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Law Firm Overview

Atty. Rainier Mamangun is a Philippine lawyer engaged in the practice of law covering Civil Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Labor Law, Immigration Law, Corporate Law, and special concerns. "The passionate pursuit of legal excellence" is the Firm’s guiding theme. The same is evident in all aspects of the Firm's dealings with its clients, the opposition, colleagues in the profession, the courts of justice, and the public in general.

In the area of Civil Law, the Firm handles cases involving change of name or correction of entry in birth and marriage certificates; collection of sum of money; breach of contract; torts and damages; and ejectment, among others.

In the area of Family Law, the Firm handles cases involving child custody; spousal and child support; paternity suits; domestic or inter-country adoption; legal separation; annulment; declaration of nullity of marriage; recognition of foreign divorce; settlement of estate of the deceased; and probate and reprobate of wills, among others.

In the area of Criminal Law, the Firm handles the prosecution or defense of cases involving Adultery or Concubinage; Bigamy; Anti-Violence against Women & Children (R.A. 9262); Estafa or Fraud; Theft; Falsification of Documents; Libel or Oral Defamation; Threats; Coercion; Physical Injuries; Bouncing Checks; Violation of the Electronic Commerce Law, as well as verification of pending cases in court or the prosecutor’s office, among others.

In the area of Immigration Law, the Firm provides assistance and advice in applications for Special Retirees Resident Visa (SRRV), Special Investors Resident Visa (SIRV), spousal or fiancée visa, Philippine passports, watchlist or hold-departure orders, and dual-citizenship acquisition; verification of derogatory records and travel records with the Bureau of Immigration; and preparation of parental travel consent affidavits, among others.

The Firm likewise attends to special concerns such as assistance in securing documentary requirements for marriage; assistance in DNA paternity tests; preparation of pre-nuptial agreements, last will and testament; demand letters, legal briefs or legal advisories; document preparation in real estate transactions; contract drafting and review; verification of titles with the Registry of Deeds; service of summons and notices from foreign courts; and notarial services.

The partners adhere to the tenet that as lawyers, they should, at all times, observe candor and fairness with their clients and serve them with competence, diligence, and zeal within the bounds of law. The Firm's mission is to pursue its clients’ cause to the utmost of its abilities and, in the process, bring to realization its vision of according dignity to the legal profession and advancing the greater interest of justice.

NOTE : We provide the first advice/assessment by e-mail free of charge. Further consultation by e-mail, by phone or in person shall be subject to the Firm's consultation fee. The initial advice/assessment by e-mail does not establish an attorney-client relationship between the Firm and the inquiring party. Despite that, the exchange of communication shall be treated by both the Firm and the inquiring party as CONFIDENTIAL and shall not be disseminated to third parties without the Firm's prior written consent.

Meetings are by appointment only and shall be held at our Main Office at Unit 2305, Antel Global Corporate Center, #3 Julia Vargas, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila.

Year this Office was Established: 2004

Languages: English, Filipino, Chinese.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Ejectment; Annulment; Adultery or Concubinage; Bigamy; Anti-Violence Against Women & Children; Falsification of Documents; Threats; Coercion; Bouncing Checks; Violation of the Electronic Commerce Law; Watchlist or Hold-departure Orders.

Areas of Law Description

As a full-service law firm, we provide a wide range of legal service to our clients. Given its corps of lawyers from the Fraternal Order of Utopia, the Firm is equipped to handle all imaginable legal concerns the client may have. The Firm provides consultation, advice, opinions, and other services on all aspects of Philippine law such as, but not limited to: Family law, Sales and Purchase of Real Property, Property Disputes, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Arbitration, Labor Dispute Resolution, Contract Review, Corporate Matters, Notarial Services, Demand Letter Preparation, Legal Briefs & Special Projects.

The Firm also acts as a correspondent firm in the service of summons, notices, orders and other issuances of foreign courts. The Firm takes pride in delivering the aforementioned services in a timely and cost-efficient manner, always with due regard to the quality of service and the specific needs of the client. Queries from prospective clients are responded to and updates on cases are provided to the clients.

The Firm's clients include multinational corporations, real estate developers, recruitment agencies, commercial banks, companies engaged in information technology, communications firms, pharmaceutical companies, call centers, steel traders, restaurateurs, religious orders and foreign-based individuals and corporate entities, either on a retainer arrangement or per case basis.


Rainier Mamangun Mr. Rainier R. Mamangun
Adoption, Child Support, Divorce, Estate and Trust, Family Law


Louella Pamela David Ms. Louella Pamela M David
General Practice

Maria Michaela Sarmiento Ms. Maria Michaela O Sarmiento
General Practice


  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines
  • Fraternal Order of Utopia
  • Singles for Christ
  • UP Alumni Association

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