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Law Firm Overview

Kelly Warner Law is a full-service firm which specializes in defamation, internet law and business law. At Kelly Warner Law, we help startup companies get on their feet by providing a wide range of legal services that you will not find at most law firms.
We are experts in technology and can provide services in internet law that other law firms simply do not have the experience to offer. We are here to draft contracts for your new business, litigate defamation, piracy and online privacy issues and will also perform compliance reviews or file motions on your behalf.

Kelly Warner Law has clients from all around the world and our services are not limited by geographic regions. From top online entrepreneurs to those simply starting up a new business, Kelly Warner Law knows where you’re coming from and can guide you through the process of growing your new business. International cyber law is a service that most law firms cannot offer, but at Kelly Warner Law we provide our clients with unrivaled service and expertise in all areas of internet law.

Year this Office was Established: 2009

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Business Collections; Internet Defamation; Internet Marketing Law; Mobile Law; HOA Contracts; Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Non-Disclosure/Non-competition Agreements; Cyber squatting; Online International Law; Web Development Agencies.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice areas are as follows:

- Business Law

You're unique, and so is your business. As your business grows and expands, you need to make sure its heading in the right direction. Whether the direction faces roadblocks from state, federal, or international laws we can help you overcome the obstacles in your path. With our experience in both the legal and business world, we can advise you on the best course of action to avoid trouble or to provide you with aggressive representation in the event you're already there. Our business attorneys will work with you to make sure your business is protected from internal and external threats, and develop comprehensive plans of action.

- Business Collections

The Kelly Law Firm, L.L.C., approaches debt collection with the idea of reconciling businesses and their debtors in order to make paying a debt more affordable and efficient for both parties. Serving the Scottsdale, Arizona, area, attorney Aaron Kelly uses diplomatic tactics and aggressive negotiation to promote repayment under legal debt collection laws. Having handled business collections for many years as a member of a homeowner's association, Aaron Kelly knows how to use skip tracing to track down debtors and information. This lowers costs for a business seeking a debt collections lawyer. Without the additional cost of a private investigator, businesses save time and money in seeking their repayment.

- Business Formation

When forming a new company, businesspeople are understandably focused on the exciting opportunities around the corner for their venture. Despite this enthusiasm, entrepreneurs should never neglect to make the necessary legal preparations with the help of an experienced business formation attorney or contract lawyer. The Kelly Law Firm is dedicated to helping businesses succeed from the get-go. Our highly skilled business lawyers focus on what makes your ideas work. The desire of this firm is to create the structure that will allow your business to stay true to its mission and goals. We are able to offer suggestions that can protect your company's interests and keep you in business for years to come.

- Business Litigation

The Kelly Law Firm, L.L.C. is prepared to defend business and individual rights when it comes to business litigation. Whether our clients are businesses suffering from a breach of contract or an individual victimized by unfair business practices, we keep their best interests in mind when it's time to go to court. Lawyer Aaron Kelly handles all business litigation cases including: Breach of contract; HOA contracts; Construction contracts; Conversion; Partnership disputes; Franchise litigation; Commercial leasing; Breach of fiduciary duty; and Bankruptcy litigation (including motions for relief from the automatic stay).

- Internet Law

The Kelly Law Firm represents businesses and individuals with Internet Law and Internet Marketing issues. By understanding and utilizing cutting edge technology in its practice, the attorneys of The Kelly Law Firm are fully capable of informing and advocating clients in the digital world. From providing secure online access to your files, to holding client meetings via Skype and instant messenger The Kelly Law Firm is designed to keep you informed and keep your costs low. Attorney Aaron Kelly is also very familiar with Internet Marketing, and other issues facing online transactions.

- Advertising & Communications Law

The business world is complicated and advertising is one of the most convoluted parts of the business often involve advertising. This is because the law is very fluid in this area, and businesses have to defend attacks from many collateral sources. When your business comes up with a new idea, you must protect it against infringing competitors and zealous regulatory agencies alike. The Kelly Law Firm can help you do just that. There are many different questions you must ask yourself when it comes time to market a new idea. You might have thought that things get easy when you come up with the bright idea, but that's not really the case. You'll need to be sure that you properly protect your idea and you'll want to properly disclose information about the product or service you are marketing.

