioners At The State Bar Exceeded 10 In Number. In The Event The Numbers Were Less Than 10 Then 2 Or More States Could Combine Together And Form A Combined Bar Committee, As Was The Case Of Perak, Kedah, Perlis Bar Committee And Kelantan, Terengganu And Pahang Bar Committee.

Kedah/Perlis Bar Committee

Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee
The Kuala Lumpur Bar Was Established On 1st July 1992 At A General Meeting Of Advocates & Solicitors Practising In The Federal Territory Of Kuala Lumpur Held Under Section 68(4) Of The Legal Profession Act 1976.

Majlis Peguam - Bar Council

Malaysian Bar Council
To Uphold The Cause Of Justice Without Regard To Its Own Interests Or That Of Its Members, Uninfluenced By Fear Or Favour; To Maintain And Improve The Standards Of Conduct And Learning Of The Legal Profession In Malaysia;

Negri Sembilan Bar

Pahang Bar Committee

Penang Bar Committee
“Penang Lawyer” was made famous by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (who is better known as the author and creator of ‘Sherlock Holmes’) in his book “The Hound of the Baskervilles”. It is a particular type of walking stick made of a fine thick piece of wood, and is bulbous-headed and was just such a stick the old-fashioned family practitioner used to carry – exuding dignity, solidity and reassurance. But we, as the real Penang Lawyers, are far from being mere walking sticks … we are proud to lead!

Perak Bar

Sabah Law Association

Mauritius Bar Associations

Mauritius Bar Association
Chambers,6th Floor PCL Building, 43 sir William Newton Street, Port Lewis, Mauritius, Tel: (212) 6913-8

Nepal Bar Associations

Nepal Bar Association (NBA)
Nepal Bar Association (NBA) was established in December 21st 1956. At that time, legal education in Nepal was in primitive stage. Thus, most of the lawyers were licensed on the basis of their experience in the legal field and without any academic qualification in law. Gradually, afterward law graduates from the universities started replacing traditional lawyers and now a days most of the member lawyers are with formal academic degrees from the universities. In its preliminary stage NEBA was functional without formal registration and formally in the year 1963 His majesty's Government of Nepal registered it as a professional organization under the provision of National Guidance Act 1961.

Pakistan Bar Associations

Pakistan Bar Council
Supreme Court of Pakistan, 100A Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, 46300, Pakistan, Tel: (51) 842-024

Philippines Bar Associations

Integrated Bar of the Philippines
To elevate the standards of the legal profession; To improve the administration of justice; To enable the Bar to discharge its public responsibility more effectively.

Singapore Bar Associations

Law Society of Singapore
To Serve Our Members And The Community By Sustaining A Competent And Independent Bar Which Upholds The Rule Of Law And Ensures Access To Justice.

Sri Lanka Bar Associations

Sri Lanka, Bar Association of
129 Hulftsdorp Street, Columbo, 12, Sri Lanka, Tel: (1) 547134

Thailand Bar Associations

Thai Bar
6 Na Hub Puell Road, Bangkok, 10200, Thailand, Tel: (2) 224-1552, Fax: (2) 224-1552

Other Asian Bar Associations

Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA)
The Inter-Pacific Bar Association ("IPBA") is an international association of business and commercial lawyers with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Members are either Asia-Pacific residents or have a strong interest in this part of the world. The IPBA was founded in April 1991 at an organising conference held in Tokyo attended by more than 500 lawyers from throughout Asia and the Pacific. Since this time, it has grown to become a pre-eminent organisation in the area of Asia law and business with a membership of approximately 2,000 lawyers from 67 jurisdictions around the world.