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Law Firm Overview

Arthur & Castillo is a law firm based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with offices serving the metropolitan area and the country’s east, south and north areas.

We have the skills of an interdisciplinary group of highly qualified English- speaking lawyers and advisers with a combined experience of more than thirty years in a broad variety of industries and practice areas.

We put into practice personalized client representation and are committed to successfully developing our client’s interests.

Year this Office was Established: 2000

Languages: English Español

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Private client services, real estate property due diligence, corporate legal due diligence, corporate tax due diligence, notary services

Areas of Law Description

Administrative Law

Arthur & Castillo provides legal advisory and assistance to clients from the private sector in their ordinary or particular relationships with government agencies and institutions. Our firm has represented clients in the drafting and negotiation of government contracts and their financing for energy, road, transportation, infrastructure, supplier registration in the national register of government suppliers and their participation in public bidding contests.

The firm also has extensive practice in procuring and obtaining for our clients the corresponding customs, environmental, energy, free zones, tax, telecommunications and tourism licenses, permits and authorizations for conducting operations and services in certain regulated sectors and industries.

Business Law

Arthur & Castillo’s background in business law matters and its expertise in the application of Dominican laws, sector- and- industry- specific regulations, free trade agreements and commercial practices can guide you in your undertakings.

The firm’s commercial and business lawyers are highly experienced and our specialized legal services encompass all aspects of commercial transactions and contracts such as agency, distribution, franchise, concession, leasing, commercial instruments, obligations, payment systems, secured transactions, consumer law, intellectual property, trade secret law, unfair competition law, among others.

Our membership in IJ International Jurists provides us with the reach to support international transactions and investments in jurisdictions worldwide.

Arthur & Castillo provides commercial and business law advisory and documents in English and Spanish, in recognition of the importance of English as international language for business.

Corporate & Finance Law

Arthur & Castillo’s attorneys specialize in corporate and finance law and can successfully advise clients their on their day- to- day operations. We provide company formation and governance services, corporate due diligence, advice on corporate finance alternatives including sale or purchase of assets, stock acquisitions and exchanges, corporate conversions, initial public offerings among others. The firm has participated in multiple corporate transactions involving the purchase and sale of corporate assets and the acquisition of regulated and operating business entities, mergers, spin offs and divestitures.

Our firm is specialized in the General Law of Business Corporations and Limited Liability Entities and their partners have often appeared as key speakers and authored relevant legal articles and journal publications covering the approval, amendments, implementation and current application of said Law.

Our ability to work as a team of experts in the different areas such as corporate, finance, tax and business law, allows us to analyze business registrations and corporate transactions in a broader sense, identifying risks and opportunities and implementing best practices.

Through our companies department, we provide a full range of services, including the incorporation of companies, registration of branches of foreign corporations in the Dominican Republic, provision of company registered office, and the maintenance of statutory books and records.

Dispute Resolution

Arthur & Castillo recognizes the importance and advantages of alternative dispute resolution methods as a good alternative to the ordinary judicial court system. Our attorney’s have participated as civil and commercial arbitrators, conciliators, mediators, negotiators and as legal experts before national and international institutional and ad-hoc dispute resolution centers, panels, courts and associations.

In addition, the firm handles a wide range of litigation disputes arising out of commercial and corporate transactions involving finance, international trade, shareholder disputes, property claims, contractual breach and damages claims, employment disputes, personal injury and consumer claim actions.

Arthur & Castillo’s dispute resolution attorneys use a highly strategic and flexible approach for assisting our clients to achieve their objectives. In addition to ordinary offensive and defensive litigation, the firm will also advise on alternative dispute resolution methods such as conciliation, mediation, negotiation and adjudication taking into consideration time, costs, privacy and effectiveness of the proposed dispute resolution methods.

Private Client Services

It is vital to form the correct relationships with the correct people, not only in our personal lives, but also in relation to the obtainment of professional legal counseling.

In Arthur & Castillo we care for the best interests, the confidentiality and tranquility of our clients through personalized attention and discretion in the handling of their matters.

Our Private Client Services encompass legal assistance in marriage agreements, divorce, adoption, donations, preparation of contracts and obtaining personal legal documents.

Our advisors explore the different alternatives for the organization, acquisition or transmission of individual and family assets, for present or future generations. Through strategic planning, our professionals aim at developing client’s personal goals in a tax efficient manner.

Foreign Investment Law

Arthur & Castillo advises investors on Dominican foreign investment and tax incentives laws, including free zones law, export promotion law, tourism incentives law, among others special sector and industry- specific laws.