- Advertising & Communications Litigation

The more successful an advertising campaign becomes, the more likely the increased exposure could ultimately lead to a lawsuit. The fact of the matter is, when your marketing is legally challenged, the reputation of your products and services is put on the line as well. In the wake of a marketing lawsuit, it is important to get in touch with an experienced law firm. The Kelly Law Firm has a great deal of experience dealing with these situations. Advertising and marketing litigators working for The Kelly Law Firm are sought out for the perspective that they have to offer their clients. By combining an intimate understanding of the constantly changing nature of marketing law and a full understanding of the nature of their client's work, the law firm knows how to defend their clients.

- Entertainment Law

The Kelly Law Firm, L.L.C. is dedicated to advising and guiding its clients in the entertainment industry from both a legal and business standpoint. Our personal service and dedication to our clients are the perfect blend for your entertainment law and sports law needs. Exceptional representation is the key to success in the entertainment industry, and The Kelly Law Firm provides the knowledge and skill necessary to protect your rights and image. As a full service Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property Law firm, we handle both transactional and litigation related matters.

- Intellectual Property

While the Internet has made the dissemination of ideas much easier, it has also created more intellectual property rights issues, making an experienced copyright lawyer or Internet attorney invaluable to your business. The Kelly Law Firm has built a reputation as the forward-thinking law group with the expertise our clients trust in the areas of Internet law, Internet marketing law and business law. Intellectual property can be a large and somewhat confusing subject ranging from copyright and trademark issues to blatant plagiarism. We want to help ensure that your business' ideas and language remain your property.

- Internet Defamation

The Internet allows your business to reach millions of potential customers and to have a voice in markets that were previously unreachable. The negative side to that exposure is that it also provides the opportunity for others to slander your good name or to post unfavorable comments about you or your business. The havoc that can be wreaked on your reputation by anonymous individuals or business enemies can be devastating if it is not mitigated and dealt with in the proper manner. The Kelly Law Firm, one of the few business attorney groups nationally recognized as an Internet Law Firm, specializes in the areas of law that are unique to the web.

- Online International Law

Our firm helps businesses and professionals with legal issues regarding SPAM, email, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, patent law, DMCA claims, antitrust, privacy issues, affiliate marketing programs, Internet fraud, cybersquatting, compliance and regulatory actions, contracts, and various other areas of Internet law.

- Web Development Agencies

The Kelly Law Firm represents companies who work to preserve the integrity of the design and development community. Like you, we have a passion for innovation, a deep respect for good design, and an even greater admiration for web development companies that shape our collective taste and keep our eye on the future.

We understand the obstacles web development companies’ face including:

• contract drafting and negotiation
• intellectual property protection and infringement
• the legalities of running an online service business

- Internet Marketing Law

The Internet has broken down many barriers regarding traditional business methods. ECommerce and Internet marketing in particular, is reshaping the way companies operate and giving a whole new meaning to traditional marketing terms. Whether you are a publisher, advertiser, or ad network we are confident that we are the best lawyers to represent your needs. Aaron Kelly is an experienced internet marketing attorney. He understands the unique issues facing affiliate marketers, bloggers, and other e-commerce businesses. Whether you are simply running a niche based blog that utilizes clickbank, to those of you who have full scale operations with your own affiliate products, an internet marketing lawyer like Aaron Kelly is invaluable.

- Mobile Law

Information on mobile advertising and payments law is bubbling to the surface of the legal realm for two main reasons. The Kelly law firm has real-world experience representing clients who accept mobile payments and use mobile advertising as part of their business. We can help you untangle the complex web of laws and regulations governing mobile marketing in order for your business to steer clear of mobile litigation and regulatory investigation.


