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Law Firm Overview

At Avi Bitton Law Firm, our lawyers practice in the areas of employment law, intellectual property law, business law and criminal law. Our firm is composed of eight lawyers and two jurists.

Avi Bitton Law Firm practices French and international commercial law, intellectual property law, employment law and criminal law, in various industry sectors (new technologies, entertainment, publishing, clothing, financial services, etc).

We advise and defend more than 1 000 clients, particularly companies, embassies and consulates, trade unions, non-for-profit organizations, families, employees and authors (journalists, photographers, musicians, etc).

Lawyer Avi Bitton has recently been elected as a Representative of the Bar Council, which is the official regulatory and disciplinary authority of the Paris Bar, and as a Representative to the National Council of the French Bars, which is the official authority representing the lawyers profession.

We often publish articles or comment cases in the media, national or international, with our clients’ approval.

Avi Bitton law firm works on a regular basis in cooperation with foreign law firms, particularly in Canada and United Kingdom.

Languages: French, Portuguese, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Scam; Blackmail; Corporate Abuse; Criminal Employment Law; Amicable Settlement; Workers' Union Law; Trademark Registration; Trademark License; Patent Infringement; Franchising Agreement; Commercial Agency Agreement; Diverting of Customers; Business Criminal Law; International Criminal Law; Employment Contract; Industrial Accident; Psychological Harassment; Publishing Agreements; TV Production Agreement; Transfer of Copyrights; License Agreement; Copyright Infringement; Trademarks Disputes; Trademark Agreements and License Agreements; Website Infringement; Cyber squatting; Computer Agreements; Software Agreement; Right of Privacy on the Internet; Breach of Privacy; Debt Recovery; Confidentiality Agreement; Non-disclosure Agreement; Tribunal of Commerce; Summary Proceedings; Seizing of Assets; Financial Criminal Law: Corporate Abuse; Criminal Employment Law; Undeclared Employment; Psychological Harassment; Crimes Against Humanity; Genocide; Terrorism.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice includes:

- Employment law

We handle matters such as:

• Employment
. Employment contract (CDI, CDD, …)
. Work hours (extra work hours, part-time work, …)
. Dismissal, redundancy
. Amicable settlement

• Workers' Union Law
. Professional elections of employees representatives (comité d’entreprise, délégués du personnel)
. Appointment of workers union representative (délégué syndical)
. Comité d’entreprise, Comité hygiène, sécurité et conditions de travail (CHSCT)
. Dismissal of employees representative (salarié protégé)
. Délit d’entrave

• Criminal Employment Law
. Illegal employment (‘travail dissimulé’)
. Prêt de main-d’oeuvre illicite, marchandage de main-d’oeuvre
. Discrimination (race, union, health, sex, religion, …)
. Psychological harassment, sexual harassment
. Hygiene, safety and work conditions
. Industrial accident (accident du travail)

- Intellectual Property Law

Our intellectual property practice includes:

• Copyright Law
. Publishing agreement
. TV production agreement
. Copyrights and transfer of copyrights
. License agreement
. Copyright infringement

• Trademarks Law
. Trademarks registration
. Trademarks disputes
. Trademark agreements and license agreements

• New Technologies Law (IP/IT)
. Registration of domain names
. Website infringement
. E-commerce
. Cybersquatting
. Computering agreements
. Software agreement
. Right of privacy on the Internet

• Media Law, Right of Privacy
. Breach of privacy
. Defamation, libel

- Business Law

Our firm provides legal representation on matters involving:

• Commercial Law, Franchising Law
. Debt recovery
. Franchising agreement
. Commercial agency agreement
. Confidentiality agreement, non-disclosure agreement
. General terms and conditions

• Unfair Competition
. Defamation
. Diverting of customers

• Dispute Resolution, Litigation and Arbitration
. Tribunal of commerce : summary proceedings, seizing of assets
. Tribunal de grande instance
. Arbitration and mediation

- Criminal Law

Our criminal law practice includes:

• Criminal Procedure
. Police investigation: arrest, custody, house search
. Public prosecution service: criminal complaint
. Investigating judge (‘juge d’instruction’): detention on suspicion
. Criminal tribunal (‘tribunal correctionnel’): ‘citation directe’
. Criminal court (‘Cour d’assises’): trial, appeal

• Criminal Law
. Offences against persons: rape, defamation
. Offences against properties: scam, theft, blackmail

• Business Criminal Law
. Financial criminal law: corporate abuse
. Criminal employment law: undeclared employment, employment discrimination, psychological harassment

• International Criminal Law
. Criminal Law: crimes against humanity, genocide, terrorism
. Criminal Procedure: extradition, transfer of prisoners


Avi Bitton Mr. Avi Bitton
Business and Industry, Criminal Law, Employment, Ethics, Intellectual Property



  • European Criminal Bar Association
  • Franco-British Chamber of Commerce

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