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Law Firm Overview

Advokaadiburoo Narlex in Tallin, Estonia provides businesses with all types of litigation and consulting services. Narlex specializes in commercial litigation, debt collection, and commercial law. Our lawyers advise clients in areas such as registering a business in Estonia, real estate, contracts, shareholder relations, and relations with local municipalities and other public authorities.

Year this Office was Established: 2011

Languages: Estonian, Russian, Finnish and English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Shipping Law; Debt Collection; Business Registration; Legal Due Diligence; Legal Opinions; Drafting Offers in Public Procurement Tenders; Environmental Protection; City Planning; Guarantees; Management Liability; Seabed Dredging; Oil Pollution; Carriers Liability; Construction Works and Gambling Licensing.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice areas include:

- Business and Corporate Law

We believe that the knowledge that we have gained over 18 years of litigation enables us to foresee legal issues that may face businesses in any daily situation. Lawyers at Narlex provide the following legal and business consulting services:

Business registration
Mergers & Acquisitions
Legal Due Diligence
Contract drafting for all purposes
Legal opinions
Drafting offers in public procurement tenders

- Litigation and Arbitration

Attorneys at Narlex have represented clients in disputes in the following areas: contract law, shareholder relations, bankruptcy, public procurement, IT, IP, family law, environmental protection, city planning, real estate, guarantees, management liability, family law, debt collection, seabed dredging, employment law, oil pollution, carriers liability, construction works and gambling licensing.

- Shipping Law

Narlex provides legal services to ship-owners, cargo owners and service providers, including port authorities. Attorney at law Andres Vinkel has represented ship-owners in various disputes, including a major tanker oil spill case, which resulted in the pollution of the shores of Estonia in 2001. European service and supplies providers utilize our services when Estonian managers fail to fulfill their obligations.

- Debt Collection

Any debt collection starts by collecting information about the debtor. The financial and economic situation of the debtor and his previous behavior will determine the best course of action. In Estonia there are several electronic registers of corporate data, which can be accessed by authorized persons, including law firms. Some registers are not public, but access by attorneys is permitted. Personal contacts in specific areas of business may also help to understand the position of the debtor.


Ms. Aivi Altdorf
Banking Law, Contracts

Aleksei Forstiman Mr. Aleksei Forstiman
Administrative Law, Contracts, Family Law, Labor

Chris-Marii Meringo Ms. Chris-Marii Meringo
Corporate Law

Kai Villman Ms. Kai Villman
Bankruptcy, Contracts, Employment, Family Law

Andres Vinkel Mr. Andres Vinkel
Administrative Law, Bankruptcy, Business Law, Commercial Ship Accident, Environmental Law



  • Estonian Bar Association
  • Toastmasters International - Tallinn
  • London Maritime Arbitrators Association

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