Aaron Kelly Mr. Aaron M. Kelly
Founding Attorney
Accident, Bankruptcy, Biotechnology, Business Law, Business Litigation



  • State Bar of Arizona
  • Arizona Association for Justice
  • American Association for Justice
  • Scottsdale Bar Association

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 Title Violation of Intellectual Property Rights

Anyone who crafts original work, such as a piece of writing, music or physical art, is entitled to copyright on that creation. By law, a copyright is a kind of security given to the authors of original works. When you've successfully fashioned something creative, be it a manuscript , a song or a painting, you're entitled to file a copyright for your material. A copyright is a legal term which assigns exclusive rights to the maker of the original content.

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 Protecting Your Personal Information with Online Privacy Laws

A lot of people who use the internet have the need to protect their privacy. However, the internet is still so new that online privacy laws are still being written and modified.

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 Debt Relief Websites: Are they Honest?

Debt Relief Websites are they trouble? Make sure you review the terms and conditions of any site before agreeing.

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 Bladder Sling Problems

Bladder Sling Injuries and Problems

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 Online Data: The New Oil

The author explains behavior marketing and its possible ramifications on people.

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 User Agreements for your website

Don't think you need contracts for your website? Think again! Consult a lawyer today that specializes in internet law.

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 Terms of Service: Why Your Business Needs One

Every business that runs online needs a professionally written terms of service.

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 Internet Marketing Law - FTC and Advertising Rules

Marketing and Advertising on the Internet is subject to the same laws as any other medium. Sometimes people do not follow those rules, and the FTC or State AG is involved.

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 Depakote Lawsuits

Many prescription drugs have adverse side effects. Some of these side effects are so severe that they can seriously affect a person's lifestyle and ability to function properly. But there are attorneys who can help you recover monetary damages based on the negative affects occurring in your body.

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 Information about Depakote

Bringing a baby into the world is an amazing and life changing experience. This experience is something that will never be forgotten, and we all want it to be memories of love and happiness. Sadly though this is not always the case, sometimes families have to face the dreaded reality that the baby has birth defects, and in the worse cases, the baby does not live.

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 DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuits

DePuy Orthopaedics, a division of the well-known Johnson & Johnson Company, has issued a recall of its ASR hip replacement and implant systems. The ASR Hip Resurfacing System and ASR XL Acetabular Hip System are both part of this hip replacement recall.

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 The Depuy Recall

On August 24,2010 a volunteer hip replacement recall was issued by Depuy Orthopedics, a division of Johnson and Johnson. The ASR XL Acetabular metal-on-metal hip replacement system has shown to have a 13% failure rate within the first 5 years.

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 Penny Auctions: Legalities and Realities

Penny auction sites are popping up everywhere on the Internet, like mushrooms after a storm. The basis of their appeal from the bidders' point of view is the old something for nothing. If all goes right and their bid is the winner, then they've managed to get valuable items for dirt cheap. But it's harder to figure out the attraction from the site owner's perspective.

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 Net Neutrality

Why the debate is anything but neutral and why you should care.

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 A Recipe for Disaster

Why a magazine is in hot water over a half-baked response to alleged copyright infringement.

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 How to Protect Your Business against Internet Defamation

The Internet is, as the cliché goes, "a marketplace of ideas." Whether a person has an opinion on politics, commerce, or even the show they saw on TV last night, there is always a forum to spread their opinion on, and that opinion will be available worldwide.

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 Crucial Elements of a Terms of Service Agreement

The author gives 5 important examples in Terms of Services.

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 ISP Liability for Internet Defamation

Defamation is a serious problem on the Internet. For the same reason that the Web has become a great tool for research and mass dissemination of information, it has also become a tool for those who would seek to defame others.

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 Terms of Service: Why You Need Them on Your Website

Why are they important to have on your website?

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 Domain Name Registering and Domain Name Squatting

Suppose you have an inside lock on the world's best widgets. Not now, but at some point in the indeterminate future, you intend to create an Internet e-commerce site from which you'll sell them.

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 Penny Auctions: The Legalities and Realities

Penny auction sites are popping up everywhere on the Internet, like mushrooms after a storm. You've seen their ubiquitous banner ads, perhaps without knowing what they are: 95% off Apple iPad 64GB! 46 inch flatscreen LED HDTV for less than a hundred dollars! Why pay full price for a SONY Playstation?

