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Law Firm Overview

Azimuddin Law Associates is a full service law firm. Established in 1958, the firm is now leading firm in Pakistan having offices at Lahore and Karachi. The firms present strength is 10 attorneys well versed in their fields. The firm has professional strength and a track record of success in corporate law, international taxation, financial services, income taxation, commercial law, aviation law, shipping law, civil litigation, debt recovery, international customs, VAT, banking law, imports and exports law, GATT law, Law of Investment. The firm has in the past years been engaged by Fortune 500 firms like Toyota, Pepsi, British Cables, ICI, Clariant, Otsuka, Fizer, Aero Asia, PIA, etc. The firm believes in hard core professionalism and global leadership.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Wealth Management; Shipping Law; VAT; WTO Disputes; Family Disputes.

Areas of Law Description

At Azimuddin Law Associates, our practice areas include, but not limited to the following:

- Litigation

The firm’s litigators have extensive experience representing contractors, subcontractors, building owners and architects in a wide variety of matters, including drafting of contracts and counseling on litigation avoidance. They also provide representation before courts as well as alternative dispute resolution forums in connection with litigation or claims arising out of the construction process, including breach of contract claims and demechanics lien claims.

The bankruptcy and insolvency litigation practice area represents both corporate and individual clients, including financially troubled companies in bankruptcy and corporate reorganization matters. Secured creditors, unsecured creditors, trustees, landlords and creditors' committees are also represented in bankruptcy proceedings, including claims negotiations, replevins, reclamations, foreclosures, defense and prosecution of preference and fraudulent conveyance actions and bankruptcy litigation.

- Debt Recovery

Methods of recovering your debt can often be complex. If you have a debt that is difficult to recoup, please contact us. We can assist you to recover the debt and can also assist you with the prevention of the accruing of future debts with appropriately drafted contracts.

- Debtors And Creditors

The firm provides full range of services for Debtors and Creditors. The firm’s attorneys are well aware about this complex and ticklish area of practice and provide best advice to its clients.

- International Taxation

Firm’s attorneys are well prepared in Tax Treaties, International Conventions, MNC’s Tax issues, Transfer Pricing, and Regulatory Compliance issues.

- Wealth Management

The Firm’s attorneys are well trained in 1. Mutual Funds, 2. Hedge Funds, 3. BIT’s and Multilateral Treaties, 4. W.T.O and its Dispute Settlement Process, 5. Investment Law and State Liability, 5. International Arbitration.

- Income Tax and Corporate Law

The firm’s tax attorneys have extensive experience in representing its clients before the Taxation Authorities of Pakistan and its local inspection offices. The firm covers the full range of tax conflicts. Firm represents its clients before adjudication officers and right up to Appellate Tribunals level. The firm has handled a broad range of income, sales, user’s charges and other tax issues.

- International Customs

International Customs Lawyers of Azim ud din law associate provide comprehensive and responsive Customs law counseling on GATF Valuation, Tax Fraude, Misdeclarations, TRIPS violations and other regulatory violations.

- Contract Law

The firm’s commercial lawyers specialize in contracts, agreements, terms of business and other commercial documents, to ensure that clients are able to maximize their commercial opportunities while minimizing risk. Firm’s lawyers approach to creating workable and watertight contracts is founded in their ability to really understand their clients, their businesses and the underlying commercial requirements.

- Licensing Law

The firm’s lawyers assist its clients with the exploitation of intellectual property assets and the acquisition and disposition of a project or system. The firm’s lawyers also assist clients with a variety of legal services ranging from outsourcing to the exploitation of intellectual property to the acquisition or disposition of a project or system. The firm’s clients utilize a wide array of outsourcing service contracts relating to information technology services including applications development and data processing operations, network operations and systems and business process management. The firm represents service providers in the creation of strategic alliances to provide outsourcing services and in the utilization of applications or systems developed as a result of these alliances. In addition, when outsourcing disputes arise, firm is well prepared to defend our clients' interests.