The firm also assists clients in devising the best choice of entity to operate in the Dominican Republic, including local branch registration and the incorporation of local subsidiaries, registering the investment and other relevant commercial, labor, tax, social security and regulatory matters.

International Trade

Arthur & Castillo has an extensive International trade practice and assists local and foreign clients in all aspects of their international business transactions and activities in the Dominican Republic, including the drafting of international commercial contracts involving agency, distribution, franchise, licensing and manufacturing, while counseling on the applicable legal framework of free trade treaties, such as the Free Trade Agreement with Central America and the United States (DR-CAFTA), the Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union (EPA), and similar trade treaties and conventions.

Arthur & Castillo also assists export, industrial, services and technology free zone enterprises established, setting up and expanding their business in the Dominican Republic to obtain authorizations and licenses from the Dominican Free Zones Council, Customs Administration, and all other related government agencies and institutions. Our firm assists in reviewing and negotiating leases, purchase and supply agreements and provides legal counsel on applicable free zone, corporate, labor, tax and social security laws

Labor & Employment

Arthur & Castillo’s labor and employment practice covers the full range of labor and employment issues in the Dominican Republic, including advising on labor and employment law matters, the drafting of employment contracts, confidentiality, non- compete and other restrictive labor related agreements.

The firm advises clients on rights, obligations and other issues on the part of employers or employees, under the Labor Code of the Dominican Republic and its Regulations, as well as in matters related to Social Security Law and employee Health and Safety regulations. The firm also represents clients in labor and employment conciliation and litigation before the labor courts.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Arthur & Castillo attorneys specialize in corporate mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and capital structures by successfully advising clients on all legal and tax aspects that intertwine with the changes in form of client’s businesses, which are essential for achieving the desired enhanced results in schedule.

Our ability to work as a team of experts in the different areas such as corporate, finance, tax and business law, allows us to analyze corporate mergers, acquisitions, divisions and capital restructurings in a broader sense, identifying risks and opportunities, and implementing best practices and process.

Real Estate & Tourism

Arthur & Castillo advises clients on Dominican real estate property purchases, sales, and leases and has broad experience in drafting, preparing and filing of real estate transfer documents. The firm works closely with the banks and other financial institution licensed in the Dominican Republic on mortgages of properties and can offer assistance in referring purchasers and homeowners to licensed banks and financial institutions for financing.

The Firm advises corporate and institutional clients on real estate mortgages and their perfection as collateral and guarantee for the closing of any business financing, as well as in matters related to real estate litigation.

We have extensive experience dealing with large real estate and tourism projects and developments involving the sales of multiple units in a housing, commercial and industrial complex. We work with property developers through the entire development process, from the early stage of land acquisition and the drafting of required legal documentation to the ultimate disposition of the development.


Arthur & Castillo advises local and foreign corporate clients in taxation matters applicable to their activities and operations in the country and in planning their prospective or future business for tax efficiency as part of an essential item of their corporate agenda.

Our skilled and experienced tax attorneys have been exposed to tax systems of the United States of America, Canada, Spain and Central America, being able to work with clients in structuring their local or cross border transactions, operations, incorporations, investments, projects and reorganizations.

Our firm also assists clients in the filing of proceedings and appeals before tax and customs authorities and tribunals.

Wills & Estates

Arthur & Castillo advises clients in the legal processes related to the preparation of wills and by devising sustainable estate planning for the organization, administration and disposition of family assets and businesses in the Dominican Republic. Through the firm’s connections with tax advisors worldwide, we also assist clients with multi jurisdiction estate planning.

Arthur & Castillo assists clients in the preparation and presentation of decedent estate and intestate succession filings before Dominican Tax Administration, Real Estate Jurisdiction and Banking Institutions in relation to legal inheritance and bequests of property via wills and trust dispositions.

Our team also handles disputes relating to inheritance, contested wills, probate and trusts.


Maria Arthur Rodger Dra. Maria Arthur Rodger
Corporate Taxation, Divorce, Estate and Trust, Estate Planning, Family Law

Felipe Castillo Dr. Felipe Isa Castillo
Arbitration, Business Law, Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law


Mr. Emil Josue Heyer
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Business Law, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

Dra. Gladys Lama Jaar
Divorce, Family Law, Separation, Will

Dr. Jose M Martinez
Civil Rights, Commercial Law, Consumer Law, Family Law, Real Estate

Francisco M Rodriguez
Civil Rights, Commercial Litigation, Constitutional Law, General Practice, Litigation


  • ij International Jurists
  • American Bar Association (ABA)
  • American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAMDR)
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce

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