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Law Firm Overview

Bernfeld De Matteo, LLP is a divorce and family law, criminal law, and commercial litigation law firm serving clients throughout New York City. The firm's attorneys use their experience to provide each case with skill and an innovative approach. Whatever the legal matter, Bernfeld De Matteo, LLP is dedicated to providing their clients with top quality advice and representation.

Bernfeld De Matteo handles cases from a variety of practice areas. The firm's family law, commercial litigation, and criminal law practices are extensive.
Bernfeld De Matteo is prepared to pursue each case aggressively, from divorce to criminal law matters at both the state and the federal level. The firm also frequently handles cases for those accused of white collar crimes, healthcare crimes, and DUIs.

If you are in need of an attorney, consider working with Bernfeld De Matteo. The firm's experienced attorneys are dedicated to providing their clients with top quality legal representation, and can help your case to be a success.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Matrimonial Law; Equitable Distribution; Postnuptial Agreements; Divorce Modifications; Parental Relocation; State Crimes;; Misdemeanors; Criminal Investigations; Complex Litigation; Healthcare Related Crimes; Federal Crimes & Sentencing; Healthcare Licensure Issues; Professional Licensing and Proceedings.

Areas of Law Description

At Bernfeld, DeMatteo, and Bernfeld, LLP, our attorneys have ample experience successfully representing clients in the following practice areas:

- Criminal Law

The law surrounding criminal acts is never very clear. What could count as the worst vandalism in one case might only be a minimal sentence in another. This is why you need to have an experienced defense attorney at your side. They will know the laws and they will make sure that your right to a fair hearing is protected. Our attorneys have had the opportunity to train other lawyers in the areas of Criminal law and therefore have an expanse of knowledge regarding it.

- Family Law

Any type of dispute regarding your family will be an emotional rollercoaster and physically draining. Itís during this time that you will need someone with the caring attitude like Bernfeld, DeMatteo, and Bernfeld. Between the 3 they have given services for mediation, family business, wills, pre-nuptial agreements and so much more.

- Health Care Law

The world of healthcare will always be an ominously provocative subject. Itís something that we have to have but it is also something that so many individuals take for granted. There could be an issue with fraud, compliance, hospital problems or even glitches in a psychiatric facility. If you think the laws are picky, then you havenít seen anything until you look at the healthcare laws. Only someone with the knowledge and prior experience will be able to help you fight that battle.

- Separation

A separation agreement consists of a contract between you and your spouse that will detail your life. Almost like a divorce, only it usually is for a specific period of time or until the couple can file for divorce. Things to think about regarding this agreement will concern financials, assets and children if there are any. You and your spouse are welcome to draft your own agreement, but if you want it to be upheld it will be best for each party to have counsel with them. That will also make it easier to ensure the paperwork is worded correctly and can be notarized. To make it official, all you have left to do is go to the county clerk and file it.

- Mediation

Donít want to go to court, but want to make sure that you are getting what you deserve? Believe the other party is willing to compromise in order to save you both money? In that case, you are going to need a successful mediator and our firm can supply that. We have helped mediate individuals, entire communities and even on matters regarding the state. We even will use alternative dispute resolutions in regards to cases that we take on pro bono for the community.

- Administrative Law

There are few firms in NY that can deal with the state and federal regulation of the pyrotechnics industry, and we are one of them. Our attorneys also specialize in the complete workings of government from city all the way to the federal. These legal problems may be especially complicated but our firm has and will continue to effectively handle them.

- Commercial Litigation

White-collar crimes, RICO cases, contract disputes and Mechanic liens are all among the category of commercial litigation. Within the New York and tri-state area we have handled many of these cases with a high success rate. The fact that our attorneys have the vast experience better enables our firm to proactively and effectively represent our clients.

- Professional Licensing and Proceedings

Just because you have a professional license for something, does not mean you wonít be prosecuted at some point. It could be from an individual or even a disciplinary hearing, either one could be very detrimental to that license you hold. Bernfeld, DeMatteo and Bernfeld have been the trusted representation for even their fellow attorneys. One of these proceedings could be the end of the hard earned career; you will need to be able to put your trust in someone.

- Divorce

When stress amounts to levels previously unforeseen, it can lead to a divorce no one ever expected. You may have tried a legal separation, but even that failed to put you and your spouse back together. In this case, there are going to be many proceedings and a lot of paperwork to go through. Especially if there are assets or children that need to be taken care of. Having someone to help you through the mediations and the possible litigation to divide everything, will be best for you.


Jeffrey L. Bernfeld Mr. Jeffrey L. Bernfeld
Civil Litigation, Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Entertainment Law, Family Law

Joseph R. DeMatteo Mr. Joseph R. DeMatteo
Administrative Law, Business Litigation, Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Employment


  • New York Criminal Bar Association
  • Association of the Bar of the City of New York
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • New York State Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys

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