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 Internet Privacy - New Legislation

An article about Internet Privacy, "Do not track" list, and privacy legislation.

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 Privacy Policies: Why Your Website Needs One

Privacy Policies are an important part to any website. A good privacy policy, drafted by an internet lawyer, seeks to protect against unauthorized access to the site, as well as the collection, use, and disclosure of any information of the end user. Interestingly enough, the right to privacy is nowhere in the United States Constitution. Nonetheless, the right to privacy has been shaped by the Court system as well as the internet.

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 How Does the FTC Affect Online Business?

Internet law is a relatively new field of legal practice: state and federal courts and agencies are creating it on an ad hoc basis, attempting to fit the highly specialized disputes that arise from website development, service provider liability, copyright/trademarks, and the professional scope of online businesses and affiliate marketers into preexisting legal frameworks.

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 Policies and Procedures for Online Businesses

Understanding the online business world can help you build value for your business. From the founding of your company, and every day thereafter, you should be thinking about maintaining a presence online and building relationships that will be of value. Each move you make can make your company more or less valuable. This advice applies to both local businesses and those wishing to operate in the global market.

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 Putting Your Business Online? Untangle the Legal Web First

The internet has been instrumental in helping businesses grow. Before putting your business on the internet, it is important to make sure you are complying with the law. There is a growing consensus that there is a quasi-relationship between every website owner and its visitor or viewer. Some of these duties are statutory, while others are contractual.

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 Copyright Law: Protecting Your Intellectual Property Investments

In a nutshell, intellectual property law protects the work product of one's imagination or mind. However, this is not all it does. Not only does intellectual property cover copyright, trademark, and patents, but it also covers publicity and privacy rights, as well as trade secrets. At the very least, a cursory knowledge of the law in this area can be a real asset and can actually help to prevent a lot of potential problems that can arise.

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 24/7 Software - SaaS and Privacy Concerns

Cloud computing, otherwise known as Software as a Service (SaaS) has exploded in recent years. To me, SaaS solves one of my biggest problems...bringing everything but the kitchen sink. I am very prepared, and as such like to have information available quickly and efficiently. Enter SaaS.

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 SaaS Law and SaaS Agreements

Software as a Service (SaaS), or sometimes known as cloud computing, has been hailed as the next level of modern software. SaaS offers significant advantages to businesses and consumers alike, both in its cost and ease of use. This article will provide a basic overview of SaaS and SaaS law and why developers and end users alike need to understand the role an SaaS attorney plays in this new software.

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 FTC Compliance for Bloggers and Internet Marketing

Lately there have been many questions from our clients in the internet marketing and blogging industry about the new Federal Trade Commission Guidelines. Specifically, whether an affiliate marketer or blogger must disclose certain information on their web page, and if so how the disclaimer must be presented. This article will highlight several portions of the new guidelines and offer a framework for clients in how to disclose certain information on their websites.

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 10 Things Every Internet Marketer Should Know

Summarize your business plans, goals, and time frames in order to become a successful internet marketer.

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 What is Net Neutrality?

From its inception, the promise of the Internet has been parity. The Internet is fundamentally democratic. It does not discriminate between packets of information. It allows you to access the website of that tiny independent bookstore around the corner just as quickly as you access It does not filter out access to digital forums where unpopular ideas or opinions are expressed. It does not transmit MSNBC content any more efficiently than it relays content from Fox News.

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 Section 230 of the CDA and Website Immunity

The Communications Decency Act, found in Section 230 of Title 47 of the US Code, was enacted in 1996 to provide website operators with immunity for third-party content. At the time, Section 230 seemed like the best approach to help the internet grow, as several court cases threatened to put many service providers such as AOL and Prodigy out of business. Yet, Section 230 of the CDA has caused many unintentional problems that, at the time, were probably never contemplated.

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 Forming a Business in Arizona

In Arizona, the Limited Liability Company ("LLC") has become the standard for most businesses when choosing the type of legal entity to form. An LLC is an entity that is similar to both a corporation and a partnership. It does, however, have distinct differences from the corporation. Many see it as an answer to the shortcomings of the traditional corporations stringent organizational requirements, and the unlimited liability imposed upon partnerships.

