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Law Firm Overview

A. Williams & Co. (Solicitors). is a Cross border legal practice licensed by the Law Society of England & Wales and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Professional members of the practice all work to the same end - the satisfaction of our clients and the maintenance of the principles of Justice according to Law.

The aim of the firm is to promote and stoutly defend the Rule of Law; Promote the cause of justice worldwide through the development of case law, legislation and international legal infrastructure development; Offer professional services without any discrimination, to both private individuals, communities, corporate organizations and governmental bodies in accordance with the finest ethics of the law society; Encourage and promote legal knowledge and education in the practice of law worldwide. Assist in the protection, promotion and uplifting of the integrity of the legal profession; and to Disseminate and import these ideals to succeeding generations of the members of the legal profession worldwide.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Redundancy; Breach of Contract; Shipping Law; Bill of Lading and Charter Party Disputes; Intestacy Disputes; Road Traffic Incidents; Accidents in the Street or Open Spaces; Residential Property; Property Conveyancing; Cross Border Property Trust Litigation; Remortgaging; Marketing Agreements; Partnership Law Disputes; Commercial Practice & Sales of Goods; Loan Agreements; Bonds; Design Rights; Infringements; Criminal Litigation; International Company Representation; Fundamental Rights Applications; Parliamentary; Banking Negligence & Supervision; Matrimonial; Debt Collection; Fundamental Rights Applications; Banking Negligence & Supervision; Minority Shareholder Protection; Company Formation And Representation.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice areas include:

- Employment Law

We represented clients on a wide range of employment matters, including;

• Redundancy, Unfair Dismissal, Wrongful Dismissal
• Race Discrimination Claims
• Sexual Harassment Claims
• Disability Discrimination
• Drafting Compromise and Conciliation Agreements

- Shipping Law

The firm provided advice and representation on shipping law matters, including;

• Bill of Lading and Charter party Disputes

- Family Law

We provided advice and representation in the following areas;

• Separation and Judicial Separation
• Divorce Petition Grounds
• Financial Matters arising out of separation or divorce
• Review of tax and pensions matters
• International and Jurisdictional Issues
• Injunctions and Restraining Orders
• Cohabitation and Premarital Contracts

Where children were involved, our areas of advice and assistance included:

• Custody issues and maintenance payments towards the children
• Residency Issues
• Contact Order Issues
• International Adoption advice
• International Wardship and guardianship issues

- Wills & Intestacy

We have represented and provided advice to international clients in matters involving contentious probate and intestacy disputes either directly or through our vast network of international law firms sometimes where the client could not travel overseas or where litigation had already been commenced against the client in the UK or overseas. In one instance, in the High Court at the Strand, we provided evidence of a mutual will which was not validly revoked by a testator to set aside a later will made by the testator which was not in favor of the testator's spouse. We have successfully "warned off" caveats filed against the applicants for letters of administration in overseas jurisdiction, conducted relevant searches at the Probate Registry, provided advice to clients on the resealing of grants of administration and successfully prevented a deceased's estate being taken into receivership pending the grant of letters of administration. Clients include individuals and families from the UK, India, Nigeria & USA.

- Personal Injury/ Clinical - Negligence

We dealt with a broad spectrum of claims including;

• Road Traffic Incidents
• Industrial injury and accidents in the street or open spaces
• Clinical Negligence

- Insolvency

Advice to private clients on various aspects of Insolvency. Example of recent work;

• Successfully acting on behalf of private clients in filing an application under s 375 of the Insolvency Act 1986 to set aside Cost Orders imposed on them by the representatives of the Trustee in Bankruptcy through section 366(1) of the Insolvency Act 1986.
• Costs of over £39,000.00 was awarded against the Trustee in bankruptcy in favor of our client.

- Criminal Law

The firm advised and represented Defendants in all types of criminal prosecutions in Courts throughout the UK. Example of recent work;

• Acting at the Criminal Court of Appeal on behalf of a defendant previously convicted of rape to attempt to lodge an application for leave to appeal on the basis that the complainants were not independent witnesses. Preparation of skeleton arguments, briefs, relevant transcripts of evidence and representation in court.
• Acting on behalf of the defendant in a drink/driving offence to establish that his blood alcohol content was not in excess of the permitted limit. Instructing experts and making a section 8 CPIA 1996 application for disclosure of relevant prosecution material to confirm whether any procedural errors were possibly made by the prosecution’s medical examiner during the withdrawal of the blood sample and whether the subsequent chain of custody of the sample in the possession of the prosecution was broken.

