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Banjoko McGlashan Wieslaw is a full-service law firm headquartered in Jamaica. We are committed to finding practical and affordable solutions to your legal challenges or keeping legal issues and concerns from becoming problems in the first place.

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 Buying and Selling Real Estate in Jamaica: a Guide for Locals and Foreigners

Buying and selling real estate in Jamaica is marked by the absence of standardized contract. In fact, the process is attorney driven. What looks to be a simple procedure can be quite intimidating. The time for completion is usually set at 90 days if a mortgage is involved and 60 days if the transfer is a cash deal.

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 Why Wills - The Problem of Intestacy in Jamaica

You must not avoid writing your will. In fact, it is your voice after you death. Your family and loved ones will be certain of your wishes. A carefully written will can avoid your assets going to unintended individuals, eliminate contests over the distribution of your possessions, can be used to create a trust, economical relative to intestate administration, and a will can be easily amended to fit changing circumstances.

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 Trusts: An Alternative to Wills in Jamaica

Trusts are versatile, money saving instruments that are widely used to save on estate tax liability, ensure privacy, and provide for special needs in all situations. They must be explored as an alternaive to wills. What is a Will? - A will is a legal instrument that permits a person to make decisions on how his possessions will be managed and distributed after his death.

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 Foreigners, Personal Injury Law and Compensation in Jamaica - Understanding Your Case

Compensation for personal injury in Jamaica is based on awards being made for special and general damages. In the case of general damages, the amount of compensation is based on local precedents, which are lower than those in high cost countries. Thus, a foreigner who lives in a high cost jurisdiction will get less monetary damages. Special damages are awarded as proved. In sum, foreigners from high cost jurisdictions are at a disadvantage in the amount general damages that they may receive.

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 Protecting and Growing Your Business in Jamaica - Legal Perspective

Operating a successful business in Jamaica is difficult. Therefore, protecting your business requires the skillful and balanced use of legal and non-legal advisers at all times. Bottom line, lawyers are indispensable to avoid litigation, wasting time and financial resources, damaged brand, protecting intellectual assets, protection of trade secrets, and governmental fines. Positively, your business could be placed in a position to reap many value enhancing benefits.

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 Divorce in Jamaica - When Separation is Not an Option

Marriages do fail. Marriage counselling is attempted to resolve your differences with your spouse, but sometimes there are irreconcilable and the only option is a divorce. Introduction - Marriages do fail. You attempt to enter into marriage counseling or resolve your differences with your spouse in a manner that preserves the marriage.

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