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 How to Choose a Franchise?

Franchising is a popular way to start your own company, which is why it is not a business decision that should be taken lightly. When choosing a franchise it is important to obtain good advice, take your time, and only make the decision when you are comfortable.

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 Franchise Agreements, Breach of Contract, and the Role of Franchisee

Typically when we hear the word franchise we think of the large commercial chains of stores that spring up overnight, offering everything from fast food to spray tanning. A franchise is actually much much more.

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 The Social Responsibility of Business

The CEO of Ford Motor Co., William Ford Jr., once said "A good company delivers excellent products and services, and a great company does all that and strives to make the world a better place". As a business owner, I've taken that advice to heart.

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 Small Business Act of 2010

The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, signed into law by President Obama in late September, is designed to tackle America's continuing high unemployment rate by bolstering that sector of the American economy that has traditionally been responsible for the creation of the most American jobs: the small business sector. Small businesses, employ slightly over half of all private sector employees and over the past 15 years have generated close to 65% of all new jobs.

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 Business Fraud

We all know the old saying: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But these are hard economic times, and if you're a business owner and that something is a scheme claiming it can put dollars in your pocket, you may be tempted to bite.

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 Starting a New Business? Build It on a Firm Foundation

The success of a business is rooted in its foundation. So in order to firmly supplant your business in its particular niche, it is important to take the time to understand the different options you have when forming a business.

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 What Happens to Intellectual Property during Bankruptcy

Many of you would recognize the name CBGB from t-shirts and slogans, all without knowing that the name originated from a legendary music venue in Manhattan. Even more interesting, the club has been closed since 2006. Yet, the investors who purchased it bought it for the naming rights, not the club. These rights, called intellectual property rights. So the question is, what happens to those intellectual property rights during a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

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 Pre-Bankruptcy Planning

Pre-bankruptcy planning can help you save significant property! The longer clients wait to take action, the less options they are likely to have when they do decide to take action. Surprisingly, most clients don't even know what their options are!!! People cannot make educated and informed decisions when they aren't aware!

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 Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: What Businesses Can File for Bankruptcy?

The United States Bankruptcy code that deals with Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy is one of the most complicated statutes in American history. Not surprisingly, there are few attorneys that handle these types of cases. Often times our business bankruptcy lawyers receive calls from clients in dire financial straits asking whether a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy here in Arizona.

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 Protecting Creditors Rights When a Debtor Files a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In cases where the debtor has filed under Chapter 13, or it has been converted to a Chapter 13 from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debt collection attorney has a number of options at their disposal when a debtor is seeking relief under the bankruptcy code. Being proactive at this point is what can make or break your chances of recovering a substantial percentage of the debtor's obligations.

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 Bankruptcy in a Nutshell: The Different Types of Bankruptcy

When considering whether to file bankruptcy it is important to take into account all of the options available. For many, the need for and advantages of bankruptcy are obvious. To others, it will be a last resort. As the debts pile up and the creditors hound you, it is important to consider what can be done. This article will provide basic information on the types of bankruptcies available to both consumers and businesses.

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 Home Loan Modifications, Bankruptcy, and HAMP

Federal Programs for home loan modifications during bankruptcy.

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 Federal Programs for Home Loan Modifications during Bankruptcy

The third quarter of 2009 saw a record number of foreclosures across Arizona according to RealtyTrac, an online marketplace for foreclosure properties. For the fifth quarter in a row, Arizona ranked second behind only Nevada with one out of every 55 homes threatened by foreclosure. In the Phoenix area alone, 2009 foreclosures jumped 158% over the 2008 figures.

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 10 Things Every Internet Marketer Should Know

The author describes the 10 things you should know to market in Internet.

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 FTC and Online Advertising/Marketing

Internet law is a relatively new field of legal practice: state and federal courts and agencies are creating it on an ad hoc basis, attempting to fit the highly specialized disputes that arise from website development, service provider liability, copyright/trademarks, and the professional scope of online businesses and affiliate marketers into preexisting legal frameworks.

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