- Labor and Employment Law

The firm’s employment practice includes collective bargaining, employment counseling and litigation, wrongful discharge litigation, union avoidance and a broad variety of other labor and employment law areas, as described more fully below. Ranging across this spectrum of the law, the firm’s attorneys have broad experience in the manufacturing, construction, transportation, retail, health care, airline, food, telecommunications, to name but a few. Firm’s attorneys counsel clients on personnel policy development and sensitive individual employment decisions, with a view toward enhancing employee relations and productivity, while minimizing litigation risks. The firm is regularly called upon by clients to review employee hanoks and personnel policies and procedures for their impact on potential wrongful discharge, equal employment and other claims. The proven employment law experience of the firm thus provides depth and breadth.

- Corporate Finance

The firm’s Corporate Finance team provides practical, creative and cost-effective advice and solutions to corporate, banking and investor clients. The team matches corporate aspirations with the finance to achieve them, efficiently bringing transactions to completion to the client's best advantage. The team assists clients with: Raising development finance & venture capital; Deal origination; Debt and mezzanine finance; Refinancing; Succession planning; Banking & security work; and, Employee benefit, share option & incentive schemes.

- Banking & Finance

A major component of the Firm’s banking practice consists of advising lending institutions in financing domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures and equity investments. Azim ud Din Law Associates has extensive experience in hostile takeovers as well as in negotiated public and private acquisitions and recapitalizations. The firm’s services include assistance to clients with all aspects of the deal structure, negotiation, and documentation, including issues of fraudulent conveyance, collateral, compliance with margin and other regulations, the relationships between senior and subordinated lenders, and all other issues particular to the syndicated loan market.


Mr. Azim Uddin Choudhary
Administrative Law, Agricultural Law, Civil Rights, Contracts, Family Law


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 International Trade Laws: Delay in Clearance of Goods and Demurrage Charges

International trade transactions relate to the importation or exportation of goods or services from one country to another.

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 How Tax Treaties Allow Benefits from Double Taxation

Double tax treaties provide for relieving double taxation; sometimes double taxation relief is extend to tax paid by foreign subsidiaries and other foreign affiliates in terms of economic definition.

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 GATT Code of Valuation: Transaction Value and the Role of List Prices

Importers and exporters often face harsh treatment through the hands of customs administration. Though there exists a class of traders which indulges in the acts of under invoicing,1 yet, the rejection of ‘transaction value’ on whimsical grounds is not mandated by Article VII of GATT 1994 and the implementation agreement on the application of GATT Code of Valuation.

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 Legal Aspects of International Business Transactions

International Trade is expending day by day, small and big countries of the world are engaged in transfer of huge quantum of goods and services. The mutual contact between the parties, at time, creates legal problems. These problems arise from the first act of offer made by a trading partner and its acceptance by the other trading partner. The contracts created between the traders are generally binding on the parties.

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 How Promises Become Legally Enforceable Contracts? - Pakistan

A contract is a promise or set of promises for the breach of which the law gives a remedy, or the performance of which the law in some way recognizes as a duty. Any words or conduct by one or both parties that communicate a legally enforceable promise will constitute a contract.

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 FATF and AML Compliance Requirements

FATF recommendations requires criminalization of money laundering through domestic legislation. The recommendations also provide to specify the scope of liability in relation to AML. The recommendations also requires that for prosecutorial authorities resources should be provided by member states.

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 Taxation: Issues of Tax Avoidance versus Tax Evasion

Tax avoidance versus tax evasion has always been a hotly debated subject. The difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is very narrow. Nowadays tax laws are being drafted in a manner to diminish the possibilities of tax avoidance though, yet tax planning offers many avenues to reduce tax liability. From this perspective, the study to differentiate between tax evasion and tax avoidance is interesting and noteworthy.

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 Bank’s Customer Identification Program and International Conventions

This paper seeks to discuss the hotly debated topic of customer identification program.

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 Comparative Analysis of the Criteria and Progress in the AML/Compliance Regimes in China

Among the community of nations, compliance with regard to AML/CTF is gaining importance as the global economic system is heading towards harmonization in many respects. International conventions and related measures are also playing their role in this regard. In the light of above, this paper examines, how China has progressed in the AML compliance regime.

