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Law Firm Overview

Anastasios Antoniou LLC, ranked as top-tier Cyprus law firm by The Legal 500, peer-acclaimed in Best Lawyers International, included in the world’s best competition lawyers by Who’s Who Legal and recommended by the IFLR1000, is a boutique law practice specializing in Merger Control and Competition law, Maritime law, EU law, Oil & Gas law and Dispute Resolution.

The Firm has established itself for its’ commitment to legal clarity and is the law firm of choice for multinational corporations, global law firms and governments in our practice areas of expertise.

What sets the firm apart is its commitment to legal clarity. We strive to provide comprehensive legal solutions to contemporary legal challenges in a clear, reliable and unequivocal manner. Our concrete set of values ensures that formulating client relationships founded on trust, reliability and integrity is a pivotal element of our deliverables and practice.

Anastasios Antoniou LLC is widely recognized and recommended for our solid expertise and our commitment to legal clarity. Our firm has represented international corporations, governments and institutions in our practice areas of expertise. Having established ourselves as the Cyprus lawyers of choice for multinational corporations, governments and global law firms, our Firm is focused and specialized in advising on legal issues faced by the oil & gas, maritime security, shipping, aviation, telecommunications and e-commerce industries.

Languages: Greek, English, Spanish, Russian, French, German

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Merger Control; Maritime Security; Abuse of Dominance; Cartels; Regulatory Compliance; Competition Litigation; Interim Orders and Injunctions; Energy Litigation; UCITS; Private Funds; Infrastructure; Pollution and Contamination; Climate Change Laws; International Investment Arbitration; International Commercial Arbitration

Areas of Law Description

Our areas of practice include:

- EU Law

Repeatedly ranked as top-tier Cyprus law firm in European Union (EU) law by eminent professional rankings, including, Anastasios Antoniou LLC is at the forefront of rendering legal advice and counsel, as well as litigating, in issues relating to EU law and regulation. Our expertise in all aspects of EU law and regulation is one of the leading factors behind this most successful practice and our specialized lawyers regularly advise multinational companies, governments and individuals on the multiple legal challenges presented by an ever expanding body of EU law.

Our EU Law and Regulation practice draws expert lawyers from all practices of our Firm addresses the following areas governed by EU primary and subsidiary legislation:

Energy regulatory issues
EU restrictive measures and sanctions against States and individuals
Merger Control
Competition Law
Banking regulation
Data Protection law and regulation
Financial Services law and regulation
Cross-border sales of goods
Cross-border provision of services
Movement of Capital
Environmental Law
Hydrocarbons exploration and licensing
EU constitutional and administrative law
Registration and enforcement of judgments of EU member states
EU Investment Law

- Merger Control

The objective of merger control is to enable the competition authorities to administer changes in market structure by deciding whether two or more commercial companies may merge, combine, or join their businesses. Mergers may create a noticeable change in the market and raise serious competition concerns. They can result in the obtaining or strengthening of a position of market power and thus in an increase in the market price of the products or services concerned.

- Competition Law

We are one of the few truly specialized competition practices in Cyprus, that can deal with both domestic and cross-border competition issues, should these arise in the context of anticompetitive and collusive behavior, such as in agreements, decisions or concerted practices between competitors (cartels), in cases of abuse of dominance by undertakings with large market shares, or in the context of mergers and acquisitions in relation to which notification to the Competition Authority may be necessary.

Anticompetitive practices can have serious implications as to the smooth operation of markets and the existence of fair competition. Agreements, decisions or practices which have an object or effect the distortion of competition and which can include dumping, price-fixing, bundling, tying, exclusive dealing or even dividing territories, have serious detrimental effects to competitors and – consequently – to consumers. This anticompetitive behavior should be addressed in the best possible way and this is where our legal services make the difference.

Our services can help your organization make sure that, whichever industry you are operating in, your transactions meet the requirements of all competition rules, that your business policies are compliant and that your interests are well-protected. It is often the case that competition law infringements occur as a result of the behavior of market participants holding a large share of the market, should that be a monopoly, oligopoly or other form of dominance.

