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Ballard & Ballard

Ballard & Ballard
Viscaya II Building, Juan Gonzales and Juan Pablo Sanz 3526
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Quito EC1701

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Law Firm Overview

Ballard & Ballard has served Panama and the international business community with sophisticated legal counsel and representation since 2001. The firm’s deliberate and innovative approach to business and investment has earned it a reputation for quality and efficiency in both Panama and several surrounding countries, with offices as far away as Russia and Puerto Rico.

Ballard & Ballard’s team of skilled lawyers and knowledgeable associates has given local businesses and international corporations the resources and counsel to grow and protect their investment in Panama. The firm’s expertise in matters of litigation, tax structures, and all aspects of business administration has placed it at the forefront of corporate matters worldwide, and made them an invaluable asset for banks, trusts, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 companies. Ballard & Ballard’s team of international legal experts have taken great care to keep the firm both current in technological efficiency and adherent to the shared values of integrity and legal excellence.

Business and corporate interests require focused and timely legal representation and counsel. Ballard & Ballard has taken great care to surround itself with all manner of international experts, serving each client with the dedication and care that has earned the firm an honored reputation worldwide.

Year this Office was Established: 2009

Languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Incorporation; Due Diligence; Government and Public Assets; Judiciary Processes; International Commercial Law.

Areas of Law Description

Ballard & Ballard provides legal representation on the following areas of practice:

- Business Law

Ballard & Ballard (B&B) is a firm engaged in the general practice of Law. The firm offers its experience in a wide range of legal areas, with a broad business-oriented practice emphasis. We regularly represent clients in Merger & Acquisition ventures, requests for commercial licenses, the incorporation and representation of companies in Panama and abroad, as well as the reorganization of foreign and national companies. Our attorneys have the expertise to advice our clients in the formation of trusts and Private Interest Foundations in Panama according to their needs and expectations.

- Banking and Financial Services

Our banking law team has advised many banking entities, companies and individuals. We guide our clients through the important process of complying with international standards of due diligence, as well as the requirements of local regulators in Panama, Ecuador, Switzerland, and Colombia. We develop concepts and plans to create local and foreign financial structures, provide advice for risk reduction in investments, request insurance and reinsurance licenses and represent our clients’ best interest by mediating between them and banking and financial institutions abroad.

- Government and Public assets

The experience available at B&B in matters relating to the privatization of public assets as well as administrative concessions and management of public services, translates to our ability to share knowledge and provide solutions and advice on all relevant procedures and legislation.

- Litigation

Our specialized legal team provides skillful representation on civil and commercial litigation, as well as arbitration and judiciary processes on a daily basis.

- International Trade

The Firm’s knowledge and experience in the area of international commercial law is strengthened by our experienced team members and associates in the area of international commercial transactions and promotion, as well as the in-depth understanding of the multiple international instruments regulating this area in Panama, Colombia and Ecuador.

- Tax Law

In fiscal related matters, B&B has a comprehensive understanding of the tax regime, laws and regulations in different countries and provides essential advice for our clients’ estate planning, appeals, legal recourses and litigation.

- Real Estate and Foreign Investment

We provide services to assist our clients in identifying and acquiring real estate in Panama, Colombia and Ecuador as well as legal representation in any situation that might arise from any transaction related to previously or currently acquired property.

- Aviation Law

Based in Panama, on what has become one of the most important airline hubs between North and South America, B&B has incorporated, represented and obtained licenses for airline companies, providing representation during legal proceedings and general advice to some of the major U. S. airlines.

- Intellectual Property

Our qualified experts provide services for the protection and registration of our clients’ intellectual property interests. B&B has proven a longstanding international experience in the field of Intellectual Property, helping to assist our clients with the registration and related procedures of trademarks and patents in Panama, Colombia, Switzerland, Ecuador and the European Union.

- Immigration and Naturalization

An in-depth knowledge of migratory laws in different countries, as well as the special migratory categories recognized by local and International Law in those countries where we have offices, guarantees our clients with clear, to the point advice and representation in immigration matters.

- Labor Law

Ballard & Ballard has an outstanding team of labor lawyers –including labor law professors- to provide our clients the best advice, as well as information and analysis of advantages and limitations of different jurisdictions such as Panama, Switzerland, Colombia and Ecuador. We provide the necessary know-how in Labor related consultations, arrangements, settlements and legal actions.

- Administrative Law

Our team of international lawyers and consultants identify and execute any and all administrative procedures needed to take care of the local, national and global business of our clients. Whether it is an immigration matter, such as the application for visas or working permits before the immigration authorities, or requests pertaining to the civil status of individuals or electoral affairs, our attorneys in Panama, Switzerland, Ecuador and Colombia provide prompt and reliable information. Moreover, we have helped our clients identify various migratory business investment options provided by each local legislation.


  • International Bar Association
  • Union Internationale d'Avocats
  • National Bar Association (Panama)
  • European Association of Lawyers

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