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 International Taxation: Resident and Non-Resident Considerations - Pakistan

In view of world wide economic integration, the international aspect of income taxation has become increasingly important. This note provides an introduction to the policies that countries seek to advance. The questions of source, jurisdiction and distinction between resident and non-resident from the perspective of international taxation are an important issue and in this perspective tax treaties and related instruments have been reviewed.

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 Investment Treaty Law: Impact of Umbrella Clauses on State Liability - Pakistan

The rise of BIT regime worldwide represents a major shift in investor-state relations in developing and emerging economies. As an outcome, this choice presented challenges both to Investors and BIT partner states. Competing demands emerging from this new relationship between investors and treaty partner led to the development of Law of Investment Treaties.

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 Pakistan: VAT on Services Rendered by Construction Industry

In order to regulate the levy of Sales Tax on services provided, rendered, initiated, received or consumed in the province of Sindh, the provincial government enacted, The Sindh Sales Tax on Services Act, 2011,1 which became enforceable from the first day of July 2011.2

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 European VAT: Is Sale of an Asset Used for Private Purposes Taxable Under VAT? - Pakistan

General principles on ‘Taxability’, ‘Jurisdiction’, ‘Taxable person’, ‘Taxable event’, Taxable supply, Tax exemption, Adjustments, etc bear a common phraseology among different jurisdictions, hence understanding of the general principles elucidated by courts of different jurisdiction will extend us new grounds for understanding the complexities of issues arising between taxpayer and tax department.

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 GATT Law: Interpreting the Term, “Like Products” - Pakistan

During the multilateral trade negotiations it was agreed that countries will extend a judicious treatment to the flows of international trade, despite that many countries are using technical barriers as a cause to prohibit imports and to distort competitiveness.

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 GATT Law: Indicative Prices and Their Use for Determining Customs Valuation - Pakistan

World’s economies are closely woven and interrelated with each other, individual states are thus required to be more efficient in application of conventions and agreements signed under WTO, in order to increase the trade volumes of goods and services. States are also required to be prudent in implementing laws meant for the growth of international trade, more particularly when such conventions or agreements have become part of the municipal legislation.

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 Aviation Law: Fatal Accidents and Seeking Compensation in Pakistan

The article examines the law of damages in Pakistan in respect of aviation claims. This paper examines the following questions in order to assist those who seek compensation as a result of Fatal Accidents. (1) When does the limitation period expire under the Pakistani laws? (2) Is there a cap on compensation being paid by the airline as a consequence of an aviation disaster case?...

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 Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Pakistan

This paper examines the issue relating to the enforceability of foreign judgments in Pakistan. In the existing law, there are two categories of judgments, one passed by the courts of reciprocating states and the other by non-reciprocating states. The judgments of reciprocating states are enforceable per se, but for non-reciprocating states, the judgment creditor will have to seek enforcement by filing a suit in the appropriate court.

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 Virtues of Forgiveness, Love and Decency - Pakistan

A Book Review - Suppose you wanted to write a novel about the activities of a man and chronicles of his day’s life, obviously it requires a powerful narration and lot of details. Faced with such narrative limitations you might be tempted to invent a wider canvas of things, places, events, books and things. The good news is that Ian McEwan has presented a beautiful novel on these concepts.

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 Evolving Global System of Financial Scrutiny and Taxation - Pakistan

The forces of ‘globalization’ have had a profound impact on the world’s leading economies. Today, the leading countries of Asia know this lesson well, and North America and Europe are rapidly feeling the effects of the difficulties faced by Asian economies.

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 Pakistan’s Legal Framework to Combat Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing

Pakistan faces significant risks of money laundering and even more significant risks of terrorism financing. Aware of the prevalence of corruption, narcotics trafficking and terrorism, the authorities have focused on tackling these predicates. Pakistan has however not yet sufficiently taken into account money laundering and terrorism financing associated with these and other predicate crimes.

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