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Bennett Aiello Cohen & Fried

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Bennett Aiello Cohen & Fried

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Law Firm Overview

Bennett Aiello Cohen & Fried was founded by two trial lawyers who decided to build their practice in 2001. Not only does this law firm represent clients in the Florida area, but they also handle cases in the Caribbean and South America. These attorneys represent mortgage companies, banks and several other financial institutions. Real estate brokers, landlords and employment agencies are a few other types of clients represented by these lawyers.

The firm currently represents many types of clients, including banks, mortgage companies and other financial institutions, insurance companies, real estate developers, landlords, tenants, leasing companies, manufacturing companies, wholesalers, retailers, contractors, real estate brokers, jobbers, physicians, employers, employees, employment agencies, investors, and owners of a wide array of businesses.

Our clients include companies as well as individuals, located inside and outside the state of Florida and the United States. Also, the firm represents many clients located in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Many of our clients do not have in-house counsel, and eventually hire us to represent all of their business litigation needs.

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