- Residential Property/ - Conveyancing

We provided advice and representation to both landlords and tenants in respect of their rights in applications to acquire the freehold of leasehold houses and lease extensions of both flats and houses. We also advised property owners on short-term lettings for investment purposes and prospective tenants on the terms of tenancy agreements for occupation. Additional work done included;

• Property Conveyancing in England and Wales
• Cross border property trust litigation
• Remortgaging
• Advice on Cross border property finance
• Preparation of lease extensions
• Preparation of Licenses to Assign
• Effecting Charge of property in the Land Registry
• A consideration of the effect of a freehold merger on existing underlease covenants and section 139 of the Law of Property Act 1925

- Immigration

We provided advice and representation on the following issues;

• Preparation of work permit applications
• Rights of detainees in immigration matters
• Entry clearance for Highly Skilled Migrants, sole representatives of foreign companies, businessmen or those with self-employed status, self-employed writers, composers and artists, retired persons or independent means, investors and innovators, and students
• Advice in relation to the dependents of persons admitted under the above categories
• Advice as to rights of entry and leave to remain for spouses of British Citizens, EU Citizens and those settled in the UK
• Naturalization
• Human rights applications
• EU issues
• Conduct of adjudicators and Tribunal appeals
• All tax, property and other issues arising out of immigration to the UK

- Corporate/ Commercial

Our services included;


• Agency
• General Commercial Matters
• Contract Negotiation and Drafting
• Conditions of Sale
• Franchises
• Joint Ventures in the oil and gas industry
• Manufacturing Agreements
• Marketing Agreements
• Partnership Law Disputes


• Review of Articles and Memoranda of Association
• Company Law advice
• Company Formations in offshore jurisdictions
• Share issues, transfers and subscriptions
• Advice on Shareholder agreements

- Arbitration

Arbitration is a legal technique for the resolution of disputes outside the courts. It is a proceeding in which a dispute is resolved by an impartial adjudicator whose decision, the parties to the dispute have agreed will be final and binding. Arbitration is today, most commonly used for the resolution of commercial disputes, particularly in the context of international commercial transactions. Business dealings have become even more global, and threats can arise in the form of enforcement issues when dealing with other countries. Arbitration is a consensual process; parties will only ever arbitrate where they agree to do so. Such agreements generally provide that, if a dispute should arise, it will be resolved by arbitration. These agreements are normal contracts which contain an arbitration clause.

- Litigation

We instructed counsel and represented clients in all the following courts;

• County Court
• Commercial Court
• Magistrates Court
• Criminal Court of Appeal
• High Court
• Employment Tribunal
• Bankruptcy Court
• Privy Council

- Human Rights

Human beings cannot be deprived of the substance of their human rights as they are inalienable. In certain circumstances, some of these rights can be lawfully derogated from or limited by a state. The firm can assist with advice and representation involving fundamental rights issues relating to the interpretation and implementation of regional human rights instruments such as the European Convention for Human Rights ECHR, Inter American Human Rights Convention IAHCR and the African Charter on Human Rights.

Where the obligations in these various regional instruments and treaties and the general principles on HR laws have been unlawfully limited, derogated from or inadequately implemented pacta sunt servanda by states, we can assist with the implementation of the relevant international human rights instruments either at the domestic level or internationally through the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) , 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Additional protocols of 1966 and 1989 and the 1969 Vienna Convention by making relevant submissions to the international bodies to seek redress for their unlawful violations.

- Commercial Practice & Sales of Goods

This practice area involves the law which applies to domestic and international sale of goods, carriage arrangements, payment for and security for international transactions, agency agreements and the use of conventions for documentary credits. The firm can provide legal assistance to buyers or sellers of goods to facilitate the interpretation of and drafting of contracts in transactions and disputes as they arise from the sale of goods.

