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Law Firm Overview

As a leading law firm in Tunisia, Achour law firm includes many Tunisian English speaking lawyers.

Achour Law Firm is a commercial full service Law Firm based in Tunis. It offers a full range of legal services for individual and companies from all over the world in business, corporate, commercial and shipping matters. Please do not hesitate to visit our official website : Achour Law Firm

The firm’s areas of expertise covers both International and domestic legal areas. Achour law Firm combines legal expertise across a broad range of disciplines with the firm's substantial local knowledge enabling it to provide an in-depth understanding of client’s commercial needs and priorities. The firm has a leading team providing the best technical and legal advice and assistance.

As a commercial law firm, our legal advice covers particularly transactional and corporate matters including contracts, Commercial issues, Banking & Finance, Intellectual Property, Maritime, Commercial litigation & corporate disputes.

The firm concentrating on a variety of industry sectors, including Life Sciences & Healthcare, Technology, and Travel, Hotels & Leisure.

Shipping still a main speciality for Achour Law Firm, though it has developed expertise on transportation and international trade. Achour law Firm deals with all aspects of both contentious and non-contentious shipping-related work. It handles all types of marine issues, whatsoever Ship management Agreements, ship arrest in Tunisia, salvage, towage, wreck removal and general average, Marine insurance and re-insurance, Environment and pollution …

Fundamentally, Achour law Firm try to build its success on the professional integrity and strong relationships of its staff and support personnel, all of whom are dedicated to excellence and enjoy working together as a team for the ultimate benefit of its clients. These foundations are complemented by its central policy to consistently invest time and resources in order to maximize the great potential of its people.

Achour Law Firm is an active member of several international organisations and associations.

Languages: English, French, and Arabic.

Areas of Law

Areas of Law Description

We provide legal service on the following areas and for more information please vist our official website.

- Banking & Finance

Achour Law Firm provides advice on negotiating, documenting and executing several financing tools, including multi cure credit facilities, factoring transactions, leasing transactions, hire-purchase transactions, mortgaging, inter-creditor agreements, letters of credit, stocks, charges, re-financings, re-structuring and security enforcement.

- Company Formation & Management

Achour Law Firm practices this field ever since the inception of the firm. Through our international network of offices and correspondent law firms, we take care of the incorporation, structuring, administration and operation of offshore companies in a diversity of jurisdictions worldwide.

- Corporate & Commercial

As more economies around the world open up, so do opportunities for international trade and commerce. Significant investment is heading into emerging market, meanwhile, WTO rules are providing businesses access to new markets and improved competitive conditions in existing ones. But keeping up with all the developments that affect your ability to compete in global markets can be challenging. International treaties and regimes continue to expand while local public and commercial laws remain disparate. A patchwork whose complexity is constantly increasing. At Achour law firm, we have the resources and reach to help you enter new markets and confidently grow your business. Our team can knowledgeably steer you through legal and market issues, help you maximize the international distribution and exposure of your products and services, and help you manage commercial risks, while enabling you to optimize the returns you realize.

- Maritime & Admiralty

Achour Law Firm acts for the Tunisian merchant marine fleet: ship-owners, vessel operators, charterers, ship agents, financial institutions, insurers, underwriters and brokers, and we cover the full spectrum of maritime-related matters, most notably: Advisory and consultancy services in ship finance; Ship mortgages and other types of securities; Ship registration and ancillary services such as transfers of ownership, changes of name, registry searches and renewal of navigation documents; Vessel regulatory compliance; Maritime insurance; and Legal opinions.

We handle also all contentious matters pertaining to the maritime sector in Tunisia and are well-versed in the rules and procedures of the Tunisian Tribunals. Areas of outstanding expertise include: Arrest of vessels; Personal injury claims; Cargo claims; General average and salvage claims; & Enforcement of maritime liens.

- Entertainment & Leisure

Our capabilities in entertainment law add an extra dimension to our practice. Our service is offered to clients in the industry, including high-profile recording artists, writers, composers, producers, managers, agents and directors. Our service is comprehensive and extends from contractual representation and negotiation all the way through to advice on the financial aspects of the business. We make it our priority to have the flexibility and adaptability to satisfy the specific requirements of each of our clients at all times.

- Intellectual Property

Achour Law firm is widely recognized for its incisive advice and assistance in this area in relation to the different ways in which clients may register and protect their intellectual property rights and capitalize on such rights through the selling and licensing of the same in Tunisia and around the globe. Our services include securing patents, trademarks and copyrights; defending intellectual property against infringement and allegations of infringement; providing business counseling and proactive strategies to enhance and protect intellectual property assets; and providing litigation services.

