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Law Firm Overview

Appelman Law Firm, LLC is a DWI and criminal defense law firm in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.
The firm's team is made up of dedicated and responsive attorneys who are skilled in trial law and highly knowledgeable on the finer points of various criminal charges, from which they defend clients throughout the region. The lawyers of the firm know that those accused of crimes need an experienced attorney in order to give them a fair chance at trial, and the team is more than ready to handle your case using a wealth of legal experience.

The team of Appelman Law Firm believes in putting substantial time and energy into each case for the sake of garnering ideal results. Through an exceptional level of scrutiny and preparation, the attorneys regularly exceed the expectations of both clients and the prosecution. The attorneys know that whether you are facing a DUI or any other criminal charge, you want a lawyer with your best interest at heart who will take any necessary measures to see that your case resolves favorably, and they are committed to providing just that.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Driverís License Revocation; Plate Impoundment & Vehicle Forfeiture; Underage DWI; Drugged Driving; Drug Possession; Drug Manufacturing; Drug Sales; Prescription Drugs; Anabolic Steroids; Drug Paraphernalia; Forcible Rape; Statutory Rape; Date Rape; Indecent Exposure; Sex Offender Registration; Sex Trafficking; Child Molestation; Internet and Computer Sex Crimes; Violent Crimes; Disorderly Conduct; Stalking; Restraining Order Violation; Terroristic Threats; Vandalism; 911 Interference; Drunk Driving; Speeding; Reckless Driving; Grand Theft Auto; Employee Theft; Obstruction of Justice; Disturbing the Peace; Criminal Sexual Conduct; Aggravated Robbery; Hit and Run; Driving Without Insurance; Passing an Emergency Vehicle; School Bus Stop Arm Violation.


Avery Appelman Mr. Avery Appelman
Assault, Battery, Burglary, Child Abuse, Child Pornography



  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • American Bar Association
  • Minnesota Bar Association
  • Hennepin County Bar Association

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 Vehicle Forfeiture in Minnesota

When a vehicle is involved in a crime such as a DWI, often law enforcement will seize the vehicle as evidence. Upon arrest, the vehicle will be taken into police custody and a notice of forfeiture will be issued shortly thereafter. In Minnesota, this notice allows the owner of the vehicle 30 days in which to challenge the forfeiture. If they do not do so, then the state will take ownership of the vehicle.

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 Minnesota Prostitution Myths

We've put together a list of 4 common myths about prostitution in Minnesota. - Myth: Only new clients can be undercover cops. Fact: Police often use hobbyists who have already been arrested to pose as people looking for sex in prostitution stings.

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 Minnesota Field Sobriety Tests

When a police officer pulls someone over for drunk driving, they will likely ask that person to step out of the vehicle and perform one or more field sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests consist of both physical and cognitive tasks that can give a police officer probably cause to believe a person has been drunk driving.

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