Whilst the express terms of a standard form sales contract may appear to be exhaustive and convey the intention of the seller, complications may arise as a result of the interpretation the court may place on a contract between two parties depending on whether the contract is tailor made or a standard form contract between the buyer and the seller and the interpretation may prejudice either party. Where a marketing or agency agreement is entered into between parties and an agent is appointed, certain implied domestic legislation and EC competition law and other notices and directives apply which may make relevant clauses in the contract void and possibly even a criminal offence. It is important that appropriate advice is obtained in the preparation of and disputes arising from any sales contract, agency contract, distributorship or documentary credit.

- Capital Markets & Loans

International financial markets are a source of raising finance for individuals or corporations from the corporation itself, a bank, or the capital market. A. Williams & Co. can assist with providing advice and opinion on various types of loan agreements such as overdraft agreements, term sheets, revolving credits, syndicated loans agreements as well as the legal effects of each document when a corporation raises finance.

We can also advise on the jurisdictional issues, choice of law and legal issues which apply to these loan agreements including terms relating to conditions precedents, payment issues, covenants, negotiating default, periods of grace, force majeure and collateral security. Bonds are also specific types of loan agreements which may be in temporary or permanent form. There are several legal documents involved in the issue of a bond such as a mandate letter, invitation and allotment telex/fax, subscription agreements, manager's agreement and the legal opinion. Relevant documentation which concern the bond itself after issue include the fiscal agency agreement, paying agency agreement, the trust deed and the terms and conditions of the bond itself. The firm can assist with advice and representation on all the various related issues.

- Mergers and Acquisitions

There are two different types of acquisitions which we can provide assistance with. The business acquisition and a share acquisition whether an existing company, individual or the management is acting as seller or buyer. In any of the scenarios, we can review the basic structure involved in the acquisition and the documentation involved in each case. The five relevant stages we can provide advice and representation on are the pre-contract stage, contract stage, pre-completion stage, completion and post completion stage.

We will also review the various express and implied terms of the deal as well as identify the potential liabilities of the client and look for ways to minimize them through the negotiation of the disclosures and warranties in the transaction. We can assist with the preparation and negotiation of the acquisition agreement in both types of acquisitions, preparing or responding to the pre acquisition questionnaire and noting the issues regarding the effect of taxation, employees, ongoing trade matters, litigation, environmental and regulatory issues.

- Joint Ventures

Joint ventures and strategic alliances are a viable option for Company expansion and entry into different markets but can be fraught with several problems including shared management, tax planning, capital and funding, regulatory issues, intellectual property rights, commercial goals and the procedure on termination. The firm can assist with the formation of domestic and international joint venture corporations and disputes arising out of similar alliances .We can provide advice and representation on the far reaching impact of the use of appropriate legal documentation including letters of intent, confidentiality agreements , shareholders agreements, deadlock, company constitutional documentation and the ancillary contracts associated with the alliance to ensure that the intention of the parties and their goals are adequately implemented and that the rights of either the parent companies or the minority shareholders are not marginalized.

- Intellectual Property

IP rights include trademark, copyright, database right, design rights, patents and confidential information rights. Protection of relevant IP rights is crucial to the economic growth and development of businesses in all countries. The firm can assist to identify relevant IP rights and infringements associated with various rights to effect the protection and exploitation of the rights domestically and internationally and can assist to resolve disputes through negotiation or through the various specialist courts based on the applicable domestic legislation and treaties of the WTO and TRIPS.

- Environmental Law

We advise and process requisite environmental approvals including planning consents for specialist engineering construction projects. We provide advice to both clients and regulatory authorities for the development of contaminated sites, we assist with the negotiation of tenders, bids and compensation claims for project sponsors, we provide labour law advice for clients to prevent trade union disputes, we provide assistance with compliance for strategic environmental planning regulations, we assist in the resolution of construction disputes and in obtaining regulatory approvals for specialist environmental engineering and construction projects.

