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ALSuwaiket & ALBusaies, Attorneys at Law

ALSuwaiket & ALBusaies, Attorneys at Law
Al Salah Tower 3rd Floor , Suite 308
Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Street

Al-Khobar 31952
Saudi Arabia

Phone+966 (3) 887-7512
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Law Firm Overview

Al Suwaiket & Al Busaies offers professional legal services in a wide range of business matters. Our attorneys have extensive experience in all corporate legal areas, from company formation to mergers and acquisitions to lawsuits and litigation. We partner with companies working here in Saudi Arabia and internationally.

Our goal is to offer you and your business the highest quality legal service, as cost-effectively as possible. We are capable of supporting your business through every stage of life and through any type of dispute. We also offer special expertise in maritime law and international business matters.

In the rapidly growing Saudi economy, you want a legal partner with real experience and knowledge. We have the skills you’re looking for, and we are ready to help you to achieve your goals as efficiently and completely as possible. Whether you are a large multinational corporation or a small family company, we will honor your business and ensure you receive the guidance you need.

Languages: Arabic, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Company Set-Up; Notary Services; Legal Consultation and Litigation.

Areas of Law Description

At ALSuwaiket & ALBusaies, our lawyers provide legal representation and services in the following areas of practice:

- Corporate Services

Our attorneys conduct the corporate law practice with extensive experience advising business clients on a broad range of issues from legal corporate advice to corporate financing, mergers and acquisitions in both the domestic and international arenas. In addition to representing large size national and multinational companies, we serve the needs of family companies.

- Financial & Commercial Services

* Commercial Transactions
Al-Suwaiket & Al-Busaies prepared to handle a wide variety of commercial transactions. Including project development and financing, licensing, franchising, outsourcing agreements, co development agreements and consulting contracts.

* Finance & Investment
Al-Suwaiket & Al-Busaies finance practice provides services to financial institutions and borrows in complex and sophisticated transactions. We analyze, review and draft corporate and commercial loans, letters of credit, debit rescheduling and miscellaneous financing transactions involving banks and financial institute leaders. Our attorneys are proficient in various types of project financing and delivery options as well as the same in regard of these issues relating to bidding, guarantees credit lines enhancement domestically and offshore.

- International Legal

* Arbitration
Al-Suwaiket & Al-Busaies is committed to preventing and resolving dispute by the way of arbitration which has recently proved to be a cost-effective means for the settlement of disputes particularly international disputes involving multinational parties. Dispute prevention and early resolution of unavoidable conflicts is the cornerstones of our practice. Our partners are members of several National and International Arbitration boards.

- Intellectual Property

Our worldwide resources along with our active and regular presence in seminars on IP issues allow us to provide rapid comprehensive and cost effective consultation in this area. Our patent law practice includes, documentation, licensing, client counseling on patent strategy for product development and its protection covering the biotechnology, chemical, electronic and mechanical field. The copyright, trademark and patents practice includes registration, licensing, client consulting and litigation issues. Al-Suwaiket & Al-Busaies has variance experience in protection such IP aspects from any inside or outside infringement further more our firm actively engages in advising clients protecting their interests in their achievements.

- Information Technology

We provide comprehensive legal services to technology-oriented companies ranging from large publicly held corporations to promising emerging businesses. We have carried the tradition of legal innovation into twenty-first century. Offering our technology clients pro active trusted counsel and cutting-edge legal solutions.

- Maritime

Our maritime practice covers commercial and private practice and provides comprehensive legal service to the maritime sector in Saudi Arabia. We provide wide range of services including vessel registration, claims and Vessel seizure. The practice focus on practical solution to insure the client's best economic interest.

- Labor & Employment

Al-Suwaiket & Al-Busaies believes that employment relation is one of the most important aspects of a client's business and our lawyers work efficiently to meet our client's needs. We offer proficient advice on labor law litigation alternative disputes resolution, including mediation and arbitration; launching urgent processing in the labor committees; rendering advice on unfair labor practice; handling issues related to labor dismissal, employment benefits and drafting proper employment contracts due the nature of employment relation.

- Insurance

Our firm offers its clients quietly in services representation and advising policyholders regarding extensive commercial insurance coverage issues. We work closely with our clients developing cost effective strategies to extend their insured aspects.

- Energy

We commenced our legal services in the eastern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is considered to be the backbone of the world's oil production. Our practice provides full range of corporate and regulatory matters affecting the petroleum sector and energy including trade, privatization, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, environmental regulation, litigation and arbitration in both domestic and international markets. The firm's energy section advises on various legal issues concerning electricity and water including development and finance, construction, engineering contracts, environment and other regulations. Furthermore, it represents the clients in continuous matters arising from the relevant transactions.

- Taxation

The tax practice is comprised of highly skilled professionals providing a wide range of sophisticated tax services. We assist our clients in domestic and international corporate tax planning, counseling and representation in litigation of tax cases.

- Litigation

Our firm serves clients more effectively and efficiently, meeting their budgetary requirements and involve attorneys with experience in other areas when client interests extend beyond litigation matters. For any issue require an expert opinion, the firm has contacts with professional consultants in all fields of law to render appropriate consultation. Litigation is entrusted to our highly qualified and experienced attorneys before all courts of law, judicial, quasi-judicial committees throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Bader Behaishan Al-Busaies Dr. Bader Behaishan Al-Busaies
Managing Lawyer
Business and Industry, Intellectual Property, Labor, Litigation, Oil and Gas

Fahad Mohammed Al-Suwaiket Mr. Fahad Mohammed Al-Suwaiket
Business and Industry, Intellectual Property, Labor, Litigation, Oil and Gas


  • GCC Commercial Arbitration Center
  • Islamic International Foundation for Economics & Finance
  • US-Saudi Arabian Business Council
  • International Trademark Association (INTA)

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