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Law Firm Overview

The Arnold Law Firm is based in Jacksonville, Florida and specializes in criminal law and family law. In addition to our specialties, the Arnold Law Firm is a full-service firm which provides both individuals and businesses with a wide range of legal services. We are experienced litigators who are not afraid to go to trial and fight for your legal rights, but we also try to settle cases out of court in order to provide an efficient outcome to your case.

If you have been accused of a crime or fear an arrest is imminent, your choice of legal representation will have lasting ramifications on your life. In this time in your life you need an experienced attorney who will provide efficient, effective and responsive representation that could be the difference between an acquittal or conviction in your case. For those contemplating a divorce or who have other family issues to discuss, our attorneys have extensive experience guiding families through legal matters. The Arnold Law Firm has gained the respect of Florida legal community and has a track record of success that our clients can rely on.

Languages: Spanish, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Antitrust Violations; Boating Under the Influence; Counterfeiting and Forgery; Environmental Crimes; Extortion and Blackmail; False Imprisonment; Financial and Securities Fraud; Immigration Crimes; Probation Violations; Conspiracy; Driver License Offenses; Enforcement of Injunctions; False Statements; Federal Criminal Defense; Fleeing and Eluding; Misdemeanor; Forfeitures and Seizures; Indecent Exposure; Intellectual Property Crimes; Interstate Crimes; Loitering and Prowling; Mail Fraud; Mortgage Fraud; Organized Scheme to Defraud; Practicing Medicine/Dentistry without a License; Reckless Driving; Resisting an Officer; Stalking; Trespass; Violation of Probation (VOP); Worthless Checks; Cyber-stalking; Phishing; Hacking; Business Contract Disputes; Medicaid and Medicare Fraud; Misappropriation; Prescription Fraud; Social Security Fraud; Tax Fraud; Welfare Fraud; Equitable Distribution; Grandparent Rights; High-Asset Divorce; Relocation.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice focuses on the following areas:

- Criminal Law

At Arnold Law Firm, we provide intelligent, skilled and aggressive defense for clients facing either state or federal criminal charges. We handle every type of state and federal criminal case. Our criminal lawyers also work with minors caught up in the juvenile justice system and defend clients against both misdemeanor and felony charges.

- Family Law

Facing family issues can be a difficult and confusing experience, one that can be unnecessarily harsh without the guidance of a skilled and passionate lawyer on your side. Divorce cases and dependency hearings, as well as custody battles and domestic violence accusations, are complicated and require a skilled and dedicated attorney by your side.


Shawn Arnold, Esq., BCS Mr. Shawn A. Arnold, Esq., BCS
Bankruptcy, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Law



  • Florida Bar Association
  • Jacksonville Bar Association
  • Florida Academy of Defense Attorneys
  • National Academy of Defense Attorneys

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