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Law Firm Overview

The Bob Richardson Law Firm is a team of personal injury and Social Security Disability attorneys, serving individuals through some of the most difficult times in life.
For over 30 years, we have been successfully helping clients get the compensation and care they need following injury or disability. We are available to serve individuals in Austin, Waco, and the surrounding communities.

Our overall mission as a firm is to help you get the help you need. We do this by handling all the complicated paperwork, carrying out negotiations, and pursuing litigation on your behalf. We’ll work closely with you, keeping communication open and ensuring that your needs are always being addressed.

Our primary practice areas include vehicle accidents and other personal injury cases, including construction and workplace accidents, consumer product injuries, burn injuries, neck & back injuries, paralysis, and other catastrophic injuries. We also assist clients in obtaining Social Security Disability Income and Veterans’ Disability Benefits. Whatever your situation, our job is to help ease your pain and improve your life by obtaining the benefits and financial security your deserve.

Languages: English, Spanish

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Ins & Outs of Filing Accident Claims; DWI Injuries; Distracted driving; Drowsy driving; Head-On Collisions; Hit-And-Run; Intersection Accidents; Multi-Vehicle; Passenger Rights; Rear-End Collisions; Interstate Trucking Accidents; Reckless Truck Drivers; Social Security Income (SSI); Consumer Product Injury; Paralysis; Veteran’s Benefits/Disability; Veterans’ Disability Appeals.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice areas include:

- Vehicle Accidents

The Texas vehicle accident lawyers of The Bob Richardson Law Firm realize that a vehicle accident of any kind – car, motorcycle or truck – can be a frightening and confusing experience, whether you were the driver or passenger. You may be physically harmed, emotionally traumatized and wondering how you will pay for your vehicle damage, hospital bills and other expenses caused by the accident. In many cases, the vehicle accident may have left you seriously injured or disabled and unable to work, making matters more difficult and intimidating. Our attorneys want to help you.

• Car Accidents
At The Bob Richardson Law Firm, we have helped Texas car accident victims with injuries ranging from minor cuts, scrapes and bruises to more severe, catastrophic injuries. We investigate cases, use technology and consult with highly qualified medical, engineering and accident reconstruction experts. As a result, we have obtained many favorable verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients.

• Truck Accidents
The Texas truck accident lawyers of The Bob Richardson Law firm have experience with complex litigation involving trucks of all different types. We know how to conduct thorough investigations to determine the cause of the wreck and to identify the different parties who may share responsibility, including the trucker, trucking company and truck manufacturer. We use the latest in technology to develop our cases, and we consult with highly qualified medical, engineering and accident reconstruction experts.

• Motorcycle Accidents
At The Bob Richardson Law Firm, we have experience with motorcycle accident claims. We will work tirelessly to make sure that you and your family are fully and fairly compensated for any harm you suffer in a Texas motorcycle accident. We will thoroughly investigate how your accident occurred, consult with our highly qualified experts and use the latest in technology to present a compelling and persuasive case on your behalf. We won’t back down from insurance companies that often try to shift blame to the motorcyclist and avoid responsibility.

• Social Security Disability
The Social Security Disability lawyers at The Bob Richardson Law Firm, founded in 1990 by then-Texas State Representative Bob Richardson, have helped thousands of applicants for veterans’ disability and Social Security Disability obtain the maximum benefits they deserve. Our Social Security Disability attorneys represent people from the initial application for Social Security Disability benefits through review by an administrative law judge and the appeals process.

- Personal Injury

Since our law firm was established, the Personal Injury attorneys of The Bob Richardson Law Firm have stood up for the rights of Texas accident and injury victims. Drawing on our skill, experience and resources, we have secured favorable verdicts and settlements for Personal Injury clients throughout Austin, Waco and the communities of Round Rock, Georgetown, Killeen, Temple, Cedar Park, Lakeway, Taylor and Belton.

• Construction Accidents
Since our law firm was founded, we have fought on behalf of injured Texas construction workers. That experience has allowed the attorneys of The Bob Richardson Law Firm to learn about the many different causes of construction accidents, including:

. Falls (including falls from cranes, scaffolding, roofs, stairwells, buckets and steel beams and on uneven or slippery surfaces);
. Vehicle collisions (including trucks, forklifts, tractors and bulldozers);
. Welding (including electrocutions, burns and asphyxiation);
. Trench collapses (and other excavation-related accidents);
. Flying objects and debris (including bricks, nails, beams and small tools);
. Machinery and equipment (including limbs being caught in moving or unguarded parts);
. Fires and explosions (such as those involving leaked gases and chemicals).

• Workplace Accidents
At The Bob Richardson Law Firm, our workplace accident attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of those who become ill or injured on the job. We’re proud and respectful of the hard-working citizens of Texas, and we believe someone should be there for them to make sure they receive the benefits and other compensation they deserve after a workplace accident.

• Consumer Product Injury
At The Bob Richardson Law Firm, we have seen Texas product liability lawsuits arise in a variety of contexts, such as those involving:

. Appliance defects;
. Automotive defects;
. Aviation defects;
. Equipment defects;
. Food defects;
. Toy defects;
. Tool defects.

• Neck & Back Injuries
At The Bob Richardson Law Firm, our Texas Personal Injury attorneys understand how difficult it can be to recover from a neck and back injury while at the same time worrying about how you will manage your costs and expenses. The last thing you need to be concerned about is dealing with insurance companies, medical providers and creditors. That’s where we can help. If your neck or back has been injured because of the negligent or reckless conduct of another, we can take the steps that are needed to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

• Paralysis & Catastrophic Injury
At The Bob Richardson Law Firm, we understand the devastating impact that a catastrophic injury can have on a Personal Injury victim and their family. When a negligent or reckless person or business causes the injury, we believe they need to accept responsibility for what they’ve done – and so does their insurance company. We also believe that you should receive the maximum amount of compensation that you need and deserve.

• Burn Injuries
Burn injury cases can involve unique, complex issues that require extensive investigation and consultation with highly qualified experts. The burn injury lawyers of The Bob Richardson Law Firm have experience representing Personal Injury clients in situations involving:

. Car, truck and motorcycle accidents: An explosion may occur upon impact or a fire may result from faulty wiring, fuel or other fluids.
. Construction and workplace accidents: Workers are constantly exposed to potential burns from fires, explosions, flames, sparks, hot liquids, compressed gases and exposed electrical wiring.
. Dangerous and defective products: Household appliances such as toasters, ovens, space heaters and fans may catch fire which spreads throughout the home. Gas grills and propane tanks also may trigger fires and explosions.

• Wrongful Death Suits
The wrongful death lawyers of The Bob Richardson Law Firm assist families in securing settlements and verdicts in the aftermath of a tragic accident. We have experience developing cases in a variety of areas, including those that involve:

. Car accidents;
. Motorcycle accidents;
. Truck accidents;
. Drunk driving accidents;
. Construction accidents;
. Workplace accidents;
. Dangerous and defective consumer products.

• Veteran’s Benefits/Disability
A number of veteran’s’ benefits are available. Our Texas veteran’s benefits lawyers assist disabled veterans in claims for:

. Disability compensation;
. Individual unemployability claims;
. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) —also known as shell shock or combat neurosis;
. Traumatic brain injury (TBI);
. Toxic chemical exposure such as Agent Orange or nerve gas.

At The Bob Richardson Law Firm, you pay no attorney fees up front. You pay us only if we obtain cash benefits for you. As a vet, you have served our nation. We are honored to serve you.


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