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Blakes is a leading Canadian business law firm. We have over 500 lawyers in offices in Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, New York, Chicago, London, and Beijing. Serving a diverse national and international client base, Blakes’ integrated office network provides our clients with access to the Firm's full spectrum of capabilities in virtually every area of business law. Whether an issue is local or multi-jurisdictional, practice area specific or inter-disciplinary, Blakes handles transactions of all sizes and levels of complexity. It is our culture and philosophy to work closely with clients to understand all of their legal needs, and to keep them apprised of legal developments that may affect them. We provide relevant legal services expertly, promptly and in a cost-effective manner to assist clients in achieving their business objectives. For more information on our Firm, please see our Annual Review.

"Know your customer" is a rule we at Blakes are committed to. The affairs of each client are generally placed under the supervision of one senior lawyer. It is that lawyer's task to understand the client's business objectives thoroughly, to know the key people within the client's organization, and to ensure all needs are met in a timely manner.

The most serious complaint about lawyers is that they look for problems and complications rather than for solutions. At Blakes we do things differently. Since beginning our practice in 1856, we have become widely known as a pragmatic, constructive and result-oriented firm. We provide clear and practical advice and help our clients achieve their objectives in a sensible and cost-effective manner.

Blakes is one of Canada's oldest law firms and one of its most progressive. Our practice groups are at the leading-edge of Canadian legal developments. Their expertise is regularly drawn upon not only by our clients but also by in-house counsel and other law firms for specific matters. We continually develop the skills of our lawyers through our professional training program. Using the latest computer technology, we are constantly extending our integrated national databases of legal precedents, memoranda and opinions to make the firm's accumulated experience available to all our lawyers.

It is an important part of our role to alert clients to issues affecting them. We do this through newsletters, seminars and personal calls. We use our knowledge and experience constructively to anticipate developments, to identify opportunities and to bring new and innovative ideas to our clients.

Buyers rightly demand value for their money. We at Blakes are proud of our record of cost-effective service and fair billing. Our system of integrated teams, under leaders who ensure that each task is staffed at the appropriate level, avoids many of the problems that can lead to wasted efforts and excessive costs. We make full use of our experienced support personnel and the latest technology to improve the productivity of our lawyers.

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