- Labor & Employment

Achour Law Firm offers support to its clients related to employer-employee relations, as well as a legislative and statutory watch. It also represents its client’s interests in labor litigation. In an area in constant legal and statutory evolution, Achour law firm assists its clients in handling the following employment issues, whether individual or collective, in order to minimize the risk of litigation: Drafting of general clauses and specific clauses in employment contracts: non-competition, mobility and expatriation clause; Advice concerning and implementation of terminations for economic reasons; Facilitating relationships with the unions and personnel representative bodies; and Collective bargaining agreements and conventions.

- Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Companies today operate in an intensely competitive global marketplace. Cross-border transactions introduce a host of variables. In this environment, disputes are inevitable. Navigating them successfully requires a combination of global experience and local knowledge. Our global dispute resolution practice includes litigation, arbitration, mediation and all forms of alternative dispute resolution.

- Mergers & Acquisitions

The challenge of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and strategic alliances is to ensure that the projected value in the deal is realized. Every corporate transaction demands the right structure, careful risk analysis and forward planning to deliver value and convince the market that the deal makes sense. The antitrust, regulatory and governance issues must be understood. The finance, tax, employment and intellectual property requirements must be aligned with the strategic objectives of the deal. At Achour Law Firm, our Mergers & Acquisitions practice includes offering unrivaled local expertise on all aspects of public or private corporate transactions wherever they occur. The ability of our people to work together seamlessly, coordinate complex global transactions successfully, address regulatory requirements, prepare local documentation, advise on tax matters, assist in due diligence investigations and deliver the required legal opinions covering multiple jurisdictions is an aspect of our practice that no other law firm can match.

- Natural Resources

Desegregation, corporatization and privatization have broken down traditional energy markets, creating major opportunities for investors, financiers and operators. We've been there to negotiate complex legal issues, whether helping governments plan and implement reform or assisting established and new players in the business of generation, transmission, distribution and supply. We advise on the full spectrum of legal issues including mergers and acquisitions, build-own-operate energy projects, electricity and gas purchase contracts, agreements for transmission and for coal and gas supply and transportation, hedging and commodity marketing. We advise on operations agreements, third party access, competition law and national electricity market issues, as well as foreign investment and environment law.

- Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

The pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries drive a significant portion of our global and local economies, and they're growing every year. But the legal and political environment changes almost every day. Whether you're a pharmaceutical manufacturer or distributor, medical device or biotech company, or a healthcare provider or vendor, it's hard to keep up, much less get ahead. A dynamically changing environment requires constant attention - and presents its own set of challenges. You must improve the quality of your systems. Comply with new standards. Exceed patient expectations. Form strategic global alliances. Defend yourself from attack. All while containing costs, minimizing risk and increasing profitability. At Achour Law firm, our team knows the threats and opportunities facing these important industries. We can help in: Health Law Practices & Pharmaceuticals & Medical legal Devices from advertising and marketing to transfer pricing and tax.

- Real Estate

Businesses around the world are trying to maximize the efficiency of their real estate portfolios. Whether you rent space in a single location or have real estate investments in dozens of countries, optimizing the value of "bricks and mortar" is a complex matter requiring high-level business and legal support. There is risk in what you do and what you don't. Acquiring new office space. Disposing or leasing property. Investing in real estate across borders. Whatever real estate challenge your business faces, it is important to manage it in a way that optimizes returns and minimizes costs and disruptions. At Achour law firm, we understand the issues and the stakes. Our staff is familiar with all aspects of property development, sales, acquisitions, leases, and the provision of security in commercial, retail, industrial, residential and mixed-development markets.

- Taxation

Achour Law firm advice their clients on all aspects of corporate and individual taxation, encompassing regulatory, transactional and litigation advice. It is available to advise its clients concerning: acquisition, sale, transfer, merger and restructuring of corporations; new business financing; assets and projects financing; the obtaining of tax approval. In addition, a substantial part of Achour law firm practice is devoted to the representations of corporations during tax audit and Tax and Customs Authorities. The firm especially assists in: searching practical and realistic solutions with Authorities; discussions, if necessary, with the Ministry of Finance or appeals before the Tunisian appellate courts.


Achour Abdelmonêm Maître Achour Abdelmonêm
Accident, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Arbitration, Aviation Law, Banking Law


Mrs. Chichi Assma
Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Arbitration, Banking Law, Bankruptcy, Business Formation

Ms. Zouhour Ben Haj Ali
Admiralty and Maritime, Aerospace Law, Arbitration, Aviation Law, Banking Law

Ms. Ben Aissa Samia
Agricultural Law, Arbitration, Biotechnology, Chemical Law, Construction Law

Ms. Samah Souaissi
Advertising, Agency and Distributorship, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Arbitration, Business Formation


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