- Dispute Resolution

Although our Firm prides itself in approaching the legal issues brought before it with the avoidance of potential disputes in mind, we recognize the inevitability of disputes arising in any context, domestically or internationally. Ensuring that our Clients can pursue and safeguard their interests in whatever manner possible means we have established a committed litigation practice able to handle the most critical of disputes, our Advocates appearing before all Courts and tribunals in Cyprus.

- Interim Orders and Injunctions

Our practice is specialized in pursuing and obtaining interim order and injunctions within the context of main proceedings. Cyprus Courts have jurisdiction to issue a number of interim orders, including Freezing Orders, Discovery Orders, Garnishee Orders and Interim Receiver appointment orders. Interim Orders in support of foreign arbitration or in aid of court proceedings in other EU Member States also fall within the competence of Cyprus Courts and are often sought by our Firm’s Advocates. Read more on how our Advocates can help with interim relief before Cyprus Courts.

- Admiralty and Maritime Law

Our Law Firm render its legal services to ship owners, ship managers, carriers, maritime security companies, freight forwarders, underwriters and cargo claimants with respect to the following matters:

Carrying out registration of Ships and other vessels
Advising on financing, operation and ownership of vessels
Advising on the provision of maritime security services on board Cyprus ships
Attending to the licensing and authorization of private maritime security companies
Advising and litigating on cargo losses
Advising on Charterparties
Advising on and litigating collusion disputes
Advising on and litigating Oil Pollution issues and environmental disputes
Advising on towage and salvage claims
Drafting and advising on ship building and ship repair contracts
Litigating vessel-related personal injury claims
Advising on employment issues regarding officers and crew
Litigating on all Admiralty and Maritime issues, including ship arrest proceedings
Advising on the Law of the Sea and Public International Law issues
Advising on and litigating Law of the Sea disputes (internationally and domestically)

- Trademarks

Under Cyprus law, a trade mark may be comprised of names, words, logos, symbols, numbers, designs, images, the shape of goods, colours, sounds and smells or the combination of a number of these elements that constitute a sign.
Anastasios Antoniou LLC, a member of the International Trademark Association, is a leading Cyprus law firm in intellectual property and provides regulated legal services towards:

Trademark Registration in Cyprus
Trademark Registration in the EU (Community Trade Marks)
Trademark Renewals
Trademark Assignments
Trademark Infringement Litigation
Passing Off Litigation
Trademark Tax Planning

- Oil and Gas Law

Our legal services for the Energy industry encompass all aspects of transactions entailed in an energy venture. We advise on the full range of issues in Energy and Natural Resources Law, including regulatory compliance, competition, mergers and acquisitions, financing, commercial and trading contracts, commercial and corporate advice and energy taxation issues. Moreover, our litigation practice strategically handles dispute resolution in the energy industry.

- Aviation Law

Recognizing the uniqueness and diversity that characterizes the Aviation Industry and the relevant markets, our Firm has the necessary legal expertise and experience to address all issues faced by aviation operators, manufacturers, airports, governments and financial institution alike. Today more than ever, airlines and airports face increasing difficulties and escalating costs and regulatory constraints, their profitability substantially compromised unless proper legal counsel is rendered at the right time and as part of their operations strategy.

- Maritime Security and Piracy Law

Our Firm assists both ship operators wishing to engage the services of approved security companies as well as any company wishing to obtain the relevant certificate from the Department of Merchant Shipping of Cyprus towards providing maritime security services on board Cyprus ships. Specifically, our legal services include:

Assisting ship operators in obtaining approval of delegating security of their ships to private maritime security companies
Assisting security companies towards being licensed to provide their private security services on board Cyprus ships
Advising on regulatory and other licensing, compliance and reporting aspects of the applicable legislation
Advising on contractual, commercial and corporate aspects
Advising on and drafting security services engagement agreements in compliance with applicable domestic and international legislation
Advising on and drafting security services employment agreements for private guards in the service of private security companies
Advising on International Law aspects of Piracy and other unlawful acts at sea
Litigating contractual disputes, criminal acts and torts before Cyprus Courts and competent international tribunals

- Internet Law & E-Commerce

The rapid speed at which Information Technology develops means that ongoing, accurate legal support which is aligned with such developments becomes an imperative aspect of getting the technology deal through. We combine in-depth knowledge of technological and commercial developments with practical expertise in a wide range of IT-related legal fields as well as in all legal elements of electronic commerce. We are here to help you make the most out of emerging opportunities as soon as these appear and render our legal services towards the particular challenges facing those involved in the Information Technology and e-Commerce industries.