- Project Finance

A. Williams & Co. (Solicitors) has had considerable experience working with international financial institutions. Aspects of representation include the structuring of agreements dealing with international lending for projects, securitization of loans, taxation, regulatory matters, creditors' rights, bankruptcy, ownership rights, resolution of disputes and jurisdictional matters. Recent work includes our appointment as international project counsel to a Nigerian Aluminium company in respect of a $35million dollar loan offer granted by a USA bank to the company to enable the mining, exploration and export of aluminium billets from Nigeria by the company.

- Civil, Criminal & Commercial Litigation

The firm represents privately paying clients and corporations. We have undertaken the representation of clients in the Magistrates Court, County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal sometimes using specialist barristers depending on the complexity and nature of the case. We have acted as agents for other law firms requiring representation in London. We have undertaken renewed applications for appeal in the Criminal Court of Appeal at the RCJ. We are also Privy Council agents and have advised and conducted privy council appeals arising from commonwealth jurisdictions.

- International Company Representation

A. Williams & Co. (Solicitors) provides legal services to a broad range of international clients in contentious shipping litigation disputes in the UK commercial court. We also undertake the structuring of joint-ventures with local companies from various industrial sectors. The firm assists clients in acquiring controlling minority or majority interests in local Nigerian public and private owned industrial and services companies. The firm has also advised a great number of multinational corporations in claims in the High Court.

The firm represents foreign companies and international corporations in connection with the establishment of subsidiaries, branches, or representative offices and provides assistance to their managers and personnel in conducting day-to-day business operations. We advise clients on the incorporation of companies, equity and debt investment, increase of capital, management contracts, shareholder arrangements, transfer of shares, in-kind contributions, corporate governance, borrowing and lending, creditors' rights, bankruptcy and reorganizations, as well as obtaining approvals, licenses and registrations related to foreign investments.

- Trust Probate , Wills And Tax Planning

We have represented and provided advice to international clients in matters involving contentious probate and intestacy disputes either directly or through our vast network of international law firms sometimes where the client could not travel overseas or where litigation had already been commenced against the client in the UK or overseas. In one instance, in the High Court at the Strand, we provided evidence of a mutual will which was not validly revoked by a testator to set aside a later will made by the testator which was not in favour of the testator's spouse. We have successfully "warned off" caveats filed against the applicants for letters of administration in overseas jurisdiction, conducted relevant searches at the Probate Registry, provided advice to clients on the resealing of grants of administration and successfully prevented a deceased's estate being taken into receivership pending the grant of letters of administration. Clients include individuals and families from the UK, India, Nigeria & USA.

- Energy- Environmental Oil & Gas

A. Williams & Co. (Solicitors) represents private companies in the energy sector with an emphasis on 'renewables' for their business operations and investment projects involving civil engineering and flood defense agreements. Our advisory work also includes regulatory framework advice in recyclable material engineering and construction projects.

- International Trade and Privatization

A. Williams & Co. (Solicitors) represent various clients in the process of the privatization of state-owned companies. Clients are assisted in negotiations with government authorities, the structuring and financing of privatization projects, conducting due diligence investigations, preparing and processing applications for government approvals, and in dealing with national regulatory matters. Currently, the firm also advises major international investment banks on the financing of the cross border privatization of service companies and banking institutions.

- Property & Conveyancing

The firm provides appropriate agreements and structures for international private client mortgages in property development. The firm conducts real property searches for international corporate and private client acquisition of real property. The firm conducts due diligence searches on title for international clients, and as necessary, consults with clients and foreign law firms (where necessary) to securitize funding for property development and construction. The firm is registered with specialist international banks and undertakes property conveyancing dealings with the Land Registry and Inland Revenue with a view to investment property purchase by international clients.

- Residential/Commercial

The firm undertakes the preparation of licences and appropriate consents for the transfer of leases and other property rights. The firm structures property acquisition agreements, development leases, property sales and provision of security in the commercial, retail, industrial and residential markets. The firm advises, negotiates and drafts appropriate property security documents including mortgages, debentures, charges, leases, assignments, rental agreements, and advises on planning and environmental issues relating to residential property and riparian rights.


Mr. Isaac Kadiri
Admiralty and Maritime, Banking and Finance, Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Employment

Of Counsel

Mrs. Abimbola Williams
Admiralty and Maritime, Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support



  • International Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • Law Society of England and Wales
  • Privy Council

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