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The law firm of Boaz Gork is located in Tel Aviv and Modiin, Israel. We are here to assist in addressing all issues arising from a breakdown in marital relationships.

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 Infidelity in Marriage – What Are the Consequences?

A marriage is monogamous by nature; in it lies the idea of commitment to one person throughout our lives.

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 Does the Adulterous Party Always Pay? - Israel

Who hasn’t taken sides in a story of adultery in a marriage? Adultery of a companion at work, a member of the family, a neighbor . The adulterous partner in a marriage is usually considered the “bad” one and the offended one the suffering party who has been done an evil which starts with a feeling of shame, feeling miserable and can reach a deep feeling for revenge and desire for vengeance, if possible “sweet vengeance.”

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 Seperation - Very often couples suffer a great deal, in the course of a marriage.

These become painful and hard experiences. In many cases women experience bad treatment at the hands of their husbands for a long time and want to dissolve the marriage but often the husband threatens that he’ll never give a divorce.

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Everybody is locked into a daily struggle to achieve freedom. For everyone the concept “freedom” has a different meaning. Even when we are free of physical bonds we are tied in emotional bonds, our consciences bind us.

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 Childrens Rights

The essential principle that passes like a golden thread in law, in judgments and in every occasion of child custody disputation, is the principle of "the good of the child". It is important to emphasize that it is not the good of the mother or the good of the father, these issues are irrelevant to the court in the matter of child custody. The court is only concerned with the good of the child.

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 Divorce in Isarel

While in most western countries the authority to judge matters relating to separation and Divorce is in the hands of the Family Court, in Israel there are two parallel instances who are authorized to judge issues involving divorce between a Jewish couple;

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 The Rabbinical Court – Different From What You Think

Many people are of the opinion that the Rabbinical Court is a dull and drab institution where the people there are caught up in antiquated chauvinistic, anachronistic ways of thinking. I believe that most of the community has a mistaken conception about the way the Rabbinical Court is conducted and about its place in our society.

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Adv. Boaz Gork discusses the various aspects of divorce in Israel: The Family Court, The Rabbinical Court, the divorce agreement, spousal rights, maintenance, child custody, division of assets and other important issues.

children in divorce

Adv. Boaz Gork discusses children's rights in an Israeli divorce settlement; custody, abduction, The Hague Convention and all issues relating to the good of the child.

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