Anastasios Antoniou Anastasios A. Antoniou
Managing Advocate
Admiralty and Maritime, Agency and Distributorship, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Appellate Practice


Aquilina Demetriadi Ms. Aquilina Demetriadi
Admiralty and Maritime, Advertising, Aerospace Law, Agency and Distributorship, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Nikolas Ioannides Nikolas A. Ioannides
Accident, Admiralty and Maritime, Appellate Practice, Aviation Law, Bankruptcy


  • Association of International Petroleum Negotiators
  • European Society of International Law
  • British Institute of International and Comparative Law
  • European Competition Lawyers Forum

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We explore the general legal aspects of the conflicting positions between Cyprus and Turkey relating to Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone and the exploration for natural gas. This note does not constitute nor should be relied upon as legal advice and is for general information only. Regulated legal advice and counsel can be retained by contacting our Public International Law practice.

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 Cyprus Tonnage Tax Scheme for Ship Owners, Managers and Charterers

Cyprus features the most efficient tonnage tax scheme in the EU, approved by the European Commission.

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 Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds

In what constitutes a pivotal step in the transformation of Cyprus into one of the primary investment funds jurisdictions, new legislation is in place to regulate the establishment of Alternative Investment Funds. The Alternative Investment Funds Law of 2014 (the Law) provides a much-expected overhaul to Cyprus' investment funds regime, which commenced with the Alternative Investment Fund Managers framework enacted in 2013.

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 Cyprus - Ideal Jurisdiction for Electronic Commerce and Online Services

Cyprus constitutes an ideal jurisdiction from which to carry out e-commerce trading and provide online services, provided that regulated legal advice is obtained to ensure that all conditions relieving a Cyprus-based ISP from liability are in place.

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 New Merger Control Legislation in Cyprus Enacted

The 2014 merger control regime replaces the previous framework in place since 1999 and increases the powers of the Commission for the Protection of Competition in assessing, investigating and clearing merger, acquisitions and joint ventures.

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 Protection of Foreign Direct Investment in Cyprus

Cyprus had been the first Member State to experience and implement the resolution and bail-in approach with respect to failing banks, thus relieving taxpayers and direct investors from suffering the burden of rescuing failing, bad-managed banks. But there can be no doubt that Cyprus is a jurisdiction actively protecting foreign direct investment at the highest levels.

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 Protecting Cyprus Ships against Acts of Piracy and other Unlawful Acts

Cyprus laws allows for the provision of private security services on board Cyprus ships for the purpose of protecting them and their crew and cargo from unlawful acts in sea, particularly acts of piracy in high risk seas.

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 Trade Marks Protection in Cyprus

Trade Marks in Cyprus: Registration, Protection and Infringement

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 Minority Shareholders Oppression in Cyprus companies and available remedies

Cyprus fully recognizes the possibility that minority shareholders in a Company may become oppressed or unfairly prejudiced against on behalf of the controlling or majority shareholders and/or the board of the Company. There are various situations in which either the Company or minority shareholders’ interests are harmed by the majority shareholders under Cyprus law and the available remedies in such cases.

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 Cyprus Ship Registration

Cyprus has grown into one of the largest and most popular shipping centres in the world representing in particular an estimated 20% of the world’s third party managed fleet. The Register of Cyprus Ships is the tenth largest in the world with a merchant fleet exceeding 20 million gross tonnage and third largest in the European Union, comprising of a percentage of 11% of the total fleet of the EU.

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ANASTASIOS ANTONIOU LLC is a boutique Cyprus Law Firm, committed to the provision of the highest quality of specialized legal services in a wide range of practice areas. Competition Law, Financial Services Law, Investment Funds, Energy and Infrastructure/PPP are the practice areas in which we offer valuable expertise and attach particular emphasis to, while we also provide full legal support and render our legal services in relation to Commercial Law, Corporate Law and Intellectual Property Law. Our Dispute Resolution practice has also been strategically designed to address and resolve issues of conflict arising in all practice areas we are engaged in, thus enabling our Firm to ensure that our Clients receive the full range of legal services, from legal support, advice and drafting to the handling of complex transactions